Giant Graveyard Deck

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Giant Graveyard Deck For Arena 7+

Hey guys, Kissmeclsureyes here and  today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Giant Graveyard Deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment.Graveyard Spell is New Legendary Spell inside the game I think The new versatile spell that can be combined with Giant to destroy towers very quickly.However, being that giant/poison decks are so popular this card will help players deal with that as they will be force to use poison defensively as opposed to offensively making their pushes weaker. let’s take a look on this Giant Graveyard Deck

Giant Graveyard Deck

Giant Graveyard Deck Card Role:

Giant: The main tank of this deck. This deck is a beatdown archetype, so most pushes will have him in the front, as all the other troops are glass cannons. His placement depends on the situation: he can be placed behind the King’s Tower to start a push, or sometimes placed on the bridge when your defensive cards are substantial and strong enough to begin a push.when he reached at river then drop Graveyard on defence building if opponent plays otherwise place the Graveyard near the Arena Tower. The Arena Tower will focus on the Giant while the spawning Skeletons whittle down the Arena Tower’s health. Giant Graveyard Deck

Graveyard Spell: A Graveyard card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.It is a spell with a wide radius that spawns 20 Skeletons. A good strategy is to place a tanky card such as Giant and then place the Graveyard near the Arena Tower.  Graveyard has a 5-tile radius so be careful because it can trigger the King’s Tower anytime If the King’s Tower is inside the spell’s ring. Place Graveyard on the arena Tower and Opponent will counter graveyard and Pekka has a chance to reach at Arena tower, If the Elixir Collector is placed behind the Tower, drop the Graveyard spell to deal damage on both Pump and the Tower nearby. click here


Musketeer : The main ranged unit in the deck. Works fantastically on defense and offense,  Shuts down pushes and can be used to begin pushes too. Place her behind the Giant when starting a push, and on defense be sure to give some space between the Pump, the tower, and/or Giant and her, as Fireball is a big enemy of this deck. I strongly recommend you take a look at here for more tips and tricks.

Elixir Collector : Same as zap, needs no introduction. Required in this deck as it has few low elixir cards.The perfect push has the Giant in the front, with the Musketeer, Minions, and Lumberjack behind him, with poison and zap handy. I strongly recommend you take a look at here for more tips and tricks.

Ice Spirit: The MOST valuable card in the game. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it. This card generates so many positive trades. It can turn any mirrored 1 vs. 1 into a win, basically giving you a full health Mini Pekka, Musketeer, or Valkyrie for just one elixir. It will get nerfed eventually; it is just so good.

Mini Pekka:A Mini Pekka behind the Giant is difficult to deal with it chops through the support troops and is deadly if it locks onto the tower. A Giant and Mini Pekka with less than 20% health can decimate a full health tower.There is no good reason to not have this card in your deck right now.  Giant Graveyard Deck

Minions: Air troop. It’s a great support for the Giant. They are fast, so if they reach the tower safely, they will turn it down to pieces. In conjunction Graveyard spell, they help you gain control over the air, the main disadvantage of this deck. Placing is everything here, so use them wisely but Placement is similar to the Musketeer, though they require to be a little closer, but be wary of Poison. Giant Graveyard Deck

Inferno Tower – THE anti-meta defense right now.The Inferno Tower is extremely effective against high hitpoints troops such as Giants, Balloons, Golems,P.E.K.K.A.s,and Hog Riders due to its intensified damage over time. If placed correctly the Inferno can counter a Royal Giant push, burning the Royal Giant quickly if not countered with Zap or Freeze. 

Giant Graveyard Deck Gameplan:

The play style for this deck usually goes like this. In the beginning I’ll start out with Minions or Ice Spirit in the back and see what the opponent does. If they start sending a giant or lavahound, I drop down the inferno tower and defend with ice spirit and Musketeer. Make sure to place your inferno tower closer to the bridge than your crown tower because I’ve had times where I placed down the inferno, but the enemy’s back line of wizards or musketeers still aimed for my tower instead of the inferno, costing me the game.

 I send my Giant and Musketeer. If the opponent has barbarians or minion horde, I will usually send a Giant and then a Minins+Ice spirit immediately after for the second time around that I send I’ve also had success doing a giant, ice spirit, and Graveyard push with a Minions if needed.  Giant Graveyard Deck

I will recommended you to use this spell on Both Arena Tower and Defence Building after the spell is placed. Then a Skeleton spawns every 0.5s up to 20 Skeletons over a period of 10s. it will help to distract the opponent troops and building and  this spell can also react with Miner my Second combo is miner+Graveyard In Case Elixir Collector is placed behind the Tower, drop the Graveyard spell to deal damage on both Pump and the Tower nearby. 

Try this Lava Hound Graveyard Deck  out and let me know how it goes! Comment  Any Thing Down Below What Do You Think





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