Graveyard Miner Control Deck

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Hi guys TetrinityEC here and today i am going to show you Graveyard Miner Control Deck Let’s talk about  If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware that Elite Barbarians are used in a huge number of decks. This deck is tailored to make short work of E-Barbs while still being able to make aggressive pushes and take multiple towers so come and take a look at this Graveyard Miner Control Deck guide :

Graveyard Miner Control Deck

Graveyard Miner Control Deck Play Guide:

The deck looks to cheaply defend against E-Barb pushes, then turn the defending troops into a strong counterattack. During the first minute, scout for your opponent’s support and play accordingly. If they have Zap or The Log in rotation, Minions and Bomber are safe responses. Otherwise, Skarmy wrecks them and Fire Spirits deal significant damage. The deck can bait out Zap/Log using aggressive Fire Spirits, Furnace/Tombstone and sometimes Graveyard.

E-Barbs are often paired with an Ice Golem to tank, which blocks a preemptive Skarmy. Separating them with a centrally-placed Musketeer or Fire Spirits gives you the space you need. Bomber can work in a pinch but dies too quickly to be reliable.


Miner/Graveyard is the main push of the deck. It’s threatening enough to require a prompt response, so if the opponent is building up a push, playing it on the other lane is often enough to split their troops. E-Barbs are a poor defence to the push, getting destroyed while still allowing through some tower damage. If they commit to their push, you get a huge amount of damage while still retaining some elixir to defend with Fire Spirits, Bomber, Minions or Skarmy.

Miner alone can make for a good counterattacking push, supporting things like Zapped Minions and the remnants of a Skarmy.

Graveyard Miner Control Deck Weaknesses:

The deck has a huge Golem weakness. The best that can be done is counterpushing and rushing the opponent down with Miner/Graveyard, and attempting to take out the supporting units with Musketeer or Fire Spirits before focusing the Golem with Musketeer and Bomber.

The deck somewhat dislikes offensive Fireball, especially an overlevelled one that one-shots Musketeer. Baiting it can be done with Furnace, but the Tombstone variant has few options.

Lava Hound decks aren’t too bad to deal with. Minions are chosen over Mega Minion to deal with Lava Pups more efficiently, as well as Inferno Dragon if they have it. Musketeer is as reliable is ever. Fire Spirits and Furnace easily handle Minion Horde support.

Hog decks, and tank decks outside of Golem, are handled well by Skarmy assuming Zap/Log can be baited out. The Tombstone variant has a better matchup here.

I’ve tried to be careful not to overly focus on E-Barbs to the detriment of everything else. In the end, I’m having fun playing this Graveyard Miner Control Deck

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Thanks for reading this Graveyard Miner Control Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome