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Hello Everyone! KingDynamite23 here to Bring you a unique Cheap Giant Elite Barb Deck, Including the brand new Elite Barbarians! Made this deck Just today and It does very well against Hog Decks and Golem+Lightning deck Im currently in Genesis=Im Sitting on 4149, PB is 4412,My favorite Card Is the Lumberjack so come and take a look on this Giant Elite Barb Deck Guide

Giant Elite Barb Deck

Giant Elite Barb Deck Card Role:

Giant– Your main Win Condition. You always want to put him in the back to start off a good push. Make sure he is supported with the other troops once you build up your elixir. DO not place him Up near the bridge. Doing this won’t allow you to build up the necessary Elixir to pull off your push. If your opponent is going for a push, Sometimes Giant is a good defensive choice so the attacking troops are focused on the giant and your support troops can focus on their win condition and finish of the troops attacking the giant.

Elite Barbarians– For 6 elixir they’re pretty expensive, But very good card to turn an defense into an offense. They do great against tanks alone. Golems, Giants & RG. Once you place your Giant down to begin your push, you can either split the barbs, so one of them goes behind the giant and the other goes to the other tower (Lane Pressure), Or if your opponent has wasted Elixir and you have a elixir advantage, place them both behind the Giant. The good thing about the elite barbs in this deck, Behind your tank, there ‘very fast’ Movement speed pushes the giant closer to the tower, Leading to a succesful victory. they also clean up archers or any other melee troops trying to take out your giant.


Mega Minion The OP flying beast him/herself, the mega minion does what mega minions do. Use it to counter mainly flying troops and avoid using it to counter ground troops unless you know that they don’t have a mega minion/lava hound/powerful flying unit OR you know that the ground troop can’t Target air. Behind the giant. it keeps a steady paste with the giant, making it hard for your opponent to counter. The mega minion also takes care of troops that try to take out your elite barbs or Giant. It can clean up ground troops very well though. It is very versatile and resistant to spells so use it however the situation requires you to.

ZapThe versatile stunner itself, zap’s uses are fairly self-explanatory. Zap minion horde, Sparky, goblin barrel, blah blah blah. Make sure to be wary of bait decks. If inferno tower is used to counter your mortar and it locks on, zap the inferno tower and place a troop so that it locks onto the troop.

LogThe other versatile spell, the Log is one of the most useful cards in the game. Use it to knock back troops to buy time, kill small ground troops and cycle your deck. It can help take out small troops as goblins, skarmy, tombstone, etc. Just don’t waste it, okay?

Tombstone– The Elixir collector basically in this deck. The tombstone keeps you as ease because of the spawning skeletons. It keeps away the opponent from making a big push because of the skeletons, giving you time to cook up elixir. It also is good to stop approaching Hog pushes, giant pushes, and Golem pushes. You always wanna make sure you have this on the field. and if the opponent fireballs your Tombstone, there only giving you the advantage(giving you a good opportunity to place your troops behind the giant.

Ice SpiritDespite the nerf, still does what it’s supposed to do. It’s a cycle card that also works on both offense and defense. THis work great behind the giant. Giving your support troops enough time to react to their defending troops, and continue to take down the tower!

Archers– Such a good versatile card in the meta since it can’t be killed by the log or arrows. You always wanna split the archers (even one is good enough behind a giant) These Pink haired babes take care of Air troops such as Minions (Horde), Mega Minion, Baby dragon, etc. They also clean up defending archers and small troops behind the giant. Very good for 3 elixir

Giant Elite Barb Deck DEALING WITH THE META-
Golem+Lightning- You always want your giant to soak up the damage from the archer, Mega minion, or Baby Dragon. Best way to kill those is make sure they are distracted on the giant, then kill the supporting troops with Mega Minion+Ice Spirit. Then you counter golem with the Elite barbarians. Trust me..Elite barbarians On a golem, Rip him apart! And with such great health, Elite barbarians can’t be killed by fireball+Zap/log OR Lightning. If your giant is still alive, Then you Put down archers behind the giant, the ELite barbs will run behind the giant, and there goes a succesful Counterpush!

Hog Rider decks- Make sure your tombstone is down. When the hog gets placed down, If your opponent places a prediction log, wait till the log is gone, then Place elite barbarians OR archers OR mega minion(Don’t have to wait for Log)to counter the hog, as them+the Crown towers will be shooting at the hog

Lavahound decks- Tank the supporting troops with your giant, then place down your archers to chip at the Lava hound, and place mega minion to kill the supporting troops while they are distracted on your giant. If you have enough elixir, Push the other lane with Elite barbarians.

RG- Elite barbarians can counter the RG very good for a Equal trade of 6 elixir, If your tombstone is already down on the field, then that’s even better since the RG will be distracted on the building and your Elite Barbarians can chop him down! Giant Elite Barb Deck

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Thanks for reading this Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.