Giant Flying Machine Deck

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Hey Guys Hyp3rion.akki here coming back with another Giant Flying Machine Deck guide This time I will show my new Giant Flying Machine Deck I believe is very strong.This deck is also very strong vs Pekka Decks, Mega Knight Deck, Miner Poison Decks and Meta Decks. This Decks is strong because of the newest card in the game  the Flying Machine this is  right supporting cards and help us to making a solid push is possible It is Flying great for defending, counter pushes and supporting So come and take a look at this Giant Flying Machine Deck guide

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Giant Flying Machine Deck


Giant Flying Machine Deck Card Roles:

Giant: The main card in your deck. Deals high damage to towers and can tank a LOT for the rest of your troops. have a lot of health and does decent damage. You can invest elixir with him to build up a push in the back or you can throw him in front of a successful defence.

Flying Machine: Flying Machine is great for defending, counter pushes and supporting. Think about him like a Flying Musketeer. He dies to Fireball. You should Place this card behind the Giant Since Flying Machine has an attack range of 6, it can outrange lots of troops Such as ( Ice Wiz, E Wiz, Archers, Baby Dragon ) Flying Machine can be used to bait out Fireball for Minions Horde.

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Night Witch: Night Witch is a great card with good DPS  Her spawn speed lets  them build up in hordes! Also, when she dies she produces an additional threat in the bats.Giant+Night Witch pushes With Flying Machine  really gets punished to your opponent and he has no way to answer your push or to defend at a huge elixir disadvantage  Night Witch can be used to shut down tanks like Giant, and Hog riders

Zap: One of the best cards in the game.its very good on  Defense, offense, cycle, resets charges. The Zap can do practically anything. Zap is excellent at taking out small units such as Skeletons, Spear Goblins distracting your Mega Minions. Great at dealing with Inferno Tower 

Minion Horde: It can be used to bait out Fireball for Flying Machine. Not much more to be said due to the fact 

Bats: The recently buffed Bats are so much better! They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies. Collectively, at Tourney Standards, they do 335 DPS. That’s more than the 4 doots  It sucks that mine are still level 10, but they’re currently close to being level 11

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Fireball: Super versatile card. Card can be used on Barbrians, 3 Musketeers, Catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower etc.,a lot of players higher up play princess + minion horde. Usually I fireball the princess and their crown tower It can finish the game with direct damage, it can make POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADES (OJ hype) and it can be used in double elixir alongside Giant to dispatch any counters your opponent might have (archers, mega minion).

Bandit: The Bandit has quickly become one of the stronger cards in Clash Royale since the last buffs. If you don’t believe me just use the Bandit and learn for yourself. In this deck the Bandit offers incredible versatility. The Bandit can be placed behind a Giant or paired with a Bats  for a small push push. She can also be used on defense to clean up medium health units You can put her alone to find out the counters to it and when she is paired with the battle Ram it’s deadly and it gives a lot of pressure to the opponent.

Giant Flying Machine Deck Gameplan:

Gameplan is basically very simple put giant behind the tower as usual and give him support with Flying Machine and and if your opponent push from other lane with Miner or hogs Combo the defended with  Night Witch or Bandit these card will completely shutdown his Push and It gives you an opportunity to build and huge from the other lane

where your Giant going towords his tower With Flying Machine and you have to be ready with  zap For inferno tower Or Inferno dragon

If you have the worst starting hand ( Flying Machine, Fireball ,Zap), then wait for your opponent to make a first move, and use what you have to counter it.

This Giant Flying Machine Deck relies on Counter Push If you fall into playing the opponent’s style, you’ll lose. where you’ll have to be more patient. The good thing about this deck is that every card has wide versatility,

In Double Elixir Time You have to make some positive elixir trades on defense, but it is easier to counterpush with Giant + Night Witch + Surviving Defense Troops.

Keep in mind While Deploy the Flying Machine to support your Giant Night Witch duo in taking down an Inferno Tower/Dragon. Cast the Zap to reset their damage and/or target.

Giant Flying Machine Deck Matchups:

Spell bait: If you know your opponent is spell bait, use bandit on the princess, clean up skarmys with Minions Horde and always Zap the barrel. 

Miner Poison – Miner Poison cycle Decks are easy to counter I use to Counter this deck with Bats and Bandit and then go for a counter push with Giant

Giant Beatdown. Giant beatdown is basically hard countered by this deck, as Night Witch destroys the Giant and you can clean up the back end troops with your spells, bandit and Bats..

Graveyard: The Bandit one shots Skeletons and he survives Poison, so he’s a great GY counter 

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Giant Flying Machine Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the Giant Flying Machine Deck guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments