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Hey guys Hyp3rion.akki here today I decided to make this Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10 guide because after I managed to get 12 wins in the Golem Royal Ghost Deck, I realized there aren’t many Golem Royal Ghost Deck out there yet. This is my new Golem Royal Ghost Deckguide so Sit back relax and read this Golem Royal Ghost Deck Guide till the end.

I’ve tested this Golem Royal Ghost Deck out only in challenges and tournaments, (because my Royal Ghost level (1) is too low for Challenger III) But I this card Is good If you Are in Arena 10 or Around 3600 Trophies So come and take a look at this Golem Royal Ghost Deck guide

Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10

Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10 Card Roles:

Golem: This is your main win condition.Golem is the strongest tank in Game Right Now just because of its high cost ,Do nOt play This card untill you have at least one Elixir Collector down or you are in double Elixir. I usually play a card before I play my Golem to help defend when the opponent rushes you.You will want to build up a strong push by starting a Golem in the back so you have time to build up Elixir and support your Golem.


Night Witch She works great as a support for golem and can get a lot of bats out if unanswered. A key use for NW in my matches was on defense against cards like golem, giant, hog, battle ram, mega knight etc. If she has gained enough bats on defense I’ll try to support them with a tanking Royal Ghost or golem and The Night Witch itself does good damage, and when it gets to the Tower, your opponent is screwed.

Royal Ghost: Op troop Right Now in the game It sshines on offence Play Him behind a tank.He’s similar to the Mega Knight and Knight. With similar Knight’s HP and Mega Knight’s DPS.He does deal splash damage so he is not able to Counter as easily by swarms either You can Play Minr+Gost Combo It Will be Fun

Baby Dragon: This card pairs extremely well with the Golem. Its splash is vital to the success of this Golem deck due to the fact that the only other splash is Royal Ghost. It is one of the best support troops and can be used on defense or offense. it can Counters Barbarians, Minion Horde, Minions, and Skeleton Army so well.these troops will be unable to survive long enough to kill off your Golem.

Mega Minion: If You have Higher Level Electro Wizard Then Can sub here if you want to. Mega Minion is mainly for defense and maybe a troop behind the Golem when Counter Pushing at defence This card is amazing to shutting down Hog Riders, Musketeers, Wizards, Bombers and other support troops behind your enemies tank troop. 

Elixir Collector: The most important card in the deck as you are using the Golem which costs a lot of elixir. It gives you a huge Elixir advantage and forces your opponent to attack first. Try to protect it at all cost. only need one Elixir Collector down to three crown in one push, but sometimes you can even do it without an Elixir Collector Because that’s the beauty of Golem Deck

Zap: This card Perfect Good here instead of Log Because, IT reset the charge on Inferno Dragons and Towers that have locked onto your Golem in a pinch and .Keep in mind that your Zap spell, in ladder mode, should be enough to destroy a lot of Goblin barrels since it’s a common card

Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10 General Gameplan

The Gameplan is very simple of this Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10 Place your Elixir Collector down, build up Elixir. Figure out your opponent’s deck, take some damage, but not too much. Start off slow, play defense mostly. You have the bigger tank, so if they play a tank at the back, you should play Golem at the back as well or You can play royal Ghost in the other lane

You can start creating pushes now, but only if you have a good Elixir advantage and you can sacrifice some Tower health to create huge pushes.Honestly, the synergies between all of the cards in this deck is amazing

You can pretty much just spam troops behind your Golem and it will work well. Just make sure you know when your push has been broken up so that you don’t waste Elixir.

This is when you go all in. Put an Elixir Collector down, and create an unstobable push. Just get as many cards down as possible, The counter-pushing capabilities of this deck are amazing, so utilize it.

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Thanks for reading this Golem Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10 guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Also Check Out More Royal Ghost Deck