Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

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Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

Hello everyone WizardLord here I am currently in Arena 6. I used thisGiant Skeleton Deck Arena 5 to push from around 1400 trophies to around the 1800 in about 45-50 minutes. The strategy of this deck focuses on getting the Giant Skeleton to the tower, where he deals massive damage. This deck has many splash damage troops to escort him and really great defense troops. Let’s take a look on this Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5 Guide

Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

 Cards Role :

  • Giant Skeleton : This is the staple card of the deck. It is like a traditional tank. It has a lot of health, but deals low damage. Despite that, its death bomb does a huge amount of damage when it dies. This can also be used to stop big pushes. It can be swarmed and distracted, but this deck will counter that. This cannot be replaced.
  • Witch : Witch can quickly erase hordes while summoning skeletons to distract enemies from Giant Skeleton. This can also stop some pushes by herself. This can be replaced by Wizard, Ice Wizard, Bomber, etc.
  • Baby Dragon : The cheaper alternative to Witch. It has a pretty low elixir cost for splash damage, flying, and good health. It can destroy crowds a bit more efficient than Witch. Great counter against basically any swarm. This can be replaced by Wizard, Ice Wizard, Bomber, etc.
  • Mini PEKKA : With only 4 elixir, it has average health, but does almost the same amount of damage the normal PEKKA can. It is used to backup Giant Skeleton against high health units or stop a tank. Can be used to kill supporting units behind a tank too. Can be replaced by other cheap hard-hitters.
  • Goblins : Really cheap and fast. Used to assassinate supporting units behind a tank. Can also be used to deal great damage to a tank itself. Can be replaced by Spear Goblins, Minions, etc.
  • Skeleton Army : Purely for defense unless your opponent has like no splash damage. Terminates tanks in 3-5 seconds, even if they have splash damage, the skeletons would of probably ate basically all the health and crown tower could finish off. Can be replaced by Minions or Minion Horde.
  • Fire Spirits : Like Goblins, but anti-swarm. They are really cheap and fast like the Goblins too. Used to destroy incoming swarms or protect Giant Skeleton. Can be replaced by Zap.
  • Arrows : Against swarms, to finish off that last health from the crown tower, goblin barrel, etc. Really versatile, cheap, and has a huge radius. Fireball or Zap can be replacements.

Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5 Strategy :

The opening is really easy. Wait until 9.5 elixir before placing down your supporting unit (Witch or Baby Dragon only). Of if you do not have a supporting unit, spawn Giant Skeleton. If you do not have anything, try to cycle by placing Fire Spirits or Goblins. Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

Assuming you now have the desired hand. Place down your supporting unit in back of the king tower. By the time they are around near the bridge, you should have enough to place down Giant Skeleton. If they try to push on the other lane, Skeleton Army, Mini-PEKKA, Goblins or Fire Spirits can take care of that.


Continue to push that lane. Place more supporting units. Giant Skeleton will tank all the damage while your supporters will decimate any crowds. Goblins and Mini-PEKKA can be placed if necessary. Once, the Giant Skeleton gets to the crown tower, it should be really easy after that. If it doesn’t reach it before dying, it will kill its attackers. Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

Either defend or go for the king tower are your 2 best choices. Defense is really easy as almost every card in this deck is pretty much great at defense. If you attack the king tower, repeat the same strategy. This time, place your supporting unit near the crown tower and not the king and you will be able to place the Giant Skeleton a little bit after the bridge. Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5

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Thanks for reading this Miner Log Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.