Golem Graveyard Deck

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Golem Graveyard Deck for Arena 8+

Hi Guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and  this time I am going to share an easy to use Golem Graveyard Deck The main focus of this Golem deck is to control your opponent with a barrage of hefty troops and punish them when they make a mistake.I’ve been using recently in Arena 7.

This Golem Graveyard Deck is pretty decent against the current Royal Giant Hog meta,Playing both lanes allows you to also catch your opponent off guard. I honestly feel like the golem is gonna be pretty strong after the most recent balancing changes Golem+Graveyard Combo is very good if your Opponent Don,t know how to counter Graveyard This Golem Graveyard Deck  working very well in Tournaments.

Golem Graveyard Deck

Golem Graveyard Deck Card Role:

Golem: The main pusher of this deck the rocky tank can push through all enemy defenses (except maybe inferno towers).The recent buff which allows the death explosion to hit air units is actually somewhat of a big deal, because it destroys minion horde and leaves the golemites alive to tank the tower. Utilize this troops slow speed to your advantage and plan your attack. His best supports are the Furnace+Graveyard and The golem will usually be dropped in the back, but in certain circumstances it is advantageous to drop him at the bridge or in front of/next to your secondary towers.


Minion Horde: Running Minions AND Horde may seem like overkill, but they have great synergy. Few decks run a lot of anti-air, which means that if your opponent commits heavily to countering one (ideally Minions) then you can drop the other (ideally Horde) after and wreak havoc. Minion Horde has devastating DPS, and if you can drop it behind a Golem or Graveyard tanking tower aggro you’ll chew through a tower in seconds. I often used this to deal with tanks like Royal Giant if I have already baited out a Fireball or Arrows with my Minions. Golem Graveyard Deck

Furnace: The Furnace, second most underutilized Spawner in the Clash Royale, the Furnace helps support your Golem by dealing heavy consistent damage on Minion Hordes and Barbarians.The Furnace will serve as your main support troop and a defensive structure. The Fire Spirits are enough to critically damage troops that will stop your potential push. This building is used mainly on offense but can be reworked to defense in case of an emergency. Golem Graveyard Deck

Minions: Minions are included in this deck because they are fast, cheap, and do a lot of damage. They can be used to defend against beefy cards like mini-pekka, knight, valk, etc… They are extremely good at taking out inferno towers and can deal heavy damage to the tower behind the golem. Even if the golem has gone down and the golemites are up, minions will be able to get to the tower before the golemites die and wreak havoc.

Graveyard Spell: This is the new Legendary spell Card Inside the game, It is similar to the Rage in radious

Freeze: Timely drop this spell card once you are sure that you will hit the tower with the Golem. this will add more difficulty for your enemy to counter Graveyard If you will use it on graveyard spell. The Freeze Spell can also be used for defense. Especially against Three Musketeers,PEKKA or horde of troops. Golem Graveyard Deck

Mini P.E.K.K.A: The main boss to the deck. Most people think Mini P.E.K.K.A is weak because it gets distracted really easily. so Because we don’t have defensive building in this deck, Mini P.E.K.K.A is a must in order to deal with Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Golem, Giant… She is also excellent at dealing with Miner and Bowler.She can easily deal tons of damage to the unprotected Tower. Anyway, in this deck, I usually use her on defense only.Well with this deck every card will support the Mini P.E.K.K.A and get her to the tower! Never place her in the back, drop at the bridge with your attack combos and be aggressive.The awesome thing about this deck is you can always mix it up, and keep your opponent guessing , Golem Graveyard Deck

Arrows: Not too Much about Arroes Use it Kill those Minions,princess,SArmy right away! Low HP troops liquidator. Can be very handy in all situations. Golem Graveyard Deck

Golem Mega Minion Deck General Strategy:

In double elixir it is possible to set up a monstrous push and end the game all at once depending on your and your opponent’s elixir counts and Most importantly, this deck requires patience and knowing when you can set up a push and when defense is preferrable, which comes with experience. 

If they are using a beat down deck, I will place a golem behind my tower when they place a giant, most of the time my defence (prince/megaminon or tombstone skeles) will win before they can take down half my golem. Once their giant is dead I’ll have a golem along with Graveyard support 

Against hog cycles I will make positive trades using Furnece or minion . Once I get an elixir advantage 

If used correctly, this Golem Graveyard Deck is extremely strong and can easily take you to high A9. Thanks for reading. Feel Free to ask If you have any question