Inferno Dragon Golem Mega Knight Deck

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Hey guys Golem Mega Knight Deck , this SniperGamer0! The Golem Mega Knight Deck which I’m going to present today counters the annoying ladder Meta Deck Very Well, it is very fun to play. This Golem Mega Knight Deck also got me to my highest.I like to call it Mega Golem Deck So without further ado, let’s get right into the Golem Mega Knight Deck Also  Take a look at these November Meta Decks 2017

Golem Mega Knight Deck Cards Roles:

Golem- This big dude is a shield even for other tanks such as our own Mega Knight ! Your obvious win condition and tank for support troops . Try not to play him on his own as you would be wasting elixir . Otherwise self explanatory and my favourite card in the game .


Mega Knight- He lands with the power of 1,000 moustaches though we never know if he has a moustache because of his big helmet . He will mainly be behind your golem destroying enemy units . All your foes shall be destroyed and victory will be yours. Even if there’s an Inferno tower….. No worries ! Your Mega Knight will jump on it preserving your Golem for further more time . If not, you also have lightning. Even defensively the card should be used saving the Inferno Dragon for other threats.

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Inferno Dragon- This reptile is always ready to roast it’s enemies. In this meta it works really well. Your best source of defence in the entire deck. Save it for Giants, Golems, RJeez(:p) and other threats . This also means sacrificing other cards to save this dragon for defence. In the end, if you play the card smartly it is your key to victory.

Elixir Collector- With such a high elixir deck, it becomes a necessity to use this building. Landing this card in the arena before double elixir is so important. Drop it twice and double elixir is too easy. Facing fast-paced decks, try not to overcommit on defence and slide your pump to gain elixir leads.

Bats- Small, adorable but Dangerous ! The only reason Bats are in my deck is for a low elixir cost and a cheap cycle option. Use them for defence, if say your Goblin gang gets logged. Nothing much about this card.

Goblin Gang- This party of goblins just got stronger with spear goblins BUFF !! Swarm all your enemies like Hogs, Ebarbs, Splashers etc. Suppose your Bats get zapped, use this party to clear out incoming troops. Wonder if these green goblins were there in Harry Potter ?

Arrows- This 3elixir card offers a lot of value. Better than using both Zap/Log. Kill swarms (Minion Hordes are the problem.) and also helps in getting clutch victories. Rest is Self explanatory.

Lightning- Though I don’t like the nerf to lightning, it yet offers great value. Mainly there for Inferno towers and dragons. Also helps in clearing your way for the push. Remember, this your main counter to 3Muskets. Therefore until your 1000000% sure that its not a 3Musket deck, don’t lightning the pump.

Golem Mega Knight Deck General Gameplan:

  • 3:00-1:00

During this time …. you know what to do. Put down your Pump! It is very important to do so. Or you will suffer during Double elixir. Obviously, it’s a beatdown deck so you need to follow this. Place your pump near that tower which has more HP. This helps overall in the game to prevent damage. Use optimal pump placements according to your opponents deck. Otherwise use Inferno dragon on defence and cycle to pumps. Try no to loose a tower but you can take damage. Around 1:20-1:00 You will place your Golem. Your double elixir push start from here.

  • 0:59- End of Game…..Double Elixir

GOLEM+MEGAKNIGHT= GG? Yes now we start overwhelming our opponents with our massive pushes. Save lightning for Infernos and you’ll be fine. Keep dropping Golems and never let your pushes stop.

Golem Mega Knight Deck Matchups:

I’ll be dividing the matchups into Siege, Control and Beatdown rather than Card based deck interactions.

Siege: Overall, Beatdown always has a upper hand over siege. Play passively and always capitalise on their mistakes ( though they never make mistakes…. That’s Right ) . Your pushes will always overwhelm them. Play passively and always capitalise on their mistakes ( though they never make mistakes…. That’s Right ) . Your pushes will always overwhelm them. Megaknight will crush their defence. Overall easy.

Control: This the only place where it could be tricky. Trade tower damage for elixir. That’s the only way to keep up in the match. Most importantly, do not panic. It’s OK to loose a tower. Overall medium, but if not played well can become hard.

Beatdown: Our deck here, wrecks other beatdown decks. Build a push in the same lane and then go Inferno Dragon. You should be winning easily. Just answer their pumps with your own pumps and save lightning for other purposes.

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That’s it guys for this awesome Golem Mega Knight Deck. It has really helped me and reached 3821 trophies 🙂 … Make sure to comment about this Golem Mega Knight Deck