Inferno Dragon Deck

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Giant ft Inferno Dragon Deck Push to Arena 9

HI Guys UnknownNation-YT here and today i am going to show you Giant ft Inferno Dragon Deck Push to Arena 9 So I’ve been messing around with the Inferno Dragon and found this to be an amazing deck! I am using a lvl 6 Giant at 3400 trophies and it is working GREAT! So this must be a great deck right? hope you guys improve it, it will help me as well! I had faced opponents with cards MUCH HIGHER than mine! really hope it works for you lucky inferno dragon users! Inferno Dragon Deck

Inferno Dragon Deck

Giant Inferno Dragon Deck Card Role:

Inferno Dragon: the inferno dragon is actually a better defensive legendary card than it is an offensive one. Since it is basically a little, moving inferno tower, it does insane damage against tanks. Here are the best units to play it against!

Giant: Great tank! My level 6 Giant was performing amazing at 3400!!! My “Giant” push consists of Giant in front, I usually put a mini pekka or lumberjack behind it to take care of ground units, fire spirits to help take out barbs, minions, goblins, and anything that will distract the inferno dragon. If you get the ice spirit to the tower, your units can do INSANE damage. Inferno Dragon Deck


Mini Pekka: It is a great unit for defense and offense. On defense, it does an amazing job at taking out hogs, giants, etc. Combine it with the lumberjack or inferno dragon, and your opponent will have a hard time touching our tower! On the offense, it is great when it is behind the Giant, and if the lumberjack spills it’s rage, it will destroy everything in it’s path. Inferno Dragon Deck

Ice Spirit: If you can get the ice spirit to the tower, the inferno dragon can do insane amounts of damage! It can also freeze and reset any inferno tower! On the defense, it is a great cheap distraction, and a life saver. If you are in the final moments of a battle, the ice spirit can freeze and prevent damage on your towers.

Fire Spirits: Amazing card! I usually love using them to help take out troops such as minions, barbarians, and goblins faster! This will help your other units take out the mentioned troops faster, which will help your inferno dragon get to the opposing tower much easier. They are life savers as well, and provide amazing positive elixir trades! Inferno Dragon Deck

Zap Spell: I find this spell to be the best spell in the game (competing with the poison) Inferno towers are huge counters to giants, and a lot of units in this deck. The zap spell of course resets the inferno, which you have to zap about 4 seconds in (before it reaches it’s max dps) That makes it possible for the giant to stay alive, and make your units tear down the opposing tower. It resets sparky. And it also saved me from the prince charged shot (which would have done 2x damage) Inferno Dragon Deck

Minions: these can be great for defense! Especially against troops that do not target air. But my primary use, is so the opposing inferno tower can get distracted, IF they have an inferno tower! If they don’t, then having them behind a giant, and the lumberjack spilling it’s rage spell = crazy amount of damage per second. I would have used the mega minion, but it’s way lower level compared to the minions, which is why i threw in the minions. Inferno Dragon Deck

Lumberjack: I find the lumberjack to be amazing, on defense and offense. It takes out giants and hogs quite quickly! I usually like to put the lumberjack behind the giant, so it push the giant, and so it can tear down the towers faster, but since it’s fast, sometimes it goes to the front, which is perfectly fine! It will spill it’s drink and hell will break loose! On defense, if you combine it with the mini pekka, nothing can touch the tower! Right away, go for a counter push with both the mini pekka and lumberjack, by placing a Giant in front of them Inferno Dragon Deck

Alternatives: I wanted to use the POISON SPELL, but mine was very low level compared to the opponents cards! So that is why I opted for the fire spirits and lumberjack. You can also use the RAGE SPELL instead of lumberjack, an enraged inferno dragon does insane damage! You can also add a VALKYRIE instead of a lumberjack! But this deck would probably be amazing with poison! My MEGA MINION is super low level, which is why I chose the minions instead! Inferno Dragon Deck

A level 6 Giant at 3400 is quite impressive, which is why I strongly believe that it is a great deck! Inferno Dragon Deck

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  1. Xeon Gamer

    Wow, nice deck man, by the looks and description of it, it sounds amazing. i just arena 9 and just got the lumberjack, i had the inferno dragon for some time now and i also just got ice wizard. this deck looks amazing

  2. Roll tide

    This decks Rocks made me won use this deck
    I’m inarena 7 this deck made me Happy

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