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Hey Giant Royal Ghost Deck guys,It’s Hyp3rion.akki here for my second Royal Ghost guide This is a Giant Royal Ghost Deck I am very proud to share Giant Royal Ghost Deck with you guys! This is Giant Royal Ghost Deck that pushed me up 400+ trophies In a Day This Giant Royal Ghost Deck is also known as Graveyard Royal Ghost Deck

This Giant Royal Ghost Deck is amazing no matter Which arena you’re in because it Is Easy to use I found this Giant Royal Ghost Deck, made a few adjustments, and immediately I love to play with it So Come and take a look at this guide

Giant Royal Ghost Deck Card Roles:


Giant – Your main tank and your win condition For 5 elixir this Card has Huge hit points and good DPS and when Tou paired Giant with Graveyard It  makes a deadly combo for only ten elixir  You can Place Giant in front of weak troops for a strong counterpush and to deal some great damage this deck doesn’t have any Splash damage Except Royal Ghost So Always try to use Poison on Group of troops

Poison: Poison is perfect for clearing swarms of troops  the increased damage renders Skeleton Army obsolete on defense, and creates a large AOE of no troop placement.Perfect for wiping out pesky spawners while getting damage done on enemy towers.Poison is a must have in this deck, as it just provides perfect value and great Counter for Opponent Graveyard

Royal Ghost: New Card I used this card behind my Tank and Mostly I Play This card as my first move in Opposite Lane whenever My opponents Deploy their card Like Golem or Pekka Behind the king tower 

Mega Minions – Mega Minion is primarily used for defending Because of his good HP, I wouldn’t use him as a tank to for Graveyard unless you have nothing else in hand.He is great in Giant push, taking out tank killers and if left ignored It can deal devastating damage behind any tank.

Graveyard: It is your win condition. Graveyard should be used only when your Giant is crossing the bridge  it should mainly be used to attack the tower when you have surviving defensive troops crossing the bridge.Graveyard is great for it’s slow trickle of Skeleton swarms, making it the perfect card to win with. Graveyard is fairly expensive and does require skill to use.

Arrows we need something to protect our Graveyard from the Minions and Minions Horde If Poison is not in our hand.Arrows protect from swarms They are also a better option than Fireball against Goblin Barrel and better than Log or Zap against Minion Horde.

Archers: Its another key defensive tool that are extremely versatile Archers are also a great starting hand, they can be split at the back for a decent threat to both towers. They are a good anti air card, they output good dps, they are lightning counters so to speak, and they work beautifully on offense when left unchecked.

Ice Spirit: The Ice Spirit provides a lot of value for just 1 elixir, and even though it is in slightly less use than Skeletons, it still finds a good place in this deck. Killing anything has become much easier, thanks to the Ice Spirit. Your Giant can get more hits off

General Gameplay: 

The main strategy in this deck is to make cheap pushes with alone Royal Ghost and Start the game with either Archers in the back or a Royal Ghost at the bridge in order to feel out your opponent’s counters.

Best starting movesGaint/Archers/ at the back.this deck relies heavily on a good starting hand!

In the early game see what your opponent has and Don’t play too passively because you have a Normal cycle and solid defense

if you have a really bad starting hand simply wait for your opponent to make the first move. It should be easier for you because you can get the early chance for an Elixir lead


Once you hit Double Elixir Time, the cycle will get a lot faster. Just chip Their tower With Graveyard and defend With Mega Minion And Royal Ghost. 

Also keep in mind that Don’t rush elixir. And don’t keep the elixir bar to 10 for a long time, this results in waste of elixir overload. First 1 minute, observe the win conditions of the opponent.

And see their counters to the Graveyard. Try playing a Poison Combo, of Graveyard+Poison cycle, and also try Giant + Graveyard+ Poison combo For huge damage

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Thanks For Reading These Giant Royal Ghost Deck guide and I Hope You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun Giant Royal Ghost Deck please give a try to these Giant Royal Ghost Deck