Giant Elite Barbarians Deck

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F2P Giant Elite Barbarians Deck Arena 7+

Hey Guys Hyp3rion.Akki Here  This Giant Elite Barbarians Deck This Deck is perfect for all level 8 players who are looking for a decent deck building in order to push to Arena 8.This Arena 8 Deck usually ends up with a 1-crown win. Giant Elite Barbarians Deck

I have almost all my cards at tournament level now and am saving up gold for legendaries in the shop.I classify this deck as beatdown and it is one of the few beatdown decks that actually works in the current meta. You can really overcome the odds and 3 crown your opponent really quickly if they are not prepared to counter appropriate let’s take a look on this Giant Elite Barbarians Deck Guide

Giant Elite Barbarians Deck



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Giant Elite Barbarians Deck Cards Role:

  1. Giant (6): The main tank in your deck and the crux of your push. He is a powerful card in the Meta at the moment. He is part of the duel threat offense of your push. The goal of your push is to press home your elixir advantage with a Giant and support troops to generally take a tower in one swoop. Third most important rare to get to Level 7 (For the HP).
  2. Musketeer (7): A Second win condition in your push. Musketeer is excellent for transitioning from defense into offense. And an uncontested Musketeer will take upwards of 600 damage off of a tower. A great all around card and is the only real air defense in the deck. It is the second most important rare card to get to Level 7 (Fireball + Mini Pekka interactions).
  3. Valkyrie (6): This card used almost exclusively for defense (unless their answer to your support is squishy). This card is a huge help on defense dealing with swarms or sometimes as a huge HP wall to absorb damage. Probably the ‘flex’ position in the deck that I would switch out for a Legendary or a Level 3 Guards. Valkyrie is immensely helpful on defense as you can use her to finish off the backline of a push. Drop her next to Giant, Musketeer,… and then will be killed immediately. She is also a good next to your Musketeer in a push because she can deal with melee troops your opponent uses to kill your Musketeer The 3rd most important rare to get to Level 7 (Due to Goblin and Princess interactions)..
  4. Elite Barbarians(9): The main strategy for Elite Barbarians is not for defense but rather for offense. You would want to take advantage for its very fast movement speed which can easily reach out to your enemy towers.They can take out a Royal Giant,Giant,Hogs and Other Tanks relatively well Just like with regular Barbarians, they can take care of Sparky Elite Barbarians are as fast as a Lumberjack and share the same attack speed as Barbarians, but deal more damage per swing. Each swing deals more damage than a Fireball on an arena tower. Two Elite Barbs pack the punch and HP of Three regular Barbs. Check Out This Guide For More Details
  5.  Ice Spirit (9): The MOST valuable card in the game. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it. This card generates so many positive trades. It can turn any mirrored 1 vs.1 into a win, basically giving you a full health , Musketeer, or Valkyrie for just one elixir. It will get nerfed eventually; it is just so good.
  6. Fireball(7): With Poison nerfed to oblivion, Fireball fills the AOE role in this deck. Unless I am down on elixir, I liberally cast Fireballs on troops near the tower. Since high level games often come down to spell races, early game Fireballs are a huge help to building an early lead. In the late game, cycling Fireballs is often a very safe way to win if you have a damage advantage.
  7. Inferno Tower(7): Inferno Tower is in the deck simply to deal with any tank in your opponent’s deck. Inferno Tower makes quick work of them. Also, due to its high HP and distraction value, it is a good card to have on your side of the map if you are spell cycling a game out.Never place down the inferno in the middle without the opponent’s heavy hit point troop nearby. Placing the inferno before any chance the heavy hit point troop is near can allow the opponent enough time to counter it.
  8. Zap(9): You can use Zap on both defense and offense. On offense, assume that you attack with Giant on 1 lane and usually when he reaches the enemy Tower, your opponent will try to defend by using Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Skeletons Army, … You can use your Zap right there to kill those defending troops immediately and stun the Tower for 1 second. On defense, you can use Zap to kill either swarms of small troops. 

Giant Elite Barbarians Deck Gameplan:

The deck has multiple win conditions. But the most efficient way I use it is to make a huge push on one side to overpower the enemy. This usually starts with my Giant at the back with fireball, zap, Elite barbarainsat the ready to counter anything they throw at me. Then  musketeer behind the Giant with zap ready if still up to drop on whatever they drop on the musketeers. Giant Elite Barbarians Deck

This is pretty key to getting quick and easy 3 crown wins. It’s quite easily possible to have taken an enemy crown before double elixir. However once double elixir has been reached you can easily dominate the game.

(x2 Elixir time): The core push I usually use is: Giant in the back of the King’s Tower = gives you enough time to invest the push. Then  Elite Barbarians+ Musketeer behind the Giant. If the opponent plays Inferno Tower, I would love to use Zap or Fireball to counter it Giant Elite Barbarians Deck

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Thanks for reading this Giant Elite Barbarians Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.


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