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Hey Graveyard Bandit Deck Arena 9 guys Dexter, back with another Graveyard Bandit Deck Arena 9 guide, the Graveyard Bandit Deck is doing good in  Grand Challenges or tournaments If you will have noticed that a lot of players are using this Graveyard Knight Deck Arena 9 In tournaments and Challenges so I replaced my knight  with bandit and now this Graveyard Bandit Deck Arena 9 is working well me in challenges Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2020

I have won 2 Grand challenge with This Graveyard Bandit Deck Arena 9 does have few legendary cards which are hard to replace but I will try to put some replacements card if you don’t have those legendary cards so come and check out this Graveyard Bandit Deck  guide Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2020

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Graveyard Bandit Deck Card Role:


Gravyard- Your Main win condition.It Does most the damage assuming opponent has no idea how to defend a Bandit Which does a LOT of damage to a tower if undefended. You want to chip with Graveyard+ poison or Graveyard+ poison with Bandit as a tank is deadly for a pump user who defends the collector with squishy troops.Make sure you have an Elixir advantage when playing this card, as a misplay with this card will put you way behind on Elixir.Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2020

Bandit: Its is great card with her dash ability I treat the Bandit like a Knight on the opponent’s side. some time bandit becomes tanks for Graveyard’s Skeletons In defence inis good to take out musketter wizard Ice Wizard and most of the troops that’s It because bandit is new Legendary So I will not explain too much about it 

Furnace: Its cost only 4 Elixir and It can last a pretty long time, 50 seconds. It has decent HP and spawn 2 suicide Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. You will want to upgrade this card to high level, otherwise the second Fire Spirit can’t reach the opponent’s Tower. I usually place it first If I have it in my starting hands.

Poison: After getting buff its Such a useful spell in my opinion,after getting buff Because of its huge radius, you can Poison a large area, making it almost impossible to counter your Bandit or graveyard for a positive Elixir trade.Most of the troops that can counter Bandit are melee and will need to be dropped inside of your Poison spell to effectively counter your bandit.Poison is trash at taking out troops, but the extra 10% chip damage is great against towers. Fireball is a great replacement if you want the instant damage. This card is mostly used with the Graveyard if you have an Elixir advantage.

Archers/Ice Wizard: You can Use Ice Wizard in Modern Royal Challenge so It is Strong enough to survive a log but otherwise fairly weak when played directly against other troops, the archers are best played in Defence against Air troops (typically as it is passing the arena tower if started behind the crown tower) or as an archer split for a small amount of chip damage out of your starting hand. The archers can also be used as a temporary distraction to lure a giant skeleton/lumberjack/barbarians or any other melee troop to the center while your tower does additional damage in order to take them out before getting hit But I use Archers

The Log: The Most Used Card in the Top 200 According to the Popularity Snapshot. It’s just that good. It can kill Princesses, snipe Goblin Barrels, clear swarms, push units back, force a retarget, chip at the tower, push a unit into the other lane, the list goes on and on. I recommend you guys to take a look at  Log Guides Here , they are very informative and detailed Replacement= ZAP

Ice Golem : Your cheap tank for your Graveyard. You can also use him to tank splash damage so that the  It’s not a bad idea to put an Ice Golem on a Skeleton Army or Minion Horde, but you are limiting your offense and defense variety by doing so.

Electro Wizard: Electro wizard is now one of my staple cards in a lot of my tourney standard decks. The fact that it can’t be fireballed just makes it so much more reliable. Plus, my musketeer and wizard are both lvl 6 and my ice wizard falls prey in this meta, my executioner is lvl 2, so why not just run the one support card (apart from bowler) I have up to par? The stun effect also comes clutch in miner decks. If you want the tower to target some other troop, the ewiz can sometimes help out with that! Electro wizard also offers great capabilities on defense by shutting down support troops like Archers 

Graveyard Bandit Deck General Gameplan:

Start with a Furnace, placed slightly offensively Or place a Ice Golem behind the tower on the first tile in behind of the King Tower .This sets you up nicely for anything that the opponent wants to surprise you with.Counter their cards with the Archers and Electro Wizard, using Log where needed.Keep your Graveyard hidden for the most part – 

The main combo your looking for is Ice Golem, Graveyard, and Poison. Archers or Bandit can also be Graveyard tanks on certain plays, but usually if they are used at all they will be backing the Ice Golem. If your opponent plays a tank at the back, I rushes the other lane with Bandit + Graveyard

However playing aggressive doesn’t mean you overcommit, it doesn’t mean you have to throw all your elixir into a push it just means that you have to apply lots of pressure. 

Once you know your opponent’s counter you can start throwing in the prediction Poison. This is most apparently effective against Skeleton Army, Minions, Archers, goblins and Minion horde, and does a lot of tower damage. That’s pretty much it for offense, it’s pretty simple in my opinion which they will use to counter you graveyard


Graveyard Bandit Deck The Electro Wizard is your MVP against any tower targeting troops. Unlike decks with Skeleton Army/Barbarians/Mini P.E.K.K.A, this deck is reliant on the Furnace+Electro Wizard to take down tanks and mini tanks as Archers and Bandit aren’t extremely heavy. Ice Golem is a great cycle card that distracts troops and protects your Furnace. Against almost any deckt’s pretty straight forward, play the Furnace, and back it up with your other troops as they all have defensive functions.

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