Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck

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Hi guys Dexter here I reached Legendary Arena at tournament standard with this Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck I am very proud to say that I have hit Legendary Arena this deck (3045 now and still climbing!) and I am still Free-to-Play player! My card levels are 10/8/4/2.This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense This Goblin Gang Contro/Chip is a very versatile deck where you can use all cards for both offense and defense.so come and take a look  for this Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck guide:

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner: Your win condition. Alone, it is a guaranteed several hundred chip damage if your opponent can’t guess your placement. Great at taking out Elixir collectors or if your Ice Golem is out of rotation for defense. You will usually send the Miner solo with the surviving cards from your defense.One good combination is miner + Spear Goblin after they finish defending. If your opponent counters your miner with skarmy, file that information away and then your next miner push place him in front of the arena tower, followed by a princess at the bridge. Your princess will splash out the skArmy, and your opponent will be forced to use two more cards
  2. Princess: She is just fabulous! The only splash troop in this deck, she should always be placed in front of the king tower in the opposite lane that you are being attacked on/attacking, so that she can shoot at both lanes from a nice safe distance(or at the bridge, like in the situation above). She is great in combination with the ice golem(or spirit) against minions, and you can use her to snipe other princesses placed behind your opponents arena tower by placing her at the bridge before the other princess is in range. If untouched by any other troops, your princess will survive the duel and continue to punish the opponent.
  3. Ice Golem: After the nerf, his reduced frost nova radius is kind of annoying, but his main goal is to place extra HP where needed. Great at stalling support troops fo that your Inferno Tower can shred the tank. You can also use it to tank the tower for the Miner to get tons of damage. If you have a lot of troops survived from defending, I would advise not to use the Ice Golem to tank unless you know their AoE is out of rotation. If you are amazing at this game (I mean top tier skill), you could get away with using Skeletons instead. Sadly, not all of us have devoted hours every day to perfect this game.
  4. Fireball: Fireball is a great and very versatile card since it can be used to take out many medium sized troops and knock them back. I recommend a high level (7+) for this card since you want the upper hand in battle by Fireballing their medium-splash damage troops right behind their tower and you’ll do damage on both. Fireball is useful for offense on defense by halting incoming pushes, take out minions that are destroying your Miner and destroying that tower with just a little hp left.
  5. Goblin Gang: This is the newest card added to the game, a goblin party! The goblin gang a great defensive card that can take out most cards for a positive elixir trade. You can pull over elites barbarians, surround wizards, distract a musketeer, and much more basically This card will very Good If You Pair this with Miner or Sometime i play Princess at bridge then This card it saves my princess from Minions or Gobz and get chip damage on tower
  6. Log/Ice Spirit: An incredibly useful control card sthat is very much in the meta right now.It controls Archers, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, tanks, everything except for air units. Super useful for buying time.If you don’t have The Log(replacement Zap), the Ice Spirit is a very worthy Good card. It freezes units for just 1 Elixir. Along with Archers it can shut down a Minion Horde.
  7. It is a great trick to allow the Ice Spirit to tank for the Miner so the Miner gets an additional 200 damage off. Place the Ice Spirit first then the Miner. The Ice Spirit will make it to the tower, chipping over 100 damage, as well as freezing it so the Miner gets additional damage off.
  8. Both The Log and Ice Spirit are excellent cheap cycle control cards that offer so much value!Sometimes if the opponent counters your Miner with a Skeleton Army, predict and prefire The Log.Log is great at shutting down Zap bait decks as well as taking out annoying Princesses.
  9. Inferno Tower: Great up and coming card for all the huge tanky cards in the meta game. Great for stopping Giants + Bowlers. Make sure you protect your Inferno against Minions / Horde, with the help of Princess, and the Spirits.

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck Gameplan:

As I said above this deck is a Log Bait Control deck, you want to focus on two things: Defense and their splash cards. Your goal is able to defend successfully while getting their Zap out off rotation or having them hesitate to use it.

However keep in mind that there will be opponents that have counters to all of your baiting units. There are still ways to work around this, but defense is the key thing when handling these types of situations. You have to be able to defend successfully. This deck has many defensive units such as the Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower, ice spirit, and Princess,Ice Golem and with the proper use of these cards, you can stop almost any push.


Starting off you generally want to just start attacking as soon as possible. Often I will open with Princess in the back and protect her with either Ice Spirit or Ice Golem. Then I will start sending my Miner  attacks in, either Miner + Ice Spirit or Miner + Goblin gang or sometimes just a solo Miner or Princess. Begin understand your opponents cards and card cycle because this will be very important when it comes to predicting correcting. Defend using Ice Golem and Inferno Tower, with the help of your Princess and Spirits of course, then counter attack again and again with theMiner + Anything.

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck Possible Substitutions

If you don’t have the princess or the log, or if you just prefer miner control to miner chip, you can do this: princess->minions, Fireball->bowler, and the log->zap. These substitutions will make the deck a bit heavierand also increase its defense capabilities against ebarbs and hogs, as the bowler is just fantastic against them.

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck Conclusion

I have had a great deal of success with this fun off meta deck, and I hope that it will help you reach your ladder goals whilst enjoying being different and challenging yourself. Feel free to comment me if you have anything you want to discuss about it

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Thanks for reading this Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.