Graveyard Miner Deck

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Hi! My name is flint. I’m a lvl 10 with a trophy high of 4,115 and I’m in the clan Silent. I consider myself a hound expert,Inferno Dragon was a dragon full of disappointment for my hound decks, so I grabbed graveyard from the shop on the first day, and it surpassed my expectations, to the point where I believe it’s game breaking! I crafted a hound+graveyard deck, and after playing with it on ladder and in tournaments, I’ve created a near perfect Lava Hound Graveyard Miner Deck

  1. This deck does NOT need miner to be functional. Miner can be replaced with ice spirit or knight. Graveyard can tank for the pups for a really long time, letting them deal insane damage.
  2. This deck is not amazing on ladder, but insane in tournaments. It has trouble dealing with overleveled troops.
  3. I started at 3800 (I dropped while testing X-Bow decks), and pushed to 4050 before remaining stable.

Graveyard Miner Deck

Graveyard Miner Deck Card Role:

Lava Hound – It Should be played in the back pretty much every time. If it’s in your starting hand, play it. It’s okay for an inferno tower to take your hound out before double elixer, but once double elix hits try to defend your hound to the best of your ability.


Graveyard – This card is pretty much your win-condition #2. You want to play it right after your opponent’s tower locks onto your hound. Also, be sure to let your opponent’s inferno tower lock onto your hound (if they have one). Constantly spawning skeletons plus lava pups can easily overwhelm your opponent if they wasted their arrows already.

Miner – Miner is usually a win-more card. With a horde of skeletons and lava pups on your opponent’s tower, adding a miner will finish off the last of their willpower. The main purpose of miner in this deck is for taking the second crown and cycling. If you have a bad opening hand, cycling with miner+graveyard or miner+minions can do a lot of damage on an unprepared opponent. Also, sending a miner on your opponent’s crown tower that you weren’t pushing right when you take their first tower with a swarm can be devastating.

Minions – The main defensive troop in this deck. It will save your behind vs goblin barrel and opposing graveyards. Be wary when playing them defensively at the bridge, many opponent’s who play siege decks carry fire spirits or ice spirit. Graveyard Miner Deck

Mega Minion – The runner, should be saved for killing support troops. It works well at defending vs hog and miner decks, but gets destroyed by lightning, hence why I choose minions for defending against miner instead of mega minion. With this card and minions, if you can get it behind a hound, it can deal MASSIVE damage while the graveyard and miner tank.

Tombstone – Your building. Will provide a great amount of help vs hog decks and siege decks. It’s also necessary to stop golems from getting free reign on your tower. Getting your skeletons from the tombstone to help out on offense is a bonus, it’s okay if the go in a different lane than your hound.

Lightning – You Should always be used to get value. You may not want to use it much until double elixer, but once you get the boost spam it like your life depends on it. Hitting a furnace+Musketeer+tower? Good trade! Hitting a Mega Minion+Ice Golem+Tower? Good trade! Hitting a Mega Minion+tower? Depends. Will the extra tower damage help you win the game? If it’s double elixer, using the lightning probably won’t put you in a huge deficit.

Arrows – As I mentioned above, minions are the card in this deck used to take care of graveyards. So wouldn’t your opponent do the same thing? That’s what arrows are for. They will destroy enemy minions or minion hordes used to kill your graveyard.

  • Try not to use it on princesses right off the bat, you can always use miner for that. You don’t want to be surprised by miner+minion horde+zap if you don’t have arrows in your hand. If you know your opponent doesn’t have minions then you can use your arrows on their princess

There are a few other things you should know :

First, it’s okay to ignore your opponent’s push. If they invest 12 elixir to take down a 200 hp tower, it may be beneficial to start a push from the back and counter their troops later for an insane positive elixir trade. You usually want to ignore pushes

  1. when you don’t have a tombstone or mega minion or minions in your hound and your opponent sends a hog at a low health tower, or
  2. if it’s near the end of the game and you know you can stall their push for long enough if you ignore it for a few seconds and waste your counters on offense. Graveyard Miner Deck

Second, don’t panic. Sometimes opponent’s will get the upper hand early on, this doesn’t mean you are going to lose. All this means is that in double elixir you must really pressure your opponent and build up big pushes.

Third, try to avoid overcommitting. This is mainly for before 2x elixir. If you waste too much elixir on offense, you can get shredded on defense by a counter push, considering the fact that this deck doesn’t have many cards that will help on defense. During double elixir it’s harder to overcommit because even if you use a lot of elixir you will probably do an insane amount of tower damage, but still be cautious. Graveyard Miner Deck

The point of this Graveyard Miner Deck is to overwhelm. Unlike most hound decks, placing your hound in the front for a counter push should be done EXTREMELY rarely (close to never). You want to play your hound in the back so you can build up elixir for an insane push. This deck really shines in double elixer. You want to play a mainly defensive game (not pushing too hard) until 2x elixir, then go all in. Here’s a quick overview on how to use each card.

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I strongly suggest trying this Graveyard Miner Deck  – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments!