Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck

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Hi Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck Guys Md Aaqib back  Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck again  with a new and interesting Clone spell  Deck  deck. You may know me from my Giant Clone spell deck Deck ,This time i want to share Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck Combine with clone spell Also Check out these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017 For Every Arena

I was playing around with the Clone Spell for a few hours now and I completed My Giant Clone Combo Quests task and finally i found this Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck usefull after Playing some match

This Deck help me to complete Quests task ,This deck doesn’t feature any Legendaries and only 4 epics, so it’s fairly easy toUse. I played with 9/6.5/3 cards on my journey. So let’s take a look on this Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck guide Also Check out these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017 For Every Arena


Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck

 Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck Card Role:

  1. Giant Skeleton: Main Tank

This  is your Main Tank, I Always place him behind the King Tower when starting a counter-push Or Defensively, when they have a large push coming, place him at the bridge where your tower can target them. Then place Mega Minion minions or ice Golem to help finish them off after the bomb goes off.Offensively, put him in the Back of the crown tower and when he crossed the bridge put Witch behind it and clone spell because A cloned Witch will spawn Skeletons. and allowing the original Giant skeleton free passage to the opponent’s tower. and when clone Giant Skeleton will die he will drop bombs dealing full damage. For More details visit This page

  • Witch: Best for the clone

This card is best for the clone I had very successful battles when I cloning this card.I started with the Giant Skeleton at the back and then the witch follow the Giant Skeleton, but my opponent use to kite my giant skeleton to other lane but i use my clone spell on Witch and Giant skeleton which help me to pushed the clone troops towords Ice Golem and my Orignal Troops goes to the opponent tower and they did huge amount of damage

  • Zap: Replacement Log

a card that almost every player in Legendary Arena is using. It’s versatility and cost make it such a great card, and in conjunction with the Hog, it can mean a destroyed crown tower. You should always hover your zap around the Opponent’s field of play and release it when you see small troops deployed.

  • Guards: No Replacement

Basically Guards Is here only for Defence I use Guards on Defence And if my opponent makes huge puse the i use my clone spell on guards which makes them 6 from 3 and I can counter their push easly as you know clone troops have one hit point so clone guards will die in two shots because a clone shield also has one health 

  • Archers: No Replacement

Your main source of defense alongside your Towers, as they have the range and the ability to shoot both ground and air troops. they are pretty low-cost and can be deployed quite easily, especially in the heat of the battle. Their range allows them to shoot from a distance as opposed to ground troops who need to be in contact with others, which is why I prefer these two over other combinations, providing full coverage against most pushes.Great counter for Graveyard|Inferno Dragon|Meta Minion|Skarmy Etc Etc….

  • Mega Minion: No Replacement

The main reason Mega Minion is in this deck is because it is the best way to kill opposing Mega Minions. Aside from that, it is the best card in the game and is, in my opinion, an auto-include for most decks.Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot, so it is also useful for clearing Minion Horde from your Lava Hound.

  • Ice Golem: Replacement Knight

This is probably my favorite card in the game right now. For only 2! Elixer he can be a mini tank for the Hog and kite other troops. You can use it for attack or defense. In attack use him in front of the Giant Skeleton, he if you zap minions he will also kill them when dies.You can also use him as a tank for the Arechers in Defence, In defense is a very strong card, you can clean cheap unit and distract big one by let him going to the opposit tower

The Clone Spell is truly, in my opinion, one of the best card inside the Clash Royale The Clone is certainly a game changer.I am not going to explain this card in detail because take a look at This guide to know more about this card in detail just you have to use it at right time and when required it will help you to push giant skeleton towards crown tower you can use this spell on defence as i say use it on Guards

Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck Strengths:

  1. It is a cycle Deck so you can almost play any card whenever you want to play them
  2. If you play the right card at the right time, essentially by defending just on your side of the bridges, you’ll get an elixir advantage for nearly every action.
  3. Your Best Pushes as Following: Giant Skeleton+Witch and Ice In front of them as A Mini Tanks
  4. Cheap Push Ice Golem+Mega Minion Or Ice Golem+Arechers In this case Ice Golem will be tank for Archers and Mega Minion

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Giant Skeleton Clone Spell Deck Guide ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.