Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck

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Hello guys I am Upsidedown Here and today I am going to Share with you Goblin Barrel Deck which got me to Arena 9! This deck is designed for high Arena 7 and Arena 8 only, so it might not work in lower Arenas.The cards at play in this Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck will all serve multiple purposes, as any good deck should.

Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck

Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck Card Role:

Goblin Barrel: You can use it at the beginning of the game to test what type of response the opponent has and if you’re lucky do a good bit of chip damage (300 ~ 600).Use it when you know zap or arrows is out of the opponent’s cycle. When doing so, the better way to cast the goblin barrel On tower Then Send Miner+GraveyardWhen there is an AOE unit near the tower already, cast the Miner on one side of the tower and the goblin barrel on another, so that the goblins will be unaffected by the AOE unit while the Miner tanks for them.


Graveyard: This is best card or Current meta of the game, You can place this spell anywhere in the map i always push Goblin barrel+Miner on the left Arena Tower and Graveyard+Princess Right Arena Tower usually After Doing this I always get atleast 1500+ Hp  On 1 tower because First of all opponent will counter Miner+Barrel then he will go on Either Graveyard or Princess if He Goes on princess then graveyard will do this job and take so many HP This is the basic use of this spellGraveyard is also well in defence….

Miner: Use it on the tower or to snipe enemy elixir collectors. Sniping Princesses is low priority.Try not to make your Miner placements predictable. Always switch it up, but don’t put it directly between the two towers! OJ’s video on Miner placement is extremely helpful.Don’t snipe an enemy elixir collector that already gained one elixir if you aren’t going to support the Miner with anything. It’s an even trade.

Goblins: Cheap, quick units. Replaceable with Spear Goblins or Archers.This card functions very similar to how it functions in typical Goblin barrel cycle decks. Use it on offense with a Miner or on defense to lure troops.An additional functionality in this deck is for goblins to bait zap. Make sure there are no princesses or AOE units behind a tank when doing so. If there are, intercept with Miner or Mini Pekka. After casting the Tesla, use goblins on the tank. The opponent has to either zap it or leave it alone. Most of the time they will zap it, leaving you free to cast a Miner + Barrel combo without fear of zap.

Princess: In this deck Princess is mostly defensive. I won’t go over how you can use the Princess defensively since it should be by now common knowledge in the community.A Mini Pekka + Princess on offense can work well at the start of the game if you need to manage the cycle of your deck. Prepare zap against goblins, but don’t bother if a Cannon or Tesla is dropped.

  • You can use the Princess if you have too much elixir.
  • When a Princess manages to support a Miner+Barrel combo or Graveyard+Barrel, place your Miner at the lower right side/lower side of the tower (assuming right tower) to snipe off cheap counters to the Miner. Placing your Miner at the back side won’t allow the Princess to reach it as easily.

Zap: An overpowered spell in this meta. Use it as sparingly as possible. Instead of telling you when you should use zap, I’m going to list when you should NOT use zap instead.Don’t use zap on a lone enemy tower unless your Miner + Zap or whatever is going to take down the tower with 10 seconds left in the game. The extra one or two hits from your Miner isn’t worth it.Try to refrain yourself from using zap on the tower when a Goblin Barrel reaches the tower unopposed. It’s a huge gamble.

Mini Pekka: Main Defence of this deck Use it on defense against hogs, RGs and opponent Miners. On offense it can be a bit weak unless the opponent is out of counter cards in their cycle.When defending against an enemy Mini Pekka using your Mini Pekka, and zap is in the opponent’s cycle, always zap the Mini Pekka if you have nothing else to defend against the Mini Pekka. Most players always zap your Mini Pekka, so do it preemptively even if it means wasting a potential 2 elixir.

Tesla: Fantastic building in the current meta. It holds well against quick cycle decks better than the cannon, especially hogs (though that’s getting rarer), and you can preemptively place it against an RG placed all the way at the back while you’re stuck at 10 elixir.Against tank decks, you definitely want your Mini Pekka to be in play assisting the Tesla

  • Possible replacements include Cannon, Inferno Tower, and Furnace, each with their pros and cons. With the Inferno Tower there is an additional interesting interaction of baiting zap.

The key to success upon using this deck is reading the situation and determining how to use each of the cards.This Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck is not only super fun, but actually very solid in ladder. It also works well in Tournaments, i came 6th and 19th in the CRNAO Tournaments with this Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck,Lets jump right into it!

Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck Matchup Weakness :

It only makes sense to discuss the weaknesses of this deck. I won’t be discussing its strengths. Most of these are from limited testing from friendly battles and on the ladder. I haven’t played this deck that much so it’s possible there are ways to overcome the disadvantage. Against all other decks you should be able to win if you’re good and card levels are fair. Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck

ZAP + POISON: You’ll have a very hard time against Zap + Poison. Unfortunately this is very common in Miner cycle decks and Hog cycle decks. The best way to deal with it is to only use your Minion Horde on defense and completely rely on Mini Pekka, Goblin Barrel, Goblins, and Miner for offense.

GI + SPARKY: You’ll want to use your Mini Pekka on the Sparky, not the tank. Be very careful with your momentum because if you’re forced to give up Mini Pekka before the Sparky reaches the bridge you won’t have enough firepower on the Sparky to kill it fast. Minion Horde is a good answer to the tank only if the opponent’s Princess is occupied somewhere else (e.g. with Miner). GI+Sparky is a threat to this deck because the Giant has a very huge health pool compared to the RG.

LAVALOON: You need to preoccupy any Princesses, lure the Lava Hound with Tesla, and only use your Minion Horde on the balloon. Because most LavaLoon players run Poison/Fireball/Arrows, your Minion Horde is useless against the Lava Hound. The pups should be taken care of with the Princess. Preoccupying any Princesses is a MUST. Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck

That’s all folks, thanks for reading this incredibly long post and I hope you can try this  Graveyard Goblin Barrel Deck that I made. Feel free to drop any question