Giant Witch Deck

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Giant Witch Deck for arena 6 to 8

Giant Witch Deck Hi guys, H! AaqibzZz here with you today, and I will be sharing an amazing Giant Witch Poison Deck for Arena 6+ that helped me get from 1600 to 2200 trophies in about an hour,My friend used this deck and made it to Royal Arena easily too! I haven’t played recently, as I am on vacation, but I do believe you could push to Legendary Arena with the deck! Giant Witch Deck

Giant Witch Deck

General Game Plan:


At the start, if you have Giant, Witch, and Poison in your hand, I generally like to start a push by placing the Giant in the back and adding the witch and poison later. This can be risky, however, but it works a lot. Know what you are doing. If you don’t have one of those in your starting hand, I like to let the opponent play first and then counter what he uses for a positive elixir trade. Giant Witch Deck


If he plays first at the beginning, and you counter, then keep countering until you have enough of an elixir advantage to make a push. Once double elixir comes, try to not let them start many pushes and keep pressure on the opponent. I like to build as many pushes as possible. Giant Witch Deck

Here, I am sometimes able to build Witch + Giant + Poison + Musketeer + Spear Goblins from all of the positive elixir trades. If you make that combo, you have a guaranteed tower. A Spear gobs in front of the Giant is very useful too. Giant Witch Deck

Giant Witch Deck Combos


 The best combos: (Parentheses show elixir cost of push)

  • Giant+ Musketeer (8)
  • Giant + Witch + Poison (14)
  • Giant + Musketeer + Spear Goblins (11)

The Ultimate Combo (Double Elixir Time):

  • Giant + Witch + Poison + Spear Goblins + Musketeer + Fireball (24)

Chip Combo:

  • Skeletons in front of Spear Goblins


Giant Witch Deck So, there you have it. You might have a rough start, but afterwards, after playing it, you will get better! Last quick tip, try to practice the timing of your fireball or poison, for instance, when you have a push going (to defend against barbs, minion hordes of anything else) Giant Witch Deck


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