Giant log deck

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Giant Log Deck Arena 8+

Hi Guys whats up,Today i am talking about how Giant log deck saved me from Quitting Clash Royale,Around 10 days ago I received the log from a free chest. This was my third legendary, after sparky and hound. Giant log deck

Giant log deck The moment I saw what legendary I received, I was ready to quit. I decided I wouldn’t play until I got another legendary or the log getting a major buff in upcoming balance changes(9/19).The log was the most fun I’ve had playing this game since the first week of playing.I’ve really started to enjoy clash royale a lot more after getting the log.Using a log on princess is pretty fun Giant log deck

Giant log deck

Giant Log deck Gameplay Strategy

Giant log deck So Guys You Have to do In the beginning of the game I either place Elixir Collector if I have one, Giant at King Tower if I don’t have one, cycle with Ice Spirit and/or Spear Goblins if I don’t have either, or not play any cards and wait for the opponent’s first move if my starting hand gives me nothing to work with. If they play aggressive right from the start, defend first and use the Elixir lead to build up a strong push. Also, if you place Collector and they use that time to push hard and take a big chunk of your tower HP, don’t panic and get ready to use your Elixir lead for your counterpush. Giant log deck


There are many tournament games I started off by taking 1000 damage or more and then countering with more damage and controlling the tempo from that point on. Sometimes, my counterpush even results in the opponent’s crown tower falling. If the opponent starts a Giant push, I usually play my own Giant on the same side and try to best his push with my support units. I feel that trying to push on a different side leaves me vulnerable to a snowball push such as Sparky or witch that will outpace your push. Bowler decks which have gotten popular thrive on your mistake. You should tank it with Giant with a placement that doesn’t hit your back line. Ice spirit if it can get to the bowler might actually be harmful if Mini pekka or Spear Goblins would actually get focused after he resets. So just make sure the freeze is enough time to kill the bowler, the focus will still be on the Giant, or just wait to use the spirit until the bowler is dead. If his backline won’t decimate your Spear Goblins, you can also surround him so your tower and/or your other units can kill the bowler.

Lastly, 3 Musketeers which could cause some struggles need smart use of Elixir to manage. Depending on your hand, there are many ways to try and come up on top vs a 3 Musk push. Giant is most likely necessary to soak damage while you figure out how to deal with front line whether it be Giant P.E.K.K.A or Golem. Ice spirit should be used on the single Musk of the split unless you have a plan for how to turn the tide on the other side with it. Don’t preemptively use Log and waste Elixir and you should be able to make it a matter of skill rather than matchup. Giant log deck

I got The Log as my Third legendary in the beginning of September and I came up with this deck. Because of how much success I’ve had after only a few days of playing with this deck, I believe it is a decently easy to use deck that punishes overcommitting opponent’s and decks with high Elixir costs. If you have both of these legendaries, give this deck a try and see if you can find more success than I did. Giant log deck

Replacement-(Mini Pekka To Lumberjack)

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