Golem Clone Spell Deck

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Hi Guys Today I am going to show you Golem Clone Spell Deck As You know Golem lighting deck is very populer in ladder and after clone relase i switched my lighting from clone because you all know Clone Spell can duplicate all of your units anywhere on the map and one biggest reason is Whenever you will clone the Golem and when clone golems and  its golemites will die they will deal death damage as well so let’s take a look on this Golem Clone Spell Deck guide

Golem Clone Spell Deck

Golem Clone Spell Deck Strategy:

I am Not Going To Explain Each and Every card Because this deck has drived from my golem lighting deck If you want to learn how each and every card works Take a look at Here So The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent. Basically brute force the opponent until they breaks. A golem push is costly to make and also costly to defend due to the extremely high health of Golem. The key here is to commit just enough and the timing of the push. While the push is pretty straight forward the major difficulty of playing this deck is how to defend an opponent rush when you deploy your golem or with golem clotting your hand.

Golem Clone Spell Deck Offense:

The deck main push surprisingly is a solo Golem push. The health of golem allows you to decide how to support the golem.Don’t get too eager at playing support closely after as the first thing opponent does when he sees your golem is counter push the other lane.


Make sure you have a good hand for defense like Mega Minion,archer and Musketeers (for RG user). Opponent will quickly regret their choice when they find their 6-8 elixir push is stopped dead. Don’t be shy in spending more than 1 card in defense but also reserve some elixir For Clone spell to clone golem and support your golem and supporting troops.

If opponent commits so hard in one lane, they will face a situation where you have golem+Supporting troops in one lane and Guard+Musketeer Range DPS in other lane Wait Here you can use your clone spell on guard+musketeer combo because guards has shield and if you use clone on guards and their shield that means they can survive a rocket/Fireball 

If you have, play archers or Mega Minion to support for the golem. Since they deployed the barb to counter the  golem You can use log to push the barbs  they won’t be able to easily kill your golem

and When Golem will die means barb remaining health will also affected by golem death damage so if you have archer left the sisters can do a lot of damage to tower.

overall the clone spell will be you main win condition use this at right time clone can be used in very creative ways similar to how our tornado has very unique abilities like how it can force a hard to activate the King’s tower this spell has a lot of potential it’s going to take a while to learn how to use

Golem Clone Spell Deck Defense:

The most important thing about the deck is defense.The elixir cost is around 3.5 for the deck and you don’t really have good cycling option against faster deck (only archer counts). So sitting at 10 Elixir is common but try not to do that for too long or you will be in huge issue. Knowing what your opponent deck has is key to making the right defense.

One important fact about this deck is you are very likely to receive huge damage in the opening. But all it takes to win the game is a well calculated golem big push. Getting 1 crowned is not rare so you should always think about the possibility to 2 crown or even 3 crown them. Strategically giving up a tower is often the only out with a deck that isn’t particularly good at defending everything. Here are some common openings:

Some Defensive Combos of this Golem Clone Spell Deck:

  1. Guards+Musketeer
  2. Mega Minion+Log
  3. Clone Guards will be very effective
  4. Expect Golem other 7 cards are very usefull in defending

The deck may not be too optimal  but I am not sure how much it will change the matchup. If you have questions, feel free to post below and I will happily answer them.

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Golem Clone Spell Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.