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Hey,Giant Balloon Deck Arena 8  I’m Mr.J0sh0 with Giant Balloon Deck Arena 8 and ever since I started playing Clash Royale at global launch I’ve always struggled with extremely over levelled players in the same trophy level as me. That was until about a month ago, when I first made this deck. Clash Royale Top 17 November 2017 Meta Decks

The beauty of it is that as well as being a well-functioning Giant Loon Deck with good synergy, it also features mostly common cards which means it is easy to level up quickly and beat those lv12 Royal Giants! After making the deck, I quickly climbed from 3500 trophies to my new highest, 4414. And, although I recently levelled up to lv11, I easily reached over 4300 with a lv10 crown tower. check out Full Giant Loon Deck Guide Also check out this Clash Royale Top 17 November 2017 Meta Decks

Giant Loon Deck


Giant Loon Deck Card Overview:

  1. Balloon: The main kill card of this Giant Loon Deck. Deals massive damage in only 1 or 2 hits and then drops a large radius bomb that kills princesses and minions.
  2. Giant: A strong, versatile tank that pairs well with almost any combination of cards in this deck, but has an especially strong synergy with the balloon.
  3. Barbarians: A wall of defence and damage. Place these guys on any big pushes that you need to defend. Also, they are a specifically good counter to the Hog Rider, Royal Giant, and Elite Barbarians (although you should try to mix up your placements to avoid being prediction-fireballed).
  4. The Log: It’s The Log, you know what to do. (replaceable by fireball) It will be usefull agaisnt Princess and Skarmy
  5. Archers: Great on offence in this deck. They make a good combo to put behind the giant for an 8 elixir push that can demolish a tower if underestimated by the opponent.
  6. Minions: Great for defence and counter pushes. Good counter for Graveyard if archers get fireballed (and vice-versa).
  7. Ice spirit: Just all around good card: Good at cycling, Good at freezing attacking cards, good for pulling and makes minions and princesses zapable.
  8. Zap: If they do have an inferno, save the Zap for it. If they don’t have an inferno, use the Zap to kill any low HP air defence units or re-target high HP air defence units onto the Giant.

Giant Loon Deck Placement :

Placement 1 Check Out Here 


  •  It’s very hard to pull the Balloon very far with this placement


  •  Leaves the Balloon very exposed from the Giant (especially after Giant is pulled)
  •  Starts quite far back from the giant (Further exposing the Balloon)

Placement 2 Check Out Here 


  • Balloon stays close to giant while still being relatively hard to pull


  • Can be pulled further
  • Still can be quite easily targeted by minions, archers, etc…

Giant Loon Deck General Tips (Basically TL;DR)

  1. If they place Minion Horde on your Balloon, Do Not Zap It. Unless you have archers or minions ready to take the horde out along with a zap, don’t bother, as the minions will take out the Balloon, then die to its death damage, leaving a half health Giant on their tower!
  2. Archers can consistently take out mega minions if they are over levelled as they can each take 2 hits.
  3. If you have a tower taken down and places an inferno against your giant, place an ice spirit in the middle to reset it. This way it acts like a 1 elixir zap while keeping zap free for something more important.
  4. The Ice Spirit can be used to stop 2 waves of Fire Sprits from a furnace by waiting until the tower kills the first Fire Spirit and then, absorbing the second Fire Spirit, removing any damage from that wave, and then the Ice Spirit will then go on to kill the next wave.
  5. If the Giant gets pulled by an inferno tower and the balloon doesn’t, DO NOT ZAP THE TOWER AND THE INFERNO, the last thing that you want, is the tower re-targeting onto the balloon and isn’t worth the tiny bit of extra damage.
  6. If your opponent’s deck features a card that is very good at counter-pushing (e.g. Elite Barbs) then it is usually better to build up a push rather than place Giant & Loon at the bridge.

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I hope that this Giant Loon Deck guide If you have any questions about the Giant Loon Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing