Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck

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Hello everyone. CatThingy here and I used to be trapped in the space in between Pekka’s Playhouse and Spell Valley, but after I used this Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck  , I quickly got up to Builder’s Workshop, and later, Royal Arena.Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck 

Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck

Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck Card Role:

  • Giant – The main tank of the deck. Use it to start pushes or to add on some extra damage to an already existing one.
  • Musketeer – Support unit for the tank. You could swap this out for the Wizard if you prefer it.
  • Valkyrie – The secondary tank of the deck. You either use this or the Giant for your push, along with the Musketeer.
  • Fire Spirits – I feel that Fire Spirits are extremely underrated, and they are a great defensive card. Use this against minions/hordes, and even if they hide another troop underneath, it’ll still get damaged quite a bit.
  • Inferno Tower – Another great defensive card. Use it against Lava Hounds/Giants/Hogs/Giant Skeletons to distract/kill them while taking out the supporting troops.
  • Arrows – Useful for taking out Goblin Barrels or Skeleton Armies if you currently do not have the Valk. defending or in rotation. You can also swap this out for Zap.
  • Fireball – Reduce the health of Barbarians, Witches, Musketeers, and Wizards so that your tower can easily finish them off.
  • Rage – Essential for finishing off a tower if the opponent has defended your push and you just need one more Musketeer shot to get the victory.

Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck Strategy:

Use Giant-Musketeer-Valkyrie as your main push. If you know the opponent has Skeleton Army, you might want to put the Valk in front of the Giant. Otherwise, keep everything behind the Giant when possible. Musketeer-Valkyrie works as well, and Musketeer-Giant will also work. Using Rage on Musketeer-Valk or Musketeer-Giant may help you get that tiny bit more damage to kill the tower. Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck 

On defense, Fireball, Valkyrie, Arrows, and Fire Spirits deal with hordes very well. Inferno Tower paired with Fire Spirits can take out a Prince, if you use Fire Spirits to eat up the charge. Valkyrie can be used as a tank to take out the Prince if the Inferno Tower isn’t in rotation. As usual, Valk can be used to take out supporting units in a Giant push. Giant Rage Arena 5 Deck