Graveyard Control Deck

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Hi Guys Timelapze here I am a very new level 11in the 4300-4400 range. I am the leader of “Doom 2000” which is currently the top clan from a family of clans “Clan of Doom.” Shout out to Alan and Tommy. I am a Mathematician by education and a student of the game. Graveyard Control Deck

I have had a series of recent posts centered around Graveyard decks since release. After many challenges and reaching my peak trophy high of nearly 4400 breaking my previous record of 4300, which was from Log Rider Deck (Check out Here), I can confidently say that this deck is robust and very powerful. so let’s Take a look on this Guide’

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Graveyard Control Deck

Graveyard Control Deck Card Role:

  • Graveyard

This is the main win condition.Graveyard should be used only when you have other units crossing the bridge unless in a desperate situation. Graveyard is an opportunistic card, it should mainly be used to attack the tower when you have surviving defensive troops crossing the bridge. If either of these threats are incorrectly countered, your opponent can say goodbye to their tower’s hp. You Should check This Guide For More Details 

  • Bowler 

When the opponent has 3 towers, I will play the Graveyard as the Bowler is crossing the bridge, distracting the opponent’s tower allowing the Graveyard to destroy the tower.

When the opponent has 2 towers, I will play the Graveyard first and then the Bowler in the center distracting BOTH towers. This is a 10 elixir combo that usually only is viable if the opponent is getting desperate overcommitting on one side. Usually I have a glass cannon nearing the bridge to provide counter-push value resulting in a 13-14 elixir push which the opponent has to deal with in 3 different ways. Graveyard in the back corner, Bowler in the middle, glass cannon at the bridge. The “trifecta” of this deck.

  • Musketeer 

This glass cannon doesn’t tank the shots, Graveyard must be played before the opponent’s tower aggros the Musketeer which allows the Musketeer to destroy the tower singlehandedly. Usually the opponent will react to the Graveyard with minions or goblins, by positioning Graveyard more toward the bridge the Musketeer will kill the troops that were supposed to kill the Graveyard and still take shots on the tower. If you have a weakened Musketeer I will even allow it to just take some chip damage without supporting it. Check out This Guide for more Details 

  • Mega Minion 

This card is used similarly to the Musketeer, Graveyard tanks while it creeps up on the tower to deliver a few strong hits. If left alone it will nearly KO a tower.If you’re not using this card right now then you’re doing something wrong.

  • Ice Golem 

My very favorite card on defense, however I am focusing on it’s offensive potential. When the opponent has 3 towers, this card is a mini-tank for the Graveyard. The IG aggros the tower and if paired with Zap, can kill the minions or overleveled Goblins. This is a cheaper combo only being 7 elixir rather than 10 like the Bowler. I tend to exploit when the opponent plays a Golem, Lava Hound, RG/Giant from the back. The opponent is limited in elixir to counter and I have been able to take an entire tower with a 7 elixir push within 30 seconds of a game starting. To later deal with the tank coming down the opposite lane with ease. With two towers, play this card similarly to the Bowler.

  • Ice Spirit 

An even cheaper combo to freeze the tower while Graveyard does damage. Usually I time it so that the Ice Spirit tanks the first few tower shots allowing Graveyard to do the work. I use this in front of a glass cannon as well to gain more chip damage. If I know that the opponent is low in elixir, I will play the Ice Spirit to reach the tower with only one more shot left to kill the glass cannon, allowing the glass cannon to finish a few more shots and then the tower is distracted by the Graveyard.

  • Zap 

If the opponent plays a Graveyard counter that is Zap-able (either insta kills it, underleveled, or if played correctly/luckily the skeletons will stab it to finish em off). At tournament standards Zap doesn’t kill Minions or Archers so if paired with Musketeer above, together they can pick off the defense allowing the Graveyard to decimate. Usually I Zap the opponent’s Skarmy, 1 Elixir Skeletons, Spear Gobs, Stab Gobs, Mini-Pekka/MM to allow a few more Graveyard spawns to deal damage since the Mini-P/MM are slow and Ice Wiz/Princess if placed improperly. Zap is a very versatile card but it usually requires Graveyard + something to make it work the play.

  • Inferno Tower 

If you are more aggressive or enjoy the Inferno Dragon, I’d suggest that may have more synergies with the Graveyard similar to the other glass cannon strategies. I however use the IT as a crutch to deal with tanks as the only way to maintain control. I haven’t figured out how to use the IT and Graveyard on offense but it is annoying on defense that is for sure!

Graveyard Control Deck General Tips :

I will caution those who use this deck, it took me 100s of games to learn all the proper counters to the current popular decks. This is not a “simple” deck, it will require trial and error to reach your full potential. It would take me ages to describe all the possible defensive lines. Therefore, I share the deck and strategies surrounding the counter attack potential and synergies with the Graveyard. It is up to you to create the opportunities via strong defensive trades. Graveyard Control Deck

Synopsis: This Graveyard Control Deck revolves around the Graveyard. If used properly this deck counters the Tank and Hog Metas completely. This deck is weak to 3M if used improperly. 

Edit: I reached 4724 trophies with the card levels listed, though above 4300 I became much less aggressive allowing chip damage by unprotected <5 elixir pushes biding my time leading to many draws. However if overtime were longer than one minute many of my draws would become wins due to a slow build up of counter pushing units. Been able to adapt to level 13 RGs by dual lane pressuring and hogs by going for the 3 crown.

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Thanks for reading this Graveyard Control Deck guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.