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Hey guys kiokio’s Deck Giant Sparky Deck Its hyp3rion.akki here back with a deck This Giant Sparky Deck is made by kiokio’s for Youtuber Challenge This kiokio’s Deck is good because in this kiokio’s Deck Giant Sparky Deck we have Big Tank Giant is your win condition, and every other card are just support units so come and take a look at this guide Check Out here All Top 10  Youtuber Challenge Deck

Kiokio’s Deck Youtuber Challenge Decks

kiokio’s Deck Youtuber Challenge Giant Sparky Deck All Top 10  Youtuber Challenge Deck

Giant – Your main win condition and one of the best tank For 5 elixir due to its insane hp Giant is a Very good card in both offense and  defense also many players don’t know how to to use gaint defensively. For examples​ if there is a Knight coming down the lane, or Night witch, I will use the Giant to tank shots with and then go on a counterpush with sparky


Sparky: She is your secong win condition and after getiing buff she is a very well rounded card to play on both offense and defense Drop sparky behind the giant and Giant high health will allow Sparky to get many shots on anything Your main priority will be to get Sparky to the Arena Tower and have it shoot.

Goblin Barrel:One of the best card in Log-bait decks.  Goblin Barrel does more DPS than a Sparky, but the sheer power of each of Sparky’s attacks makes her seem like the bigger threat. Sometime Giant will be tanking for the Goblins, other times Ice Golem will be so You can Also use Goblin Barrel+Minion Horde Combo 

Skeleton Army: Amazing on defense You can replace This card with Goblin Gang so  if your opponent does not use zap/log/arrows. This card will bait your opponents zap, so you can demolish them with sparky.

Minion Horde: This card is very good wit sparky decks You can Use this card for both offense and defense. You should especially use it on offense when you opponent has an Inferno Tower. Minion Horde+Goblin Barrel is a solid combo, even more solid when your Opponent don’t have Arrow so Minion Horde can’t be arrowed

Zap: This Spell is great at clearing cheap, swarm troops, resetting and retargeting troops and buildings, and a great utility spell. This spell can be switched with Log if you have, but I keep it at Zap because I have trouble against Minion Hordes, Inferno Towers and Inferno probably already know how to use this spell since you’re most likely playing it in your deck already.

Minions: Add another air troop to make your opponent go mad. One of the original versions used Mega Minion.I honestly think minions are better.They do particularly well against skarmy and elite barbs as long as they are distracted.

Ice Wizard: This is your air and ground support for your deck. Paired with the Minions Horde it destroys 3 Musketeer and it is very versatile in almost all defensive situations due to its low 3 elixir cost, in conjunction with its  slowing capability. It can also be used offensively once you pair it with the Giant as it slows the enemy Arena Tower, allowing for more hits from your Giant. In this Meta, the Ice Wizard can take out Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrels Minions Horde with the help of arena tower


Kiokio’s Deck Giant Sparky Deck General Gameplan:

This Kiokio’s Deck Giant Sparky Deck is very simple to use. In This Deck Giant and Goblin Barrel is the win condition, and EVERY other card are just support units/spells

At first you want to defend for positive Elixir trades and Some good starting Moves are Giant at the back, or Sparky at the back.

You can play Giant at the back now use every card in your deck to support it and even cycle to a second Giant. Try and apply more pressure during the end of your push.

If Opponent makes his first move then  defense with MegaMinion and the Giant immediately in front for a counter push.

In Double elixir you can play  Sparky on one lane, and a Goblin Barrel+Giant push on the other lane

This deck is ok against All bait decks, if your opponent zaps/Logs/arrows certain cards, you have other cards in your deck that you can get good value out of. All Top 10  Youtuber Challenge Deck

if they zap you Sparky, you now have Skeleton Army to defend with, if they Log your Skeleton Army, you know they can’t counter your Goblin Barrel easily.

Giant Sparky Deck Matchups:

Giant/Golem/Royal Giant –  These decks are weak and simple to counter Use Sparky and Minions horde or skarmy against tank

For support, use Minion Horde or mega minion. But if you use Sparky to defend a Giant, then skarmy can take care of support. Golem, a bit trickier

Log Bait Decks: It is hard to counter because their contains so much swarms and an Inferno Tower, it can counter your deck completely But don’t lose hope but I have beaten this deck quite a few times

Mega Knight Decks – Sparky is a decent counter to the mega knight  Mega Knight also we all know that Mini Pekka does Great work against mega knight good you can use Giant to tank and Sparky to blast away.

Three Musleteers – Easy To counter Just you have ti use Sparky for 2M lane, and Bats for 1M. 

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Thanks for reading this Kiokio’s Deck Giant Sparky Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.