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hi Guys Giant Graveyard Deck there. NShader here with Giant Graveyard Deck or Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck  I started using this Giant Graveyard Deck around 2400 when I, luckily, got the Graveyard in a SMC. Knowing that Graveyard was pretty damn strong,

I immediately knew I had to make a deck. I looked up some TV Royale replays that used Graveyard, some top 200 decks, and I rounded up a, at least for me, pretty successful deck of Graveyard and I managed to get  Arena 10 and reach my Personal Best of 4228 with this Giant Graveyard Deck, at level 11 So so come and take a look on this Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck Guide

Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck


Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck Card Role:

Giant: Giant. You get this beast at the Training Camp, and I couldn’t let go. Such a strong thing. 5 Elixir is not cheap, but it’s certainly not expensive, if you look at other Beatdown win conditions (You just can’t play Golem and Lava Hound nowadays due to sheer Elite Barbarians pressure). So, the choice was Giant, pretty bulky and strong too, at a nice cost. His main, and obvious, job is to tank for the Graveyard while you grab the enemy’s tower. Not too complicated.

Graveyard:  I swear, I’ve seen many play Graveyard without a tank for it, and it’s not effective. Really, Archers will deal with your offense for a trade of +2, and an easy counterpush. But yeah, the main thing is, play Graveyard when a tank defends it (preferably Giant, but I’ve had some times that I used Mega Minion of all things to tank, or sometimes the Graveyard tanked while Mega Minion chipped the tower). And also, play Graveyard at the utmost left, but with enough radius to spawn Skeletons in the other side of the tower, just so Valk doesn’t screw your offense completely.

Archers: If Giant and Graveyard are Bread and Butter, Archers are… the Bag holding the Bread? I don’t know. But all I know is these gals are really good at what they do; kicking some asses defending. Archers are always a good think when the opponents play Minions (or even Horde, if they’ve been chipped), Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits… It goes on. Also, pretty nice to split at the start of the game. You won’t use them often in offense, although a counterpush with Archers will seriously hurt. I mean, ouch, what are their arrows made of?

Mega Minions: This damn thing is so meta we’ve gotten used to it. I’m fine with it currently though, nothing wrong with a staple (look at Zap, it’s balanced and a staple). It’s also used to defend, and often ends in a counterpush, or, if impossible, just let him chip the tower; at full health, he will slash twice, meaning over 400 damage. Damn son. Not much to say, you know how Mega Minion goes.

Skarmy: Defend E-Barbs, next. Oh, you will use this army of doots to defend, and they’re pretty good at it. Stop Giants, Princes, Dank Princes, Elite Barbarians, every non splash unit in the game; and even some splash units! They’re one of my main answers to E-Barbs, but we have others when they don’t cut it.

Zap: Zap away all the possible troubles to your tower, like… well, Minions, Skeleton Armies, it goes on and on. It also helps us stop the Inferno Tower, because it can screw a Giant. Not much else to be said.

Fireball: This thing is becoming meta real fast. On this deck, you’ll use it mostly to support your offense. Minions defending your Graveyard? Zap won’t cut it, Fireball ’em. That goes to anything that is threatening your Graveyard’s effectiveness (except Valkyrie). It also is a great chip factor when you notice the game is not going anywhere.

Tombstone: Your Hog Rider eater, E-Barbs and Giant distractor is here. This thing is pretty good. Can take out a Giant if nothing else happens to defend those deadly doots. You’ll place it in the middle, pretty standard use.

Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck Against Populer Decks and Cards:

Hog Trifecta: Hog is pretty simple, Tombstone him. Tombstone along with Mega Minion should kill him and the Valk (or Ice Golem, as it’s becoming more popular to pigpush), and if there’s a Musketeer, your skeletons will most likely distract her while Mega Minion goes to town. If not, you can always Fireball her, or Skeleton Army can be used.

Royal Giany: Distract him with Tombstone, and Skeleton Army the fucker. He ‘ll be forced to choose something to Log/Zap. If it’s impossible to do either, chip away with Mega Minion at him.

Elite Barbarians: Tombstone and Archers/Mega Minion. Also Skeleton Army. This deck is pretty prepared for E-Barbs, if there’s an emergency you can defend with a Giant or a Graveyard.

Chip Cycle: This deck is pretty anti squishy stuff. Just save your Zap and Fireball for when it matters; try not Fireballing Princesses, kill ’em with Mega Minion. Try using Archers to deal with Skeleton Army and Minions, and so it goes.

Lava Hound: Cry in the ground. Or nah. Normally, when someone plays LH, I instantly play a Giant + Graveyard at the opposing lane; the secret to dismantle a LH or Golem push is always to attack the opposing lane strongly, to prevent his push from snowballing.

Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck Play Style:

You’ll want to play Tombstome this at the start of the game to cycle your deck and see what he’s going to start with. Always try to not stay at 10 Elixir, and this goes to most cards. After playing the Tombstone (or not, if you didn’t get it at the start), you’ll play the Giant at the back. You’ll let Elixir build up, to get your push ready.

  1. Archers: If any of the above isn’t there, you can split the Archers.
  2. Mega MinionYour hand is pretty shitty if you didn’t have any of the above. Play it at the back and hope for the best.
  3. None of the above: Damn son, that’s a shitty hand. Your best bet is to let your opponent take the first move, and react. Here are some things you can do:
  4. If he starts with a Musketeer, or Archers on a single lane, you can Fireball ’em for cycling and chip damage on the tower.
  5. You could zap goblins if they’re followed by anything else, or Minion Hordes. I don’t think it’s worth it to zap 3 Minions, as it’s a waste of opportunity.
  6. Skeleton Army Play this to react to Giants, E-Barbs, Prince, you know the drill. Try placing them at the middle of the arena, not in front of the enemy’s unit, as that’s where the preemptive Log is most likely coming.
  7. Hopefully you won’t resort to using Graveyard. Never had a situation I had to, anyway, other than the regular offense or defending a clutch win at the end of a game.

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Thanks for reading this Giant Graveyard Beatdown Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome