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Giant Log Graveyard Deck Full Guide

Hi Guys KyvHe here I am a member of the clan: Rize eSports, I recently hit 4K trophies (Being F2P) with tournament standard cards and my personal best of 4.1K, which is the reason why I would like to share my Giant Log Graveyard Deck with you guys.

I recently started playing in some tournaments which really help me improve: – I got 10th in a 1000 player tournament. – 2nd in a 100 man tournament. – 1st place in every 50 man tournament I have played. In Challenges I win Classic Challenges on a regular basis and after averaging 7-11 wins in a Grand Challenge I think it is time to showcase my Giant Log Graveyard Deck.

Giant Log Graveyard Deck

Giant Log Graveyard Deck Card Role:

  1. Giant: The Giant is a card that is incredibly versatile and punishing in the current meta. The giant can be dropped in the back to start a slow push, or it can be used to punish people who want to start a slow and heavy push of their own. Say, someone places a Golem/Lava Hound right of the bat, I immediately counter the other lane with a Giant Graveyard combo and I force my opponent to counter. If they do not do this their tower will die which gives me the upper hand. Other than that the Giant can be used defensively to tank support troops which then can be used to counter push.
  2. Archers: The Archers are almost self explanatory with the current Lightning meta. They give great defensive and offensive value, since people tend to underestimate the damage they can deal to a tower. They deal great with Skeleton Army and negate a lot of damage from a Goblin Barrel and can fully stop a Miner in its tracks.
  3. Tombstone: The Tombstone is such a strong card in the current meta with the ability to stop an unsupported Golem from reaching the tower. I always play a Tombstone right of the bat if I have it in my starting hand, if they think they can play a fast surprise Hogrider. It can completely negate a Furnace from reaching your Crowntower and when paired up with a Giant can take down an Inferno Towers with ease. People overlook these little skeletons when I attack a tower with a Giant and a Graveyard which allows them to clear up a Mini Pekka on my Giant or a Tombstone of the opponent.
  4. Graveyard: The Graveyard is my favorite legendary card in the game as of this moment and there is good reason to it. It helps an under-leveled player like me to compete with over-leveled players up in the 4K trophy range, especially against a Royal Giant player (I will come back to this later). A graveyard alone is not a very big treat, but it forces your opponent to react. But in the mean time they also have to counter my Giant and support troops cruising in. With most meta decks, Archers, Ice Golem or the Skeleton Army are the only viable counter to the Graveyard, once I out-cycle my opponent or force my opponent to use his Archers on my Giant, It is already over. Not only does the Graveyard clear up a Crowntower, but it also deals with the remaining ground troops.
  5. The Log: The Log is my first ever legendary and at the time I was so mad that I got it, because pre balancing changes it was just horrendous. It had no use in the meta, no matter what I tried. However, right now it deals with almost everything the meta has to offer. Because of Lightning, people switched to cheaper decks to punish heavy pushes on the other lane. But because of that, The Log punishes players that play with these cheap defensive decks. It counters the Princess, Skeleton Army, Tombstone, Goblin Barrel, Archers and can even push a Hogrider to another lane. It has so much versatility and offensive power to support my Giant. With this additional spell I am resistant to Spellbait decks.
  6. Minions: Alternatively for The Log, I like to use the Minions, mainly because it works better against Royal Giant on the ladder. Minions also work really well against Lavahound Lightning decks, because of the fact that they target air. Other than the fact that Minions counter Royal Giants better than The Log, my level 1 ”The Log” (Yarn fans will know) does not always kill their level 3+ Princess, which is one of the main benefits The Log gives. Minions are also an additional counter to Graveyard when my Archers are out of rotation, which helps out a lot.
  7. Meta Minion: Now, the Mega Minion is just a ridiculous strong card in the current meta and I cannot see myself playing a deck without it, mainly because I have to counter my opponents Mega Minion and because I have to punish my opponent hard for their misplays. The synergy between the Giant and Mega Minion goes without saying, when you have the Elixir advantage. It deal insane damage against the frequently seen tankdecks and other than that it is a pretty self explanatory card.
  8. Zap: The Zap is a card that has always stayed in my decks and especially in this one. Even with the 0.5 second stun nerf it is such a valuable card to use. It does great against cheap troops and its synergy with the Mega Minion is insane (Will come back to this). It deals with cheap troops, Inferno Towers and it can kill of the remaining Skeletons from a Tombstone or a Skeleton Army on your Graveyard.

Giant Log Graveyard Deck Weaknesses:

The Biggest weakness in this deck has to be a bad starting hand. When you are forced with a Graveyard, Zap, The Log and a Fireball in your starting hand things can get pretty ugly. At this point you have to wait for your opponent to make the first move. If you play a Graveyard right of the bat your opponent can counter it easily. If you throw away a Spell, say The Log, they can capitalize with a Princess on the bridge, forcing you to respond. The rest of the game your Log will be out of rotation to counter their princess, which can be really dangerous to secure your victory.


This Giant Log Graveyard Deck does not have a particular weakness against any deck for that matter, but you have to be careful for cheap Hog cycle decks that can outcycle you. I have had this happen to me a number of times where I could not even place down my Giant and Graveyard or they had already pushed the lane with a Hogrider Ice Golem combo. You want to make sure your Tombstone placement is at a point where they cannot use a Fireball to get damage on your Crowntower and their Hog does not get a hit off, accordingly.

Another tip: Do not commit too hard with a Graveyard! I learned this the hard way. When you face a Royal Giant, I want to immediately place down a Tombstone and a Mega Minion and after that I try to counter push with a Giant in front. However, most Royal Giant players, also have over-leveled Barbarians in their hand to use against a counter push. If I were to place my Giant and Graveyard down at the point of the counter push I will get obliterated by a Minion Horde and a pack of Barbarians, so my best bet is to play defense for about two Royal Giant cycles and at that point I have such an Elixir advantage that I can overrun their Crowntower. Regular minions also work really well against a Royal Giant, because of their damage, but unfortunately they will get zapped most of the time.

Another weakness : to the deck is the lack of defensive units which can overwhelm you quite badly. When they use a perfect Fireball on your Tombstone or Archers, you might only have a Mega Minion to really stop the units coming towards you. You do not use an Ice Golem to tank for your units on defense so that can become a problem so I can recommend using an Ice Golem over The Log if you like that better. ( My Ice Golem is only level 6 so It is futile against a Graveyard or Tombstone).

Although I have yet to meet a definitive counter to my deck, I can still lose because of misplays or a bad starting hand which is the real kryptonite of this deck. In no way is this deck a guaranteed win, unlike any other deck. Giant Log Graveyard Deck

Giant Log Graveyard Deck Overall :

If you have the Graveyard I would recommend you trying out this deck. If you do not have The Log, you could use either the Minions or the Ice Golem so it will still be very strong. First try to undestand the deck and do not worry that much about hitting higher trophies if you have the cards but are still a lower level. The Crowntower’s passive buff helped me out a lot when I reached level 10. My personal best when I was level 9 was only 3468, while I see some level 9’s reaching 4K trophies which is insane. Even going back to the Giant Poison meta (Which I was playing), I reached Legendary Arena for the first time. When they nerved it, I realized how bad of a player I really was which brought me too an all time low of 2500. At this point I started taking small steps back up to Legendary Arena with a goal of 3500 trophies. Being stuck on 3300 trophies for a long time with a hybrid Miner Knight Graveyard deck I finally decided to switch it up to the Giant which got me to a steady 3600 trophies, but I wanted to reach 4K. Giant Log Graveyard Deck

All I can say from this is: when you try out a new deck, play to win, but do not blame it when you lose, because you might not understand it or you are playing someone who is higher level or better than you with their deck. Everyone will lose at some point and when you really start to care about your previous loss because of an over-leveled opponent, understand that they are at the same skill cap as you with cards that are way higher. Just play to improve as a player and your trophies will go up accordingly. A mentality to stay calm in a difficult situation or after defeat is something only a skilled player can do, so tell me; ”How skilled are you?”

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NOTE- This deck perfect Hope you enjoy!Thanks for reading this Giant Log Graveyard Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

Giant Log Graveyard Deck  Shared by kyvhe