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Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck My name is Aaqib Javed, and I’m bringing you a huge Clash royale Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck, comprehensive, easy-to-follow Clash royale Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck on one of the most stable and one of the most powerful Clash royale Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck that includes new Card Goblin Giant so come and take a look at this Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck guide

Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck

Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck Card Roles:

Knight: Your main tanker and major defensive card.It’s been a year and Knight is still one of the most used cards and definitely one of the best common cards.He counters a variety of cards alone, and he synergizes perfectly with the rest of the deck, making him a great choice in any bait deck you might think about.

Goblin Gang: Your secondary offensive option, the Goblin Gang is usually used to bait out spells, but in some cases you might want to bait your opponent’s spell out and attack with the Goblin Gang, mostly to pressure.Talking about defensive purposes, this card gets most of the job done with its splitting mechanic and easy tech.


Goblin Barrel: Your main offensive option. I will talk about its tech later.The Barrel is mostly used in bait decks because it does (almost) instant damage, like the Miner in the Mortar bait deck for example.

Princess: Your main defensive and control card, the Princess is definitely a tough anti-swarm and also an offensive option.She has been a crucial card in most of the metas, with such a versatility and variety of decks she can be used in, that she was even considered the best card in the game once.

Goblin Giant: He is a good win condition along with Goblin Barrel. He already has two Spear Goblins as support to get rid of cheap counters such as the Bats or Skeletons. After his death, he brings down the Spear Gobs, which is perfect if you already have a Miner or any tanker tanking for them.

Log: Finally, the Log- one of my favorite legendaries Can be used as a prediction against squishies when doing front-Tower Miner placements. Get value logs and chip away at the Tower.

Fireball – Your high-damage spell Use it to clean low-HP towers, and most importantly, damaging Ice Wizards, Electro Wizards, Three Musketeers, and all that important stuff. Use it offensively, to destroy buildings, to kill Barbarians or Minion Horde, so your Hog gets those juicy hits!

Inferno Dragon – It is Tank destroyer. After the opponent uses their Zap against your Bats and/or Goblins it can go towards their tower and deal massive damage.Inferno dragon  becomes a threat himself and if you opponent doesn’t have an ewiz or an ice golem to kite, you are in for some significant tower damage or even the whole tower.

Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck Strategy

The Strategy of this Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck is the same as your usual princess log bait deck, You have to deal damage by using the Goblin Giant as a tanker followed by cheap units like Goblins Barrel. 

This Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck is all about defending and counterpushing, and chipping!

Early game: Your opponent is preparing for a big push, and you’re at an elixir disadvantage. You send in the Goblin Barrel, and they Zap it.

When their half-push reached the bridge, you easily counter it with a Goblin Gang and Inferno Dragon

Your opponent’s tower is low on health, but he attacks you with a Hog Rider.You know he has Lightning in cycle, so you use the Goblin Gang to counter that, and to bait out his Log. You have your Knight ready, so the Hog dies just in time. You baited out his Log, so you send in the Goblin Barrel.

He doesn’t have anything to defend, so you take the tower and win.

Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck | Goblin Giant Barrel Deck Matchups

Lavaloon – One of the easiest, because you can simply go aggressive opposite lane, and easily counter with Inferno dragon and Princess

Golem Beatdown – A little bit harder, since they can easily get advantage by a pump, if you have a bad rotation. Always have some space between the Knight and the Inferno Tower so they can’t lightning both.

Hog Cycle – You really need to get that damage in, otherwise they’re gonna get a prediction Fireball or something like that, and you will sit there, watching how the Hog is humiliating your tower.

Pekka Decks: Use Inferno Dragon to kill and Takeout supprting troops with knight and Goblin Gangs

Graveyard: Easy to Counter you may need to use defensive Goblin Gang and Log. as well

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I hope that this Goblin Giant Log Bait Deck guide helps you to Reacherd 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the Mega Knight Miner Deck  or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing