Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9

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Hi Guys Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 Hyp3rion.Akki today I will show you Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 This Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 Got me to 4200+ throphies and This Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 and used by famous player Tali This Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 is not easy to use  and requires a lot of patience, but with full mastery it is an almost impenetrable defense and a sure crown victory.

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This Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 works very well for me because the 2 main cards Giant and Prince of this deck which is working well very well in offence I simply use myHunter in Defence so this deck is an aggressive deck with so many win condition such as  Giant combos Miner + Minions Combo so come take a look at this Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 guide


Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9

Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 Card Roles:

Giant: The main win Condition in your deck. Deals high damage to towers and can tank a LOT for the rest of your troops. have a lot of health and does decent i said above I like to start it from the back or put it down with Hunter at the bridge or put it at the bridge to start a huge counterpush.Such a strong thing. So, the choice was Giant, pretty bulky and strong too, at a nice cost.

Prince: The Prince is a high DPS dealer as well as the surprise card and he Got Buff in recent Balance Changes, making it the secondary win condition,it is good in current meta against Hunter and Mega Knight .When you use the Prince, place him in the far back so he can charge up for double damage. Giant + Prince+Zap is a deadly combo if your opponent doesn’t use the Minion Horde. This is probably my favorite combo in this deck and some time i play alone prince who gets huge damage on his tower

Miner: My favourite card, this is your win condition. You wanna rely on it to get in chip damage overtime to burn away the tower, along with value fireballs when possible. Another great way to use the miner is using it’s main purpose, acting as a a mini tank for usually-but-not-necessarily high dps troops. Miner plus Hunter, or miner plus minions are quite devastating, but you can get some great chip damage with miner along with any other troop in the deck, like Guard and Hunter. You wanna rarely use the miner on defense, but you can when necessary Specially on Pump


Minions – Minions is good for Air Atatck This deck has a spell bait element.  Minions, Miner. All are Fireball/Zaip bait. In Defence against Lavaloon, use the Minions on the Balloon Or In Offence If you don’t have Giant in hand when someone pumps up? You can use Minions in a quick Miner+ Minions push to snipe out the Pump while drawing a reaction to both Minions and Miner. Potentially getting a value Fireball in.

Hunter: The Hunter has moderate health That can Survive Fireball and It shoots shotgun shells with a wide spread, and each bullet does slight area damage on impact. This card is Great For You Giant It can Kill swarm units melee units such as Knight and Valkyrie So Use this card to support Your Giant And In Counter Push Use this card with Miner

Fireball: A very versatile spell, great at burning down the tower when you can get value fireballs. It’s also great versus swarms like barbarians and minion horde, squishy troops like musketeer, witch, etc. And nicely weakens glass cannon or mid HP troops like mini pekka, elite barbarians, and the new executioner. The card also deals good enough damage to finish off heavily weakened towers

Guards: Guards are always one of the best defensive units in Clash Royale due to their good DpS, low Elixir cost and especially their shields and Just like It Got Buff in recent balance Changes and now some Top players using this Card In their Decks I usually use Guards to kite air troops like Mega Minions

Zap: Resets targeting, Infernos, Sparky, Kills Flimsy Units to clear way for Miner, etc etc. It’s Zap. Also good for buying your Miner an extra half-second to chip more damage on the tower.

General Gameplay

This deck relies on Control play and chip damage to destroy a tower with Miner+ Minions Combo, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you.

I don’t play this deck aggressively during First Minute I would like to maybe play Minions at the back, Prince at the bridge or Giant at the back first. 


If Giant is not in My Hand I go for mini-pushes like Miner+Minions, Prince With Zap ready I only commit all my elixir to a push if I know my opponent doesn’t have the answers to my push, I have an elixir advantage, or to finish a tower.

If your opponent puts an Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split Guards to push both lanes and Miner to their Collector.It win confuse them so he wont be able to Guess Which lane you are going to push

This deck is ok against All bait decks, if your opponent zaps/Logs/arrows certain cards, you have other cards in your deck that you can get good value out of. if they zap you Prince Charge, you now have Guards to defend with

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Thanks for reading this Giant Hunter Deck Arena 9 guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Also Check Out More Hunter Decks