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Hello Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+ T-Rex here with Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+, and today, I will show you Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+ that has won me a couple of 100 player tourneys, and also help me maintain 4000+. The legendary in this Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+ is replaceable, but the playstyle will definitely change. Take a look at these Top 13 Clash Roayle December Meta Decks 2017

This giant poison deck focuses on chipping away at the tower, and then making a final push that will destroy it OR Going all out and 3 crowning the opponent before Double Elixir Top 9 Clash Royale 20 Win Crown Championship Finals Challenge Deck

Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+


Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+ Card Role:

Giant will be your main pushing unit, and it always should be placed behind the King Tower when starting a counterpush. It is best that you use his slow speed to your advantage, as you will build up on elixir as he walks to the bridge. giant poison deck

Poison is the perfect card to accompany your Giant, this spell melts Cannons, Princesses, Barbarians, Minions,etc when accompanied by support troops. Poison is like a cross between Arrows and Fireball, having the area of Arrows and having the damage of Fireball.

Elixir Pump will give you that extra bonus, leading to a more powerful push. This should be placed either in the middle of your side, with the King Tower behind it , and 3 tiles away from a Crown tower, OR Behind one of the Crown Towers and next to the King Tower. I put it these positions because opponents may fireball your pump, and their AOE Spell might set off the King Tower. giant poison deck

Ice Wizard is no doubt the best defensive troop in the game, however comes with the price of it being a legendary. The fact that he can shutdown swarms, and slow down tanks makes him very effective and unique. He is a great card to play proactively, and he synergises with any troop in this deck. Use him on defense, along with a cannon. You can stop nearly any ground push with Ice Wizard+Cannon.

Musketeer is your main backline, use her to support your Giant. Put her with the Ice Wizard and you have a crazy defensive and offensive combo. Use her along with the Ice Wizard to defend against Lavahound, Balloon, Barbarians, etc.

Cannon has been nerfed several times, but yet still remains one of my favourite defenses. It’s cheap, can take 5 Royal Giant shots of the same level, and survive 3 Hog hits at tourney level. You can use the cannon to lure the Lavahound, Pekka, Golem, Balloon, or any defense targetting troop. giant poison deck

Zap, the low-cost spell with instant cast time that can inflict damage in a small area, and stun troops or buildings. Use this spell to reset Inferno, take out Minions and swarms. You should always hover your zap around the Opponent’s field of play and release it when you see small troops deployed. Only do this if you are pushing with your Giant

Mini Pekka is a troop that should not be left alone. If so, she can deal massive damage to a tower, even to the extent of taking it out. She can be used to defend Royal Giant, Hog, Golem, etc. Paired with zap, you can take out 3 Musketeers and Barbarians if you don’t have your poison in cycle. You can also use her to snipe support troops behind a tank, then go in to kill the tank. She works well behind the Giant, along with the Musketeer and Ice Wizard, as the Mini Pekka can take out Valkyries, Barbarians and other Mini Pekkas, as all the troops listed can kill your support troops easily. giant poison deck

Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+ Defensive Gameplan / Matchups

  • Hog Riders: Place a Cannon in the middle, Zap if he/she has Goblins accompanying it. IF A PIGGY PUSH IS UTILIZED, YOU NEED TO PLAY YOUR CANNON 3 TILES AWAY FROM YOUR CROWN TOWER.
  • Royal Giants: Place a Cannon in the middle, drop Mini Pekka in front of Royal Giant. If the Royal Giant is backed up by support, Poison first then drop Cannon and Mini Pekka.
  • Miners or Payfecta: Very hard to deal with, your opponent will keep sending them to take out your collector. You should drop a Mini Pekka behind your tower and hope for the best. Why behind the tower? The Mini Pekka will walk up from behind the tower, and where ever the Miner pops out of the ground (on the left side, on the right side, at the back, at the front of the tower) the Mini Pekka will always aggro on to the Miner. You need to protect your pump as best as you can, when you see a Miner coming for your collector, drop a Mini Pekka on to where you THINK the Miner will be. It will not always work out however. Always Poison the troops that accompany the Miner, like the Ice Wizard or Princess. giant poison deck
  • Miner Furnace: A relatively new Miner deck that has been popping up in many tournaments. It focuses on slowly burning the tower down. This deck perfectly counters this. Keep sending a Giant followed by support troops (Ice Wizard or Musketeer) to take out the Furnace, then follow up with Poison to slowly chip away at the tower. As for the Miner, use Mini Pekka, and for the enemy Mini Pekka, use Ice Wizard. giant poison deck
  • Three Musketeers: Simply just Poison. Zap if you need to. If there is a tank, Poison the Three Muskies, then zap, then cannon in the middle. Drop Mini Pekka if you need to.
  • Giant Sparky/ Royal Giant Sparky: You want to keep neutralizing their pumps, by poisoning the pumps. You want to force them to play with no pump. Then when they play their combo, you want to deal with the Sparky first. Zap the Royal Giant/Giant and the Sparky, quickdrop a cannon so that the Royal Giant targets the cannon, and they play Mini Pekka to take out the Sparky. Mini Pekka+Zap if Sparky is alone. giant poison deck
  • Giant Balloon: Place a cannon to lure the Giant, then drop Ice Wizard+Musketeer to deal with the Balloon. You want to separate the Balloon from the Giant. Wait for the Giant to lock on to the Cannon, then wait for the Balloon to target your tower then drop the Ice Wiz+Musketeer combo.
  • Spawners:Just poison the spawners, and drop cannon to take out the troops that survive the Poison.
  • Lavahound: Drop a cannon in the middle, then Ice Wizard+Musketeer to take it out. If followed by Balloon, or Baby Dragon, lure the Lavahound to the cannon, then drop your defense combo to take the Balloon/Baby Dragon out. If pups survive your defensive combo before the defensive combo can take them out zap. If followed by Minions, Zap and drop Ice Wizard behind the Lavahound to finish them off.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, thanks for reading this. You can ask me any questions about the Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+, I will try my best to answer all of them. Giant Poison Deck Arena 9+