Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck

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Hey everyone! If you are having trouble racking wins in the Battle Ram Challenge, here is a deck I used to comfortably win 12-0 on my free entry along with a quick rundown of how to use the deck.This Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck is Expensive but with the hepl of Elixir Collector You can Make Huge Push Like Golem Behind the tower followed by Executioner,Electro Wizard and Lighting Ready if needed This Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck will gives you  most of the time 3 crowns Wins so come and take a look at this Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck Guide

Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck

Golem Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck Cards Role:

  1. Golem: The main win condition of this Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck, with a ridiculous amount of health and only targeting buldings can and will deal massive damage paired with the right support.Every time whenever your opponent will try to counter your golem with Skarmy,Minions Horde At this time your Executioner will take out them
  2. Executioner: One of your two main support cards to the golem. If you have been playing the challenge, you have probably realized that almost every deck contains this card and rightfully so. Put behind a tank, the executioner can deal with almost everything your opponent will play to try and stop your tank. Even if the opponent plays something like a musketeer that the executioner doesn’t directly counter, he still gets the job done when working with….
  3. Electro Wizard:  The electro wizard and the executioner paired behind your tank will preety much kill, well, everything. With the wizard dealing good damage and stunning enemies and the executioner cleaning up house behind the golem, these three cards make for an unstoppable push.
  4. Battle Ram: While there are some memes floating around of the battle ram challenge basically becoming the executioner challenge, the battle ram actually pairs up great with your main push. If you have the elixir, playing the battle ram alongside the previously mentioned cards is great for two reasons. One, your opponent will generally try and play a building to stop your golem, and the battle ram is great for wiping most buildings out. Two, after destroying the building, you have 2 barbarians to support making your push only more destructive. You can also use the battle ram at the bridge at the beginning of the match if your opponent is not pushing and you don’t have your pump to hopefully catch them off guard.
  5. Mini P.E.K.K.A: Now we get to the more defensive side of things. In this challenge you will see Executioner many decks where your opponent will place an executioner behind a tank, and this wipes out many people because they have cards such as skarmy, minions, barbs, etc. to defend. Wait for your opponents tank to cross the tower and place the mini pekka beside the executioner, and he’s done for.
  6. Tombstone: Also one of the most used common cards in this challenge, the tombstone is the perfect counter to the battle ram. Also, it is generally good for pulling hogs or tanks that you will most likely come up against in this challenge.
  7. Skeleton Army: Great defensive card in general, and will also deny the battle ram any hits on your tower if placed properly. It is a little bit of an oddball as many people are using the executioner, but still a great defensive card nevertheless, especially if you are able to distract the opponents executioner (or other splash card) and use the skarmy to shred their tank.
  8. Elixir Collector: As you can tell, this is a preety expensive deck, and the pump is great to build extra elixer to help you build up your pushes and not let your opponent have a moments rest.

Golem Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck Strategy:

Keep in mind while playing, this Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck is meant to be a beatdown deck. You cannot keep placing your cards down quickly like a cycle deck and expect to win. Start your pushes from the back, and if you play it correctly, you should be expecting to take a tower every push, or take the towers HP very low.

  1. Starting the match: If you see the pump in your hand, play it when you hit 10 elixer at the start of the match, unless your opponent goes agressive before you both hit max elixer and you need to defend. Don’t worry about your opponent trying to take advantage of you putting your pump down, as even if you have the golem and ram in your hand, you will still have 2 other cards to defend with. If you don’t have the pump, try not to play your golem as it is difficult to build up your push without the pump down. Instead, go for a naked battle ram to try and cycle through, or if your opponent attacks you, defend the push and then you will most likely be cycled through to your pump.
  2. After the beginning: if you have your pump down, start a golem behind your king tower once you hit full elixir. Once your golem is near the bridge, put your executioner down, and then the electro wizard once you have the elixer. If you have the elixer to, pair this push with the battle ram for insaine damage output. One thing to keep in mind is that if your opponent is putting pressure on you, DO NOT force youself to put your pump down. If you are at an elixir disadvantage and your opponent is pushing, putting the pump down is preety much yelling “TAKE MY TOWER PLEASE!!!”. Also, don’t be afraid to take tower damage! I had one game where I let a full health wizard attack my tower untouched so I could start my golem in the back, and three crowned him with that very push.
  3. As for defending: most decks I encountered have a tank or other building targeting troops such as the battle ram or the hog paired with an executioner or other splash damage. The trick is to distract the bulding targeting troop with your tombstone, and then use your mini P.E.K.K.A or skarmy, even your executioner or electro wiz to take out the support. With this defensive setup, it is easy to avoid a LOT of damage on your towers. Only five of my games I lost a tower, and only one of them I lost 2.

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I hope that this Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck guide helps you to unlock the Battle Ram and win the Challenges. If you have any questions about the Electro Wizard Battle Ram Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing!