Graveyard Lava Hound Deck

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Graveyard Lava Hound Deck Arena 8+

My name is Md Aaqib,I am currently level 8 and this morning, after a lucky Graveyard out of a magic chest (from chest cycle).I saw all the top players using Graveyard ,I feel this Graveyard Lava Hound Deck is one of the best I’ve ever created. This Graveyard Lava Hound Deck gets me on average around 10 wins in challenges, and I’ve won close to 20 challenges with this deck. For me, this deck is strictly used for tournaments and challenges. so let’s take a look on this Graveyard Lava Hound Deck guide

Graveyard Lava Hound Deck

Graveyard Lava Hound Deck Card Role :

Lava Hound: The main tank of this deck.He’s a slow, air tank that, when killed, spawns 6 Lava Pups, that are similar to minions, but weaker. He is usually played at x2 elixir, or when you have a huge elixir advantage, and You never want to send a lava hound alone! He will do next to nothing if he’s alone locked on the tower. Also, make sure to use Graveyard spells with your support troops, so that the pups+skeletons can make maximum damage.

Graveyard: Your main way of destroying towers. Easily one of the most destructive cards in the game. This card can even take a tower by itself! Keep cycling to this card and your tank to deal MASSIVE damage together. Graveyard is really unique and powerful. Maybe the Skeleton Army? Or Goblin Barrel? But anyways, you really want to cycle to this card and your tank so you can take towers easily.


Mini Pekka: The star of this deck. He’s the main win condition, and the heavy hitter. Useful on both offense, to defend against Hogs and RG, and offense, to chop away enemy support troops and his tower. Make sure to always support him with the Princess or Goblins, as he is easily distracted by any ground card. He is also a handy tank for the pups, if he is still alive.

Mega Minion – A flying Mini PEKKA that moves at the speed of a Valkyrie. When dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava Hound. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment.

Furnace: In my opinion this is one of the most powerful cards at tournament standard. A pair of spirits completely wipes out minions, goblins, skeletons, and any other squishy troop. You really have to get good at knowing the pull depth of all of the tanks. This is something I struggle with, because I get stressed and make bad plays when I see a giant push barreling down the lane. 

Zap – Even with the reduction in its stun duration, Zap is still a powerful card and is useful in so many situations. I tried switching Zap our for Arrows but found that the utility it provides is just too much to pass up on. Use it to take out smaller troops that are good at distracting your Mini P.E.K.K.A. or at defending against

Miner: He is the core of your deck and will gladly take out your opponents Pumps and Princesses as well as taking their tower. Use him to counter push and to tank for your other troops while you let them decimate their towers. He is one of the best cards in the game as he’s a mini tank that you can spawn anywhere in the arena. There is no substitute for him and any level Miner will do the job in this deck.

Ice Spirit – For 1 elixir, even with the recent nerf, the Ice Spirits still provide a ton of versatility in the deck!

Graveyard Lava Hound Deck Strategy 

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! I hope that you have found it helpful.