Golem Log Deck

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Hi everyone,beaujibby here i just thought I’d recap my latest Golem Log Deck push into arena 9 (capping out at 3017 trophies, which is just high enough for me to spend some gold on legendaries before I continue working my way up the ladder). 

For this push I ran a golem/skeleton army deck along with a lumberjack and log making it somewhat heavy on legendaries although there are replacements for both cards. let’s see this Golem Log Deck 

Golem Log Deck

Golem Log Deck  Card Role:

Golem – the primary tank in the deck, best played starting in the pack to allow for a large push to build up. If the opponent plays either inferno tower or inferno dragon the zap/ice spirit can be used to reset the timer while the archers are it out from behind. If no other options are presented (archers/pump/etc) then you can start the match offensively with a golem from the back but be prepared to counter a potentially large push from your opponent.


Skeleton Army – Best played once any splash cards are cycled out of your opponent’s deck, can follow either the golem or the lumberjack (which if left undefended can take out a tower together). If your opponent has the log it is unlikely that you will be able to use this card effectively due to the positive elixir trade in favor of your opponent.

Lumberjack – (replacement Mini Pekka) – A strong troop on his own which can be used to counter a hog, graveyard, x-bow, mini-pekka, and even sparky when used with the ice spirit or zap. Can also be played in front of a skeleton army if your opponent doesn’t have any quick way of dealing with the skeleton army once the lumberjack goes down (minion hoard, zap, arrows, log, etc). If you don’t have the lumberjack I have found that the mini-pekka can be a suitable replacement for the lumberjack due to their similar stats (minus the rage).

The Log – (replacement Mega Minion or Minions / Inferno Dragon) With all recents buffs, The Log became a beast and can deal so many positive Elixir trades. Destroys Princess, Goblins/Goblins Barrel, Spirits, Skarmy and all others low-HP troops. Also push back Mini-Pekka, Musketeer, Barbarians, Guards, Hogs and stop Prince’s charge. A very versatile card for only 2 Elixir, and that will be very effective in this new meta.

Elixir Pump – Not as useful as it was when it only cost 5 elixir but the pump can still be played effectively. I found as I climbed higher in trophies that I began to use the pump less and less until I was essentially only using it as a counter to my opponent’s pump, as otherwise being able to counter and defend against their push is more important than a long-term investment in elixir. When I began pushing for 3k from ~2400 my pump was only lvl 5 but I still found that it was more than capable of serving its purpose (despite occasionally being fireballed).

Archers – Strong enough to survive a log but otherwise fairly weak when played directly against other troops, the archers are best played behind the golem (typically as it is passing the arena tower if started behind the crown tower) or as an archer split for a small amount of chip damage out of your starting hand. The archers can also be used as a temporary distraction to lure a giant skeleton/lumberjack/barbarians or any other melee troop to the center while your tower does additional damage in order to take them out before getting hit. It is worth noting that the princess can also be used as a replacement for the archers although I did not have that as an option during my push.

Zap – In this deck I found the zap to be very versatile and I ended up using it to destroy large groupings of weaker groups that were attacking either my golem or my towers, as well as to reset the damage of an inferno or inferno dragon and even to get my opponents arena towers and troops to retarget to the golemites once the golem dies (as otherwise they will focus on whatever support troops were behind the golem before attacking the golemites in the front.

Ice Spirit – At level 8 the ice spirit was typically unable to reach the arena towers on its own, however I did still end up playing it as the first card of the battle in some cases in order to cycle to a better card such as the golem or pump. The ice spirit can be used alongside the zap to kill higher level minions, although it is somewhat unreliable against the minion hoard due to the greater radius of the minions. Due to its strong offensive and defensive capabilities I found myself playing the ice spirit to slow down my opponents pushes long enough for other troops to finish them off as well as behind either my golem or lumberjack+skeleton army in order to buy a little bit more time for my offensive push.


Overall I found this Golem Log Deck  was strong enough to reach legendary arena and I capped out at 3017 for now as I am focusing on the king’s cup. If you do choose to play this Golem Log Deck  I would strongly recommend having either a lvl 3 or 4 golem as anything weaker will likely struggle to make its way across to your opponent’s towers. Good luck and I hope this Golem Log Deck  was helpful, I’d be curious as to what you used to initially reach legendary arena and what level your cards were at!