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Hey guys, Byrne14 it’s been a fairly long time since I’ve made a post about a Golem Lightning Deck but seeing as I just hit 4k trophies as a level 10 (not quite the same accomplishment it used to be but still pretty awesome), I figured it was time to make one.

This is a Golem Lightning Deck that you have all surely seen, or at least a variation of it. I believe it to be one of the stronger decks in the meta right now and I anticipate that it’s popularity will continue to grow. So let’s go card by card, starting with the most important and going down in decreasing levels of necessity.

Golem Lightning Deck

Golem Lightning Deck Card Role:

Golem: The win condition of the deck, obviously. The slight nerfs to Giant decks and Inferno Tower make him more attractive as a build-around, and the slower meta is very favorable for building your elixir for massive scary pushes. Golem does massive damage in his initial form and on death, so successfully sticking him to a tower will usually get a LOT of work done. You often shouldn’t be too afraid to drop him, because even if your opponent decides to counter push and gets a good deal of damage done, you can often deal even more damage unless they have the perfect response (most decks do NOT have a perfect response, since a lone Inferno Tower + Mega Minion can so easily be countered by another card in this deck…)


Mega Minion: I’d consider this a basically irreplaceable support troop for the deck. Superb on both defense and offense as all of us know. Nearly impossible to counter for a positive elixir trade. The benefits of running this are currently too high and I believe it will be nerfed soon. But that’s neither here nor there, while the card is this good you should be using it in almost all archetypes, plain and simple.

Zap: Not much to say here either. Keeps Inferno Towers from blowing up your Golem in a pinch, and is just great against so many of the cards used in this game. Your answer to cards like Minion Horde will always be this plus Archers/Ice Wizard.

The Log: If you don’t have this card I’d probably recommend not trying this deck. The Log is just so powerful both defensively and offensively right now, and the cheap cost helping you to cycle through your deck is absolutely crucial. Being able to snipe Princesses or blow through a Skeleton Army is extremely important. You can also quickly play this along with your other spells to try and burn a tower down at the end if needed. Running triple spells is extremely popular right now and The Log is a big reason why.

Lightning: This card has been steadily growing in popularity recently and for good reason. Not only is it just plain good now, but it’s extremely potent in the meta given how common cards like Mega Minion, Inferno Tower, and Musketeer are. This is the card that really helps you blow people out, getting massively positive elixir trades while your Golem is on their side of the field, usually leading to the game-winning push. Given that this card is quite expensive it can often be difficult to back Golem up with is unless you’re in double elixir time. Don’t be too trigger happy with this because you can sometimes be too low afterwards if your opponent counter attacks.Golem Lightning Deck

Archers: A great support troop for this deck. What’s crucial is that they live through a Zap/Log, which is partly why I like them over Princess in this deck. They can do some serious damage behind Golem and are great against the typical cards people will play to try and kill Golem, like Minions or Inferno Dragon. They’re also very strong against Lava Hound which is something you’ll encounter quite a lot nowadays.

Tombstone: This could be several other cards, even Cannon would be fine here. However the Skeletons backing you up can be quite nice and this card is excellent at holding off things like Furnace decks and Mini Pekkas. The Skeletons can also come into play offensively sometimes behind your Golem push, which is quite nice. Overall though this is a defensive card, you use it to distract and pull things like Lava Hound to buy time. Golem Lightning Deck

Ice Wizard: The most replaceable card in the deck, but I found him to be quite awesome alongside the rest of the list. You could run Princess, Minions, Baby Dragon (I know some guy just won a tournament with BD in this slot, I personally don’t see why that’s the best choice but maybe I’m missing something), Spear Goblins, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Bomber…basically any support troop that is good defensively works here.


Well that’s the Golem Lightning Deck! I think most strategic principles were covered during my discussion of the cards. If you want some tips my clan Speds Royale has a few open spots, we can friendly various matchups or I can watch your replays or whatever you want. I think this is a great deck that can take you to very high trophy levels if the cards are appropriately leveled, so I definitely recommend trying it out!

Thanks for reading this Golem Lightning Deck Guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.


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    I use : golem, lightning, tombstone, mega minion, minions(3), zap, ice wizard, and inferno dragon

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