Giant Inferno Dragon Deck

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Sparkey + Giant Inferno Dragon Cycle Deck

Hi Guys, CynicalCyndaquil here and Recently I made it to Legendary Arena after floating in frozen peak since the update. I bought a legendary chest from the store, hoping for an ice wizard to add to my mortar deck, but I got the inferno drag. I used it in a few friendly battles in my clan and I was very disappointed. It was countered easily, and really didn’t help much. I made this Giant Inferno Dragon Deck, and after getting used to it I found a lot of success. I eventually went 11-1-1 to make it from ~2700 into the legendary arena for the first time. Giant Inferno Dragon Deck

Giant Inferno Dragon Deck

Giant Inferno Dragon Deck Card Role:

Giant: Giant Was one of the most powerful card Before this update Because he Got Damage decreased by 5%. But Its still best card in the game,Use Giant+Inferno dragon+Sparkey Combo drop  Sparkey right behind the Giant so he can protect the Giant fully. you will have enough Elixir to strengthen the push by the time he is about to cross the bridge then drop Inferno Dragon.


Sparky Sparky is one of the two big cards of the deck, and should be used on defense and turned into a counter push. Many people will zap your sparky behind your tower for a couple hundred damage, this is good because it allows you to push safe from zap. combined with inferno dragon it can decimate a tower if not countered. 

Ice Spirit Ice spirit is a great utility card, combined with spear goblins it will either draw out the zap or deal massive damage. Its also useful for cycling at the end of the game back to rocket or stopping a push. if a musketeer locks onto the i drag you can use it and giant to protect your drag. 

Cannon Cannon is used as a cheap hog defense, and combined with the inferno dragon you can melt giant, rg, gs, or even golem. You could replace with tesla if you want but I prefer the cannon for its cheaper cost.

Arrows Pretty standard, minion swarm and princess both are good counters to the idrag and sparky so they are a very useful card. 

Inferno Drag This deck probably will decrease in usefulness as people learn to counter it, but it is currently not well known how to deal with the inferno drag. If you draw out the zap, a push with a giant, inferno drag, and sparky will absolutely destroy a tower. 

Spear Goblins Another excellent cycle utility card, spear goblins are your main troop to be used for defense against a mini pekka or prince. If you push with them and ice spirit it can deal a lot of damage, or you will draw out the zap so you can make a sparky push

Rocket Rocket is probably my favorite spell, and it makes the deck much easier to play. once you get a tower down to within rocket distance, you have pretty much won the game as you have so many excellent defensive options 

Giant Inferno Dragon Deck Strategy:

The deck is more defensive, so you often want to allow the oponent to go first. If they don’t go a good push to draw zap is spear gobs and ice spirt. if they drop a tank in the back use sparky. witch is one of the best counters to inferno drag and sparky so if you get the chance a rocket that hits the witch and the tower or another troop is always a win challenge

many cards in the deck are zappable, so you have to be careful when making a push. If you are certain they don’t have zap, feel free to make sparky giant pushes with spear gobs and ice spirit in support if you can, but otherwise a single zap will kill your whole push. the inferno drag actually synergies pretty well with sparky. Valkyrie which will live a single sparky blast will not live because of the inferno, same with knight.

Its a really good deck, and it plays different but its very fun and surprisingly good. I probably did not write this up so well because I am not good at writing. 

If you have questions about the deck put them in the comments and i will answer them as best i can

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  1. DanteSHK

    Nice deck, but I don’t have ice spirit, any ideas for substitution? Thanks.

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