Ice Wiz Deck

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Giant Ice Wiz Deck Arena 5+

Hi Guys What’s up,kaze03 here.Today you will be witnessing my first attempt at an in-depth deck strategy guide. My deck, entitled “The Freezing Deathball Deck”, is optimal above 2000 trophies, however all the cards are obtainable in Spell Valley and earlier. I am currently using the deck with 8/6/3/1 cards.This Giant Ice Wiz Deck  is very usefull in Touraments,The deck can be seen here:

Ice Wiz Deck

Giant Ice Wiz Deck Card Role:

Giant: The Giant is your main damage dealer in the deck. Used offensively, he can be combined with Musketeer, Ice Wizard, and Mini Pekka. This kind of push is very devastating, and it is surprising easy to pull, especially at Double Elixir. If you can manage to overwhelm your opponent with multiple Musketeers, Ice Wizards, and Mini Pekkas behind your Giant, you pretty much have a guaranteed three-crown win. Used defensively, the Giant can soak hits from high DPS units such as the PEKKA and Sparky, and can be great for turtling in overtime. Giant Ice Wiz Deck 


Musketeer: The Musketeer is a highly versatile single-target unit. Used offensively, she is a great support card behind the Giant, as she does over a hundred damage per shot. Used defensively, she can kill just about anything with moderate HP, from a considerable range. Giant Ice Wiz Deck 

Mini Pekka: The Mini Pekka is a semi-tanky unit who has high DPS. Used offensively, the Mini Pekka is a great combo with Giant, and even alone can be extremely devastating to a tower. Used defensively, the Mini Pekka takes out Giants, Hog Riders, Golems, you name it. The Mini Pekka is a go-to defensive unit.

Ice Wizard: Before I get asked this a hundred times, yes you can use a substitute for the Ice Wizard if you don’t have him. Some good choices are Spear Goblins, Archers, Wizard, etc… However, the deck isn’t quite the same without him. Used offensively, he is great for slowing down enemy units that are threatening your Giant, and does a considerable amount of chip damage if left undefended. Giant Ice Wiz Deck 

Goblins: These little guys may not look imposing, but they have ridiculously high DPS. Used offensively, they eat towers alive. Used defensively, they are a great distraction and take down Giants and Hog Riders with ease.

Fire Spirits: Another extremely versatile unit. The Fire Spirits are awesome. Used offensively, they compliment the Giant extremely well. If you notice your opponent is using anny squishy units to counter your Giant, the Fire Spirits come in handy. Used defensively, they destroy Minion Horde, Barbarians, and more.

Zap: Zap is your only direct damage card. Used offensively, it can finish of a tower that has very low HP, or kill any squishy units threatening your Giant. Used defensively, it provides a short stun that can really help out, and takes out low HP units.

Cannon: The cannon is your only building card in the deck. Unfortunately, it has no offensive utility. However, on defense, the Cannon is used to pull units to the center. Use it on Hog Riders, Giants, etc.


Giant Ice Wiz Deck STRATEGY The deck has an average cost of 3.1 elixir, allowing you to cycle your cards quickly, and have a somewhat large margin for error. The goal of the deck is to gain an elixir advantage and build up a massive push Giant Ice Wiz Deck 

Giant Ice Wiz Deck WEAKNESSES: I’ve found through countless matches that this deck struggles most against the Inferno Tower and air decks. Against the Inferno, either try and exploit your opponent’s card cycle, or play for the draw. Against air decks, just try and hang in there. A few losses to crazy Lava Hound decks won’t kill you. Other than those things, there isn’t much that this deck struggles against. Giant Ice Wiz Deck 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask