Graveyard Miner Log Deck

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Hi Guys malanraja here Today i am going to show you Graveyard Miner Log Deck that got me to  4000+ Throphies I’ve been playing zap bait decks ever since i unlocked Goblin barrel up until i finally realized that control decks are my preferred playstyle,This deck has worked well for me and I prefer it over my overlevelled spell bait deck which is not fun to play at all. In control decks you are completely in-charge of the outcome. let’s take a look on this Graveyard Miner Log Deck  guide

Graveyard Miner Log Deck

Graveyard Miner Log Deck 

  1. Miner : The main card of this deck. He is a very, very versatile card that can deny Princess and Elixir Collector completely, and get a few hundred hitpoints off of the crown tower. It’s main use is to destroy Elixir Collectors and Princess, and to tank for  graveyard & also used for dealing chip damage
  2. Graveyard : Primary win condition. Place it on opponents tower, while either ice golem or miner is tanking the tower hits. Please Take a look At This Guide For More Details
  3. Ice Wizard : Defensive support. Great at dealing with swarms and slowing down troops while you two other defensive cards deal damage. Please Take a look At This Guide For More Details
  4. Meta Minion : Defensive damage dealer number 1. Despite the nerf still takes care of threats comfortably. To be placed behind ice golem as it tanks. To be placed in front of Inferno to protect said inferno.
  5. Inferno Tower : Main Defensive damage dealer. It is crucial to protect it well. How do you protect it?  Drop ice golem infront of I.T. and mega minion shortly behind.
  6. The Log: Defensive support card. Take care of princesses and delays massive ground pushes giving you that extra second. Preferred over zap mainly for defensive capabilities.
  7. Ice Golem : Distractor Extraordinaire : Place it to distract enemy troops so that your defensive damage dealers (inferno and MM) can get to work without dying. Secondarily it can be used as a tank for graveyard. Usually when you want to counter push opposite lane of giant tank push.
  8. Fireball : The most versatile damage dealing spell. Can be used offensively and defensively. Use it to take out troops that are countering your graveyard skellies.

Graveyard Miner Log Deck Gameplay

This is a control deck, your aim is to defend defend defend. Ideally you would wait for your opponent to start first. Unless you have miner then you can proceed with chipping a tower.


How to deal with massive tank pushes:

(1) In regular elixir you want to defend well. Drop ice wiz all the way at the back. Ice golem somewhere around your tower. Followed by megaminion then Inferno last, reactively.

(2) Double elixir time: If you’re full 10 elixir you can chuck a miner+GY on opposite tower. If they don’t defend tower gone in 5 seconds. They will defend causing their push to be weakened and thus easily dealt with.

The priority of this deck is to defend adequately. If you have any surviving troops you should use them as tanks for the graveyard.

How To Counter

Against spell bait decks: Use log for goblin barrel. Ice golem for skarmy. Miner to kill Princess and Fireball for Minion horde.

Against hog decks: rotate quickly so that hog doesn’t outcycle inferno. How do you rotate quickly? Push the other lane with ice golem +graveyard or miner+graveyard.

Against RG decks: Piece of cake. Ice golem at the bridge to distract supporting troops and inferno is placed reactively with as RG enters the range. Ice wiz and MM will mop up the remaining support troops that were left stunned by dying ice golem.

Against other GY decks : Ice golem at the tower to distract skellies and MM to kill their tank quickly.

I did a Classic Challenge with this deck and went 12-0. Take it with a grain of salt,

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Thanks for reading this Graveyard Miner Log Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.



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