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Hi guys FIGGY0023 here With the executioner raising up a new meta filled with giants, executioner (obviously), miner, and more! However, this new meta has brought upon some off-meta cards into the meta. Cards like knight, mini pekka, and even the pekka have all risen up in use rates across the board. And that’s why I’m gonna share a deck that has me undefeated in numerous 50 ,100 and 200 player tournaments and you in recent balance changes pekka got buff and now its very good to use in the game so come and take a look at this Graveyard Electro Wizard Pekka Deck guide

Electro Wizard Pekka Deck

Graveyard Electro Wizard Pekka Deck Card Role:

  • Pekka

The pekka may be at times mistaken as the win condition, but it is NOT. The role of the pekka is to act as a secondary win condition while fulfilling a second niche as a win condition support, as the pekka supported properly can be used as a damage dealer and it can act as a great tank for the graveyard. Of course, we’re talking about this beefy girl/robot’s offensive capabilities, but how does it fare on defense? You’ll be a bit surprised to hear that the Pekka is BEAST on defense, great at shutting down tanks, quite good at distracting, and even beast at taking out just about any other win condition in the game (ebarbs, hog, three muskies, you name it!) except goblin barrel. The pekka can also act as a distraction tool, and though expensive to pull of this niche effectively, when done properly, the distraction pekka can make the main defense of yours do work!


  • Graveyard

Your main win condition, you will not want to blindly throw away this card, as it can set you up for a heavy elixir disadvantage. You will want to use this card carefully, and slowly. I’d suggest using the card once you’ve set up a strong counterpush, and it doesn’t even have to necessarily be with the pekka. The only times I’d send in aggressive graveyards are the following:

  1. When my opponent places an expensive tank at the back, like golem, pekka, or lava hound
  2. When my opponent is at a heavy elixir disadvantage from overcommitments, whether it be on defense or offense
  3. When my opponent uses up a majority of their counters which CAN’T be countered
  4. When my opponent plays an elixir pump right off the bat

Apart from these situations, you should build-up beatdown pushes before successfully setting up a graveyard. You can set up a beatdown push by actually building up a push from the back, but a smart opponent won’t let that happen, so your best option to build up a beatdown push is by counterpushes.

Graveyard should be used on defense only in emergency situations, and in very situational cases.

  • Electro Wizard- Replacement Musketeer or Executioner

The electro wizard is what I run, as I find its stun affect and damage output to be very useful for resetting counters to pekka such as inferno tower or inferno dragon. I also like electro wizard’s crowd control capabilities, and has done great versus swarms despite it’s no-splash attack. I’ve tried this deck out with musketeer, too, and both work great, but I feel musketeer doesn’t synergize as well with pekka than electro wizard does. HOWEVER, even though I have yet to try it, executioner could very well be the best support unit out of the three in this deck. But I wanted to try a successful deck without executioner and the upcoming nerf will quite substantially impact the executioner. It’ll still be usable, but much less reliable than before IMO. I always like to set up my electro wizard with the pekka and on defense with a furnace or mini pekka, or even the big pekka once again. A defensive pekka can turn into a strong counterpush when you add in an electro wizard. Overall, my main crowd control and support unit that is very versatile with reactive defensive capabilities and versatile counterpushing reliability.

  • Furnace

The furnace is a pain in the a**, and for good reason. Those fire spirits can get off mad damage and really pressures your opponent. The best starting hand you can get in this deck is with furnace, as it sets you up for a really passive playstyle, which is what this deck is based upon, without wasting elixir. Also, the furnace, being a spawner, sets you up for an indirect passive elixir advantage, which is great with any heavy tank decks, including obviously, the pekka. Furnace placement is quite situational. You can play the furnace onto the lane your attacking when you know you need to pressure that side and feel the opponent can’t punish you on it. However, say you’re facing a high-swarm deck like spell bait, than you should always play the furnace onto the lane your opponent is attacking on, even if your not attacking that same lane. A really good aggro push with furnace if you can punish your opponent with an aggro push is sending in a mini pekka at the bridge to combo a wave of fire spirits. It is low-key deadly. Then again, the furnace itself is deadly, lol.

  • Mini Pekka

The mini pekka is starting to pop up a bit again with the rise in executioner and tank decks. I have always loved the mini pekka and is one of my favourite cards (behind, miner, electro wizard, and elite barbarians). The troop offers some of the best counterpushing capabilities in town and is just plainly my runner troop, relying on strong defenses with it than comboing it for a deadly offense. The mini pekka also does fairly well versus 3 muskies, which is useful if your opponent sends all three musketeers into one lane if they figure out you’re not running fireball. The mini pekka really synergizes with a lot of these cards, being a good rush component itself for punishing, combos pekka well for a double threat on either a full build up push or even for double lane pressure situations, and acts as a good pseudo-tank for graveyard. Arguably the most versatile component in this Electro Wizard Pekka Deck.

  • Minions

Minions are one of my favourite cards in the game. It is a great response card, has high dps, especially compared to its cheap cost. The card also offers some valuable counterpushing capabilities and does surprisingly well on defense. When considering offensive values, pekka minions is a very high threat push that can be devastating when not addressed properly. Minions graveyard is also a low key push that absolutely smashes and can really catch your opponent off guard and burn down a tower as fast as ummmm… I’ve got nothing. But you get what I mean, right? On defense, minions synergize great with the furnace. You can use the furnace to kite, than use use minions on support units that CAN’T counter your minions and you can also use them to more quickly shred the troop you kited, so it doesn’t deal too much damage to your furnace.Electro Wizard Pekka Deck

  • Arrows

This card has climbed up a teeny tiny bit in usage rate, but is still low in use rates. However, it is nevertheless very versatile and a great spell to combo with pekka decks, as it shreds cards like minion horde, which hard counters many components of pekka decks. If you plan on running executioner instead of electro wizard or musketeer, you could run zap instead. There isn’t much to say about this card. It’s really good at clearing swarms and can weaken mid-HP units to make them easier to counter, though arrows should be used in that situation in emergency cases.

  • The Log

The log is my secondary spell, and is basically my more reactive arrow for ground units. I use it for crowd control and to clear the path for cards like pekka and graveyard when they try countering with a ground swarm unit like skeleton army. The log is great at crowd control in the fact that it’s push back can come really handy and give you more reactive time to counter. This card is also added to deal with spell-bait better, as the log plus arrows spell combo in a deck absolutely shreds spell-bait when used properly. Versus spell bait, I always save the log for goblin barrel, and arrows for protecting my graveyard or pekka pushes, especially when they defend with troops like skeleton army or minion horde.

Graveyard Electro Wizard Pekka Deck Conclusion:

I don’t have much more time, and my plan was to make this Electro Wizard Pekka Graveyard Deck guide more in-depth, but atm I can’t. If you want more tips and techniques on this Electro Wizard Pekka Deck, pm me.

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If I get lot’s of pm’s or if you request in the comments section, I can repost this as a more in-depth guide. For now, this is all and see you in the arena!