Ice Golem Deck

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Giant Ice Golem Deck Arena 8+

Hey guys UPsideDown, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Giant ice golem Deck which will be rocking in Arena 9  when ice golem will be realease into the game in next few days.Ice Golems are hostile and thus attack the player.They move slowly, but will fire a laser which can inflict the player with the debuff.he targets building only, due to his HP per Elixir, using him on defense is not a bad idea at all, to soak damage and slows the enemy units here is my Giant ice golem deck

Giant Ice Golem Deck

Giant Ice Golem Deck Cards:

Giant: The main tank in your deck and the crux of your push. He is a powerful card in the Meta at the moment. He is part of the duel threat offense of your push The goal of your push is to press home your elixir advantage with a Giant+ice Golem to generally take a tower in one swoop. Giant Ice Golem Deck 

Valkyrie: This card used almost exclusively for defense.This card is a huge help on defense dealing with swarms or sometimes as a huge HP wall to absorb damage. Probably the ‘flex’ position in the deck that I would switch out for a Legendary or a Level 3 Poison/Guards.


Fire Spirits: Fire Spirit are my favorite card in the game because much like the valk the potential for positive elixir trades is high and the amount traded sense they only cost two elixir is enormous.These guys work great for minion hordes and goblins but the best is surrounding a Sparky with these guys and getting +4 elixir out of it. This card is a must in all my decks because it provides a big hit for low elixir on offense and defense.

Spear Goblins are also I great versatile card. They are a lot like a weaker version of archers and regular goblins but can be used in more ways than either so that’s why I prefer them. While not used in my main pushes or my go to for defense they are a low cost card that you can throw in to chip away health or buy yourself time against single targeting cards like prince or Pekka. Giant Ice Golem Deck 

Elixir Pump will give you that extra bonus, leading to a more powerful push. This should be placed either in the middle of your side, with the King Tower behind it , and 3 tiles away from a Crown tower, OR Behind one of the Crown Towers and next to the King Tower. I put it these positions because opponents may fireball your pump, and their AOE Spell might set off the King Tower. Giant Ice Golem Deck 

ICE Glolem: The Ice Golem is a 2 elixir card that targets buildings and towers.It has a good amount of HP for a cheap cost and has the effect of slowing enemies around him like an Ice Wizard once it dies.Once he reach level 7, he can act as a tanker to cover your troops.

Cannon is a great defensive building. Noted it doesn’t do the most damage but that’s what the barbs are for! The cannon is low cost and can help with it’d damage but the main use it has is to draw building targeting troops away from my towers and to buy time.

Mini P.E.k.K.A is a strong card to deal with tanks and is one of the strongest cards in the game right now. With Giant being so popular, Mini P.E.K.K.A is a great card to slice up the giant. Also, Mini P.E.K.K.A can be used on offense because the opponent will be desperate to make sure Mini P.E.K.K.A doesn’t hit the tower

Giant Ice Golem Deck General Gameplan:

The main push is Giant, Ice Golem and Mini Pekka. Ideally you want to get down your Elixir Collectors right away so either get lucky and draw it first and plop it down. Or cycle with something like Spear goblins at the bridge to get chip damage to get to your Elixir Collector. Giant Ice Golem Deck 

When you’ve done that and there’s nothing to defend dropping Giant behind King Tower’s is generally a safe move to make. Gauge how the opponent reacts and counter play accordingly. Try to understand right away what deck your opponent is playing so you can save key cards such as Mini P.E.K.K.A for Royal Giant.

Keep setting up defenses that turn into huge counter pushes with either Giant or Valk in front, while your two big DPS Mini P.E.K.K.A and Ice Golem wreak havoc.

Try to have two Pumps down as Double Elixir hits, this is where you will start overwhelming your opponents by defending and setting up even bigger counter pushes, now with enough back up Elixir to Fire spirit to assist the push. That’s the general game plan of the Giant Ice Golem Deck , 

That’s all for now, don’t hesistate to ask for more in depth strategy ! Any constructed criticism is welcome. Be sure to ask any question that comes to your mind !