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Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 What up guys Today we will see Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018  This Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 is extremely versatile, being able to defend, counter-attack, and launch pushes.Goblin Giant is a very good card as a tank and It will be you Main wincondition and This is my so come and take a look at this Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 guide

Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018

Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 Card Roles:

Night Witch: Your main support for the Goblin Giant. Night Witch is a great card with good DPS and It can not dies with Fireball + Zap Combo and Her spawn speed lets  them build up in hordes! Also, when she dies she produces an additional threat in the bats.Goblin Giant+Night Witch pushes  really gets punished to your opponent and he has no way to answer your push or to defend at a huge elixir disadvantage.

Goblin Giant: Goblin Giant is main win condition. He already has two Spear Goblins as support to get rid of cheap counters such as the Bats, Goblins or Skeletons. After his death, he brings down the Spear Gobs, which is perfect if you already have a Miner or any tanker tanking for them ThiS is very powerfull right now


Miner: Obviously, your another win condition of the deck. Use him as a starting play in the anti-Tornado spot and on counter pushing with Goblin Gang, and/or Dart Goblin.Don’t be afraid to use Miner on defense against almost dead Princes, Mini P.E.K.K.As, or any other threat card about to hit your Tower. Know when to use him in the right circumstances; don’t overcommit especially with Miner quick-pushes or else you will get punished and you can do nothing about it.

Mega Minion:This is my favourite card inside the gameWhen dropped behind a Giant, the Mega Minion+ Night Witch can handle nearly anything your opponent uses Such as Minions or Minions horde. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air and also mega Minion is a good night witch counter

Dart Goblin: He has insane range, so you can place him in the opposite lane as well to defend, then you can attack opposite lane potentially!Use him for chip damage on the bridge, he can deal pretty good damage to a Tower if the opponent can’t respond to him quickly enough.

Poison: Poison spell will be used primarily to deal with defending troops, or the unlucky swarm that happens to spawn in. Medium damage spell. Good for the offense for area denial and chipping away at huts. Use on defense for more swarm damage.

Goblin Gang: It is a very good card If you used it properly it has the purpose of baiting out your opponent’s spells, while punishing them if they do not have their spells in hand. Night Witch Bats is best used in defense Goblin Gang can completely shut down the Goblin Barrel without being harmed at all. Also, again, Goblins don’t die to Zap so your opponent can’t use Zap to protect the Goblin Barrel completely.The Zap is not able to kill Goblins in the Goblin Gang

Log: You know how to get the best value out of it, right?

Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 Gameplan:

The gameplan is very simple as I said above This is my personal favourite Giant Night Witch Deck ,Now, the Goblin Giant is a current underrated tank in this September meta.

This card should always be placed at the back, or in a tank and splank, with one of the supporting card. Furthermore, the Night Witch & 

Early Game The best starting moves are to use Goblin Giant at the back,Dart Goblin or Goblin Gang cycle at the back, and Night Witch at the back.

Make sure not to waste your Mega Minion or Night Witch, because of they the essential for defending against tanks and Hogs.

Playing Night Witch in the back is okay for starting off because it can set you up for an early Giant push. This deck has an extremely cycle

Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018  matchups

The playstyle applies to most matchups, although you might want to consider these tips against the most common ones.

Log Bait; Always have Princess control, and always Log their Princess, and Goblin to kill Barrel

Hog Cycle: we have so many troops to counter to hog you can use dart goblin to kill hos and mega minion to kill supporting troops

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Thanks for reading this really good Clash Royale Goblin Giant Night Witch Deck 2018 Guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments