giant deck beginner

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Giant  deck beginner for Arena 4+

Hey guys, Akki here with a very easy-to-use counter push deck for Arena 4+ which doesn’t contain any Epic. This is probably one of the decks which are viable in most Arenas of the current game meta. The deck requires some basic knowledge of  how to counter-push.

giant deck beginner


Giant Deck Beginner General Gameplan

There are two ways to start off a match: Either be aggressive and make the first, move with high risk and high rewards or to be a little passive and wait for the opponent to make the first move. If your opponent refuses to do so, then place a small troop. giant deck beginner


For example, deploy the Spear Goblins first to do a few hundreds damage and get your opponent to deploy his troops. If your opponent deploys Giant-Witch, deploy Inferno-Valk. The Inferno will easily take down the Giant while the Valk is a great counter to the Witch. You will get an easy Elixir Advantage, and you can start a counter-push right after that if your Valkyrie still have good HP. giant deck beginner

giant deck beginner The general combo depends on what cards you have. If you have a Giant, deploy him at the back to build up Elixir, unless it is the 2x Elixir. Once you have enough Elixir, place your troops behind the Giant. The best combo would be Giant, Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer. They each complement each other perfectly. The Giant soaks up the damage for the trifecta variant, the Valkye will easily kill light distractions, Mini P.E.K.K.A will kill heavy hitters easily, and the Musketeer will take down air cards. Use the Arrows and Zap accordingly. There is a good chance that you would have another Giant in your current rotation. If you take down the tower, immediately deploy it or cycle to it then deploy it. This can easily get a three-crown . giant deck beginner

giant deck beginner  Counters: 

  • Giant + Witch: As mentioned above, deploy an Inferno followed by a Valk. Make sure the Giant is not in attacking range of the Valk, or the whole counter might backfire. Giant- giant deck beginner
  • Giant + Musketeer: Use the Inferno, then place a Mini Pekka/Valk/Spear Gobs to take out the Museketeer/support troops, and the Inferno will take down the Giant. giant deck beginner
  • Hog Rider +  Goblins: Same, use Inferno, followed by Arrows to take down the Goblins. giant deck beginner
  • Giant + Balloon: A deadly combo, but can be countered with proper technique. Again, use the Inferno, followed by Musketeer and a Zap. If done properly, your towers will receive little to no damage. giant deck beginner
  • If your opponent places a spawner, just ignore it and attack the other lane. If there is a whole bunch of spawners, Giant-Musketeer them, or again, ignore it. giant deck beginner
  • Against the same deck: Try your best! 


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