Graveyard Golem Deck

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Hello Guys What’s up today I am going to share my Graveyard Golem Deck and the reason why I want to make this guide is because I see a lot of people not knowing how to use the graveyard, I bought it from the shop and fell down to 2880 from 3000 real quick because I was still learning how to use the Graveyard for my best advantage, and here is my quick guide. First of all, the deck:

Graveyard Golem Deck

Graveyard Golem Deck Card Role:

Tips on How To Play This Graveyard Golem Deck

Example 1 You have the typical Lava Hound deck. He’s putting Lava Hound in the corner, you don’t have the Inferno Tower in your hand, don’t panic, you can use the Mega Minion and Ice Wizard to take it out easily, If he pairs the LH with a MM or a Baby Drag and etc. Use Goblins or Fire Spirits to pull them away from the Lava Hound, after that cycle you should already have the Inferno Tower to deal with it. After successfully defending the tower your Ice Wiz or MM should be alive and well, prepare for counterattacking, use the graveyard to tank for the Ice Wiz or MM to deal a devastating ammounts of dmg. After Double Elixir you can use the Golem to finish him off. Graveyard Golem Deck

Example 2 You have a really bad hand something like Ice wiz, Golem, Fire Spirits and Zap, and your enemy isn’t putting anything on the arena. Don’t be afraid to put the Ice Wizard or Inferno tower a little early, if he leaves the Ice Wizard just use the Graveyard to deal dmg to his tower. Also, almost never start with Golem except if you’re 100% sure you can defend against anything he puts.


Example 3 He’s playing the Zap bait deck. He’s using Goblin Barrel, Miner, Skarmy, Minion Horde, Princess and some other random cards. You can use the Zap for the Goblin Barrel, Goblins for the miner, Fire Spirits for the Minion Horde or Princess, MM for the Minion Horde or Princess and Ice Wizard for whatever you want, he’s just that good. The key to win versus these types of decks is to counterattack, never attack first. At double Elixir time use Golem after defending his attacks and he’s low on elixir. Graveyard Golem Deck

Example 4 Enemy is using Hog Rider and Royal Giant. Really annoying deck to deal with but you can no problem. Use the Inferno Tower for the Royal GG and Ice Wizard + goblins or MM for the hog rider. If he has Princess in his deck you can use the almost everything to counter her, she’s not scary.

Overall tips Try to never stay on 10 elixir, and be careful with how you spend your Elixir, it’s never good to be on 0 with this deck. Take your time and don’t rush things. You can beat someone with only 1 push or with 5 or more pushes. Be patient. Graveyard Golem Deck

If you want any more tips or card substitutes, feel free to ask me in the comments. I hope you liked my Graveyard Golem Deck guide and good luck! 🙂  Shared By hawktitts