Giant three musketeers deck

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Giant Three Musketeers Deck For Arena 6+

Hi Guys aniviasrevenge here and I recently hit Arena 8 with a Giant three musketeers deck featuring mostly 9/6/0 cards. I wanted to share for anyone who is trying to climb without legendaries, is tired of Hog/Royal Giant decks, or who loves purple-haired gunslingsers.This account is completely F2P, I completely focused on these specific cards since the start of the game and therefore I have a huge amount of gold for where I am (spent only on upgrades and buying Cards from the shop).

Giant three musketeers deck

Giant Three Musketeers Deck Card Role:

Giant: Giant is the frontline tank whose job is to draw aggro and soak up damage so that the squishy damage dealers behind him (musketeer/minions) can mow down the enemy towers and everything else in their way.

Three Musketeers: These girls are the core of this deck. The DPS of three musketeers is nearly unmatched in the game, but you actually almost never want to drop all three musketeers in one lane until an enemy tower is down. Instead, you generally want to split them so that 1 musketeer is in the lane behind your Giant while the other two go to the over lane. It’s also EXTREMELY important that you have as high level 3 Musketeers as possible, since they can be nearly 1-shot by fireballs a level above them. Giant three musketeers deck


Fireball: Fireball is excellent direct damage and is good at blasting squishes hiding behind a meat shield as well as dealing direct damage on crown towers. Last second fireballs on low HP towers have netted me wins often enough that I never leave home without this spell. Giant three musketeers deck

Zap: For a brief AoE stun at only 2 elixir this is one of the best cards in the game and one of the most reliable ways to pull off positive elixir trades. Since this deck does not run defensive buildings like Cannon, you will also often lean on Zap to deal with Gob+Hog pushes or buy time in situations where you need to stall.

Minions: Every time I think I can replace this card I end up circling back to it. It can easily counter ground units for awesome elixir trades like Barbarians, Valkyrie, etc. I often drop it behind a Giant+Musketeer push if I see the opponent committing heavily to stopping the 2 musketeers in the other lane. The best part is that no one expects double air, so it often baits out arrows/fireball/zap/etc., which can allow you to punish with…

Minion Horde: Running Minions AND Horde may seem like overkill, but they have great synergy. Few decks run a lot of anti-air, which means that if your opponent commits heavily to countering one (ideally Minions) then you can drop the other (ideally Horde) after and wreak havoc. Minion Horde has devastating DPS, and if you can drop it behind a Giant or Barbs tanking tower aggro you’ll chew through a tower in seconds. I often used this to deal with tanks like Royal Giant if I have already baited out a Fireball or Arrows with my Minions. Giant three musketeers deck

Barbarians: Barbarians are here to deal with Hogs and Royal Giant, but their tankiness and respectable damage make them useful in nearly all situations involving ground troops. To deal with hogs, drop them in front of your tower to interrupt the Hog’s pathing and they’ll turn him into bacon quickly. For Royal Giants, drop them on top of him and they’ll slice through his meaty HP bar pretty fast.

Elixir Collector: Giant + Three Musketeers pushes are very expensive, so a collector is a must-have. I often place it between my two towers, slightly ahead of them, to bait hogs. Giant three musketeers deck

Giant Three Musketeers Deck Strategy:

The key idea behind this deck is that it’s expensive to deal with a giant/musketeer and it’s also expensive to deal with two musketeers. Forcing your opponent to deal with both at the same time in separate lanes often stretches them thin and forces misplays or elixir-inefficient trades. Most players are used to using Fireball or Zap+Fireball or dropping barbs on all three musketeers for a devastating positive elixir trade, so they’re often caught off guard in upper Arena 7 by the split. Giant three musketeers deck

Here’s what the ideal combo of the three musketeers deck  looks like:

If you don’t have Giant or 3 musketeers in your opening hand, drop minions or a collector to cycle.

Give this deck a try and let me know what you think! Questions? Leave them here. Thanks for reading!