Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck

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Hi guys Dezasterous here and today i was messing around with the triple legendary control Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck, but since its not really viable in the current meta, I decided to update it to my tastes. This Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck is focused on defending and chipping at their tower with miner until double elixir, and then surprising them with Miner + Graveyard + Whatever else you want to throw at them, utilizing leftover defensive troops as well. and I include Electro Wizard in this Deck because he gets huge buff recently and Fireball can not kill him so come and take a look at this Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck guide

Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck

Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner: Very effective at getting in chip damage, also a great counter to princess and elixir collector. He excels at tanking for a counter push, paired with elite barbs he is extremely deadly. Use him after every successful defense, or on defense in a pinch.
  2. Electro Wizard: Very versatile card, can kill most medium HP troops one with the help of your towers. Don’t underestimate his stun ability either, paired with graveyard, or miner + graveyard he is a force to be reckoned with. Electro Wizard can help kill elite barbs with the help of a tombstone, albeit for a negative trade. If you’re going up against another miner deck and can’t afford any chip damage, you can use the E-Wiz to re target him. He’s also great against Sparky and Inferno Dragon, obviously.
  3. Graveyard: One of my favorite legendary cards, this beast of a spell can take a tower in seconds if your opponent isn’t prepared. I wouldn’t recommend using it until double elixir, or before you know what your opponents cards are, because the last thing you want is them holding onto their counter. Can be used on defense in the last few seconds of a game, but that’s not recommended. Pair with miner for a devastating combo.
  4. Tombstone: A very powerful defensive structure, even after it’s recent nerf. Can solo counter elite barbs if they don’t have zap, for a +3 trade. if you’re worried about zap you can pair it with Mega minion for an equal trade against elite barbs, and hog + ice golem. Very useful for separating tanks from support in a big push.
  5. Elite Barbarians: With the recent nerf still it is very good card The card everyone loves to hate, but the truth is this is an amazing card, it can decimate entire pushes on it’s own and then go on to counter-push. Always have zap in hand when you use these on offense, to eliminate skeleton army or tombstone that your opponent may attempt to counter them with. Don’t waste these, they are one of your most valuable defensive options. A counter push with miner to tank will destroy a tower very quickly if not properly countered. Great against Royal GG, Giant, Hogrider, and medium health troops like wizard, musketeer, witch, etc.. Although in the case of wizard And witch, it’s best to drop them directly on opposing units, to avoid the huge splash damage. These guys can solo a prince if you don’t have tombstone. Very effective tank killer.
  6. Mega Minion: Powerful defensive unit, dangerous on offense behind something beefy, the mega minion is a great high DPS card for 3 elixir. can kill musketeer, wizard, witch, (Starting to be a trend), bomber, bowler, and a few others with the help of your towers. You can use him to counter push with miner to force a response from your opponent, or deal heavy damage to their tower.
  7. Fireball: A staple spell in most decks. A must have against 3 Musketeers. Can kill minion horde for a positive trade, and bring medium health troops to within one shot of dying. Be careful of fireballing support troops placed in the back, because a tank is often placed in front. Synergizes very well with graveyard, eliminating most counters, except those pesky valkyries and guards. I often use it as a clutch game winner.
  8. Zap: It gets Huge Nerf in recent balance Change but Extremely versatile spell, a must have when using elite barbarians or graveyard, as it wipes out skarmy for a positive elixir trade. I wont go too into detail about this one because it’s pretty self explanatory.

Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck General Strategy:

Defend their pushes, while chipping at their tower with miner up until double elixir. Once double elixir hits you should have a significant elixir advantage if you’ve been effectively countering your opponent.

After defending with Elite Barbs, Mega Minion, or Electro Wiz, send in your miner to tank but this time with graveyard added (make sure to have fireball/zap ready).


Don’t go for two towers if you don’t have to, as both miner and graveyard are much less effective with two towers shooting at them.

Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck Deck Match-ups:

Beatdown: You’ll fare pretty well against these decks, but Golem + Elite Barb decks are pretty tough to deal with. Use tombstone to pull the tank and either mega minion or Elite Barbs to kill it, depending on the circumstances. You can use miner to tank support while your other High DPS card kills it, if necessary. A good strategy is to wait until the tank crosses the bridge, pull it with tombstone, and then drop elite barbs behind to kill the support, and then the tank, leaving you with a strong counter push.

Miner/chip cycle: Electro Wizard is your friend here, he hard counters miner and is useful as an extra zap against skarmy or minion horde, if they baited out your other spells. Save zap for offense as much as you can, as it is needed to defend your e-barbs or graveyard from small units. If you can make up for a negative trade, it is not too bad of a move to fireball a goblin barrel, to conserve your zap. If all else fails and you cant get in on offense, just turtle up and try to chip them down with miner.

Heavy Air: These can be tricky, as soon as they drop their lava hound, rush elite barbs in the other lane, zap in hand. If you don’t have them in your hand you can also go miner + graveyard, with fireball or zap in hand depending on what they counter with. You want to try to make them spend all of their elixir in the other lane, so you can easily counter their hound with Mega Minion and/or Electro Wizard.

Graveyard Miner Electro Wizard Deck Summary:

This is a very powerful control deck that specializes in kicking your opponent while they’re down, so to speak. It is played very defensively for the first two minutes, and heavily counterpush oriented in 2x elixir.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Electro Wizard Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.