Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck

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Hi guys ToastyNinja here and today i going to show you my Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck I pulled a bandit from a free chest. Amazing right? Well it was, until I realized there weren’t many decks for it. So I just threw it into a hog cycle deck/zap bait deck and it’s been working really well.Before using the deck, I was around 2600, trying to stay in Jungle Arena, now I am a few battles off of Hog Mountain so come and check out this Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck guide

Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck

Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck Card Roles:

Bandit: When you play the bandit, you want to make sure you get the value. Make sure not to send a naked bandit. Send a goblin barrel or anything else to support it. If you’ve already taken a tower, a good place to put the bandit is the corner spot between tower and king tower (where a lot of people play RG) Make sure the bandit is surrounded by the goblin gang.

Princess: The princess is a very important card. It can turn from defense to offense in seconds. While it may not be the best move, if you don’t have goblin barrel in your starting hand, you may want to play princess to bait out the log. (And maybe get a few hits off on the tower)


Log: Nothing much to say about the log. Just use it as you would use zap or arrows. Don’t waste it on a few troops, get your value. After the battle has gone on for a while, you may predict where your enemy will play skarmy so you could do an early log. Make sure you use bandit before you predict with the log though. If it is successful, you’re guaranteed at least 1000 hp gone, more if you have troops to support bandit.

Goblin Barrel: This is to chip away at the tower and to stress out your opponent. This is also good to support the bandit. If the opponent zaps and arrows your first goblin barrel, mirror it. If he uses fire spirits, play the princess.

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Mirror: As I said above in the goblin barrel section, mirror your goblin barrels if the opponent takes out the first one without it getting any hits in. You may also want to mirror your bandit to put extra pressure on the opponent. The mirror is also a good way to defend the last 30 seconds. You can just mirror inferno towers, and keep your tower safe.

Inferno Tower: The Inferno Tower will basically end most pushes. Hog rider? Inferno Tower. Golem? Inferno Tower. Lavaloon? Inferno Tower. Giant? Inferno Tower. Obviously you’re going to want more than an inferno tower to defend if there are more troops.

Skeleton Army: Nothing much to say about the skeleton army, just an all around good card. Good card to bait out zap or arrows, or take out EB. If your inferno tower somehow goes down too quickly, this is your backup. Can sometimes be used for offense.

Goblin Gang: This is another important card. It can be used for offense and defense. If your skeleton army goes down, use these guys. When making a push, make sure you use these guys. It will greatly support the bandit. Even these guys alone can do a decent amount of damage.


The Main Push: The Main Push of this Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck, as I said above, is mostly going to be goblin gang and bandit, possibly with a goblin barrel in the back. A 9 elixir push! Very cheap compared to lavaloon and golem pushes.

How to Counter Popular Decks

Lavaloon: Make sure you have your inferno tower ready when the lava hound and balloon come in. Use goblin gang to support the inferno tower. Princess can be used for cleaning up lava pups. If he plays minion horde to support his push, make sure you have princess and goblin gang down. If there are any goblins left, you might be able to start a counter push.

If the opponent drops a lava hound, push the other side with goblin gang and bandit. If you can get a goblin barrel in there, try that too. If you have a mirror available as well, you may want to use it on the goblin gang to help defend against his push.

On rare occasions, you may have to mirror the inferno tower to help defend against his lavaloon push.

Zap Bait: Try to conserve your log. If there’s a goblin barrel, it may be worth logging depending on how low your tower is already.

If you do happen to mess up and get your log baited. Don’t lose hope. Use a princess in the back and clean up his push. Play a bandit and bait out one of his cards, then mirror bandit, use goblin gang, and try goblin barrel.

Try to seperate your princess from your goblin gang in case of arrows,

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I’m sorry this guide isn’t that detailed, I’ll hopefully add on more to it as I, myself, learn more about this Goblin Barrel Bandit Deck. Hopefully I’ll finish the How to Counter Popular Decks section soon. If you have any questions please ask in comment box