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Golem Mega Minion Deck for Arena 8+

Hi Guys mohandles here and this is my first deck guide but I’ve been using the golem for a while now and I consider myself to be fairly experienced with it, so I thought I’d share my strat. This deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem (obviously). I’ve been using it since before the giant/poison nerf, it’s taken me from around 3k to my personal best of 3921 and my current trophy count of 3779 (little bit of tilt lately). let’s take a look this Golem Mega Minion Deck guide

Golem Mega Minion Deck

Golem Mega Minion Deck Card Role:

Golem: The main tank of the deck. He’s big, beefy and costs 8 elixir. The recent buff which allows the death explosion to hit air units is actually somewhat of a big deal, because it destroys minion horde and leaves the golemites alive to tank the tower. The golem will usually be dropped in the back, but in certain circumstances it is advantageous to drop him at the bridge or in front of/next to your secondary towers. Golem Mega Minion Deck

Elixir Collector: Yes the elixir collector has been on the decline since the changes, but the golem does require a sizable elixir investment, which the collector can help to mitigate. This card is not absolutely necessary and could be replaced with something like ice spirit, but in my experience if the opponent cannot destroy the collectors it becomes almost impossible to defend the huge double golem pushes you can set up in double elixir time.


Musketeer: A very versatile card. Can be used to defend and set up small counter-pushes, and is also extremely strong offensively behind the golem.

Mega Minion: This is easily one of the best cards in the game at the moment, and should be included for its amazing defensive capabilities, ability to take out opposing mega minions, and huge damage on the tower if it can get there while the golem tanks. Golem Mega Minion Deck

Minions: Minions are included in this deck because they are fast, cheap, and do a lot of damage. They can be used to defend against beefy cards like mini-pekka, knight, valk, etc… They are extremely good at taking out inferno towers and can deal heavy damage to the tower behind the golem. Even if the golem has gone down and the golemites are up, minions will be able to get to the tower before the golemites die and wreak havoc.

Cannon: Excellent for distracting hog riders and giants. A well placed cannon can net a positive trade against hog riders of a higher level with the help of the arena towers. Can also be used to defend against mini-tanks like knight and valk, and can distract barbarians very nicely. Golem Mega Minion Deck

The Log: I have been using this card for a while now, and the new buff makes it that much stronger than before. It can now take out defending princesses slightly behind the tower, which is extremely important for saving minions behind the golem. The Log can also be placed preemptively behind a musketeer just after it crosses the bridge to deal with any small troops like goblins, and will knock away any mini tanks like valk, which can then be killed by a combination of musketeer and mega minion. I have tried using this deck with arrows or fireball instead of The Log, and while they are ok as substitutes they do not quite have the versatility and utility The Log brings to the table. Golem Mega Minion Deck

Zap: This card is extremely important due to the golem’s weakness to inferno towers. If played right, a zap can stop the inferno tower from killing the golem if the golem has a support like musketeer or minions behind it. Can also be used to get rid of small troops like goblins or skeletons, both on offense and defense.

Golem Mega Minion Deck General Strategy:

In normal elixir time, this deck relies on creating an elixir advantage through the elixir pump or defending with your low cost troops and building. In double elixir it is possible to set up a monstrous push and end the game all at once depending on your and your opponent’s elixir counts and the number of pumps you have down. Golem Mega Minion Deck

If you happen to have 2 pumps up by the 1 minute mark, a double golem push with multiple musketeers and mega minions is extremely difficult to defend against and will often get you a tower. Most importantly, this deck requires patience and knowing when you can set up a push and when defense is preferrable, which comes with experience. Golem Mega Minion Deck

If used correctly, this deck is extremely strong and can easily take you to high A9. Thanks for reading. Feel Free to ask If you have any question