Golem Inferno Dragon Deck

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Hi Guys What’s app Dexter Here and today i am going to talking about Golem Inferno Dragon Deck that performs pretty well in both ladder and challenges.With the recent balance update and the buff of my Log (which was already lvl 2), I deceided to play it instead of the Poison (pretty much killed). I removed Princess because there are too many Logs now, and added a real anti-air troop.I hit 4300 Trophies in F2P with this deck,The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent.

Golem Inferno Dragon Deck

Golem Inferno Dragon Deck Card Role:

Golem: Your Win Condition. It’s HP stats are ridiclious High at the Moment. Your main tank and sometimes a huge distraction that forces opponent to decide how to defend. This spot can be replaced with other tank cards (Pekka/Giant/Giant Skele) but the playstyle will change. Use him infront to start your Big Push and support him with the never ending AoE Damge from Inferno Dragon,Mega Minion,Musketeer and Zap.If you’re playing against a Rocket or Lightning deck, you can go for it but carefully. Same if you have a very bad starting hand.


Minions/Mega-Minion : I hesitate between the both. In the 2 cases, high DPS, low Elixir cost and effective anti-air. MM bigger HP and resistant to spells. Minions bigger DPS, faster and Common card so easier to upgrade. But very vulnerable to spells, Princess, Ice Wizard and Spirits. I don’t know, if I see many Inferno Tower I’ll take Minions

Musketeer: Excellent anti-air troop, long range eand high DPS. Can deal a lot of damage if ignored,The damage isn’t high enough to punch through medium size unit or tank but the fact that it can stay safe while doing so allows you to generate some pressure back. An unchecked musketeer can do 1k+ damage to tower easily. Also punish misplacement of structure like Inferno or cannon.

Ice Spirits: One of the strongest cards in the game IMO. For 1 elixir you get to cycle your deck, freeze for TWO seconds, have a defensive tool AND an offensive tool. No other card offers such utility the ice spirit offers. Send this in with your Golem and Mini P.E.K.K.A or use it on defense. Ice spirit + Musketeer or Ice Spirit + Mini P.E.K.K.A , can shut down many big tanks and pushes. Freeze the popular Musketeer as she crosses the bridge for a +3 elixir trade while only taking 1 hit to your arena tower.

Inferno Dragon: The Inferno Dragon has only been out for a short time, but I can say that he is definitely one of my favorite cards. Like to see towers melt? This guy can do so in seconds, absolutely decimating towers if left unattended. The Inferno Dragon is your secondary win condition, able to destroy towers faster than the Golem. However, don’t expect great results immediately upon deploy, because exactly like the regular Inferno Tower, he will target whatever is closest to him.the Inferno Dragon needs to be supported too. The two can definitely support each other if the opponent is not using a spam-heavy deck.

Mini Pekka: Similiar to Barbs, Mini Pekka is mostly used defensively in order to deal with Hog Riders Royal Giants or any other Tanks. Especially within this Deck Mini Pekkas Counter Push Potential is huge. If you manage to get a Mini Pekka along with your Golem Push it get’s really hard for your opponent to deal with both of them with the constant flow of AoE Damge from Ice Spirts your Mini Pekka can straight up walk to the Tower and Destroy it.It is also great against any medium size unit like wizard or Valkyrie.

The Log : A very versatile card for only 2 Elixir, and that will be very effective in this new meta.With all recents buffs, The Log became a beast and can deal so many positive Elixir trades. Destroys Princess, Goblins/Goblins Barrel, Spirits, Skarmy and all others low-HP troops. Also push back Mini-Pekka, Musketeer, Barbarians, Guards, Hogs and stop Prince’s charge. 

Zap : The Zap is obligatory in a Golem deck for reset the Inferno Tower, kill Minions and mostly reset the opponent Tower : sometimes when Golem explodes, Golemites lose the aggro of the tower which will attacks the support troops like a Mini-Pekka. This is very frustrating, so Zap is here to reset the Tower. Combined with Mini P.E.K.K.A you can take out equal level barbarians

Golem Inferno Dragon Deck Gameplay :

Enjoy ! If you have any questions feel Free To Ask 🙂