Giant deck

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Giant  Deck Arena 7+ No Epics, No Legendaries

Hello Guys,Whats up Usc1313 here and I am going to show you another Giant deck arena 7  that helped me reach 3311 (without tourney cap cards) as of now, and is allowing me to climb fairly steadily.I also finished top 20 in the reddit Mini Tourney today,

Giant deck arena 7

Giant Deck Arena 7 Card Role

Giant: The main tank in your deck and the crux of your push. He is a powerful card in the Meta at the moment. He is part of the duel threat offense of your push The goal of your push is to press home your elixir advantage with a Giant+Mini Pekka+Musketeer to generally take a tower in one swoop. Giant deck arena 7

Mini Pekka:A Mini Pekka behind the Giant is difficult to deal with it chops through the support troops and is deadly if it locks onto the tower. A Giant and Mini Pekka with less than 20% health can decimate a full health tower.There is no good reason to not have this card in your deck right now. 


Musketeer: A third win condition in your push. Musketeer is excellent for transitioning from defense into offense. And an uncontested Musketeer will take upwards of 600 damage off of a tower. A great all around card and is the only real air defense in the deck.

Valkyrie: This card used almost exclusively for defense.This card is a huge help on defense dealing with swarms or sometimes as a huge HP wall to absorb damage. Probably the ‘flex’ position in the deck that I would switch out for a Legendary or a Level 3 Poison/Guards.

Elixir Collector: Personally, this is my favorite card in the game. It allows me to play against higher level players much easier because it allows me to control the ‘elixir game’ by forcing them to attack me. And since I am much better on defense (as this is what you have more control over), this card is perfect for me.

Cannon: A crucial defensive card for playing against building chasers. Optimal placement (4×3) is essential for drawing this troops as far as possible. This with Valkyrie and Ice Spirit make for a formidable defense for an opponent to get through. 

Ice Spirit: The MOST valuable card in the game. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it. This card generates so many positive trades. It can turn any mirrored 1 vs. 1 into a win, basically giving you a full health Mini Pekka, Musketeer, or Valkyrie for just one elixir. It will get nerfed eventually; it is just so good.

Zap: Not much to be said about this card. It is the best card in the game with the highest skill cap as well. It will still have a place in my deck even after the deserved nerf.

Giant deck arena 7 Match-ups

  1. Hog Cycle/Trifecta: Use your cannon to draw the Hog, Mini Pekka on the Valkyrie, and your Valkyrie on the Musketeer.Use Ice Spirit at your discretion. If they use Poison, you get +4/5 elixir (16 vs. 11/12) but no counter-push. If they don’t poison, they will have to deal with a half health Valkyrie and Mini Pekka coming at them. Giant deck arena 7
  2. Giant Poison: Use your cannon to lure the Giant.Place Musketeer on the left side of the tower (place troops expecting a Poison), and use Valkyrie or Mini Pekka on support. Then, if you have enough elixir throw a Giant in front or else place down a collector.
  3. Double Prince: Place cannon to lure the double Princes, use Ice Spirit to stop the charges and Valkyrie to clean up. If they have Pekka, don’t let them build up a 16 elixir push. Giant deck arena 7
  4. Lavahound: The more air troops they have, the worse it is for you. Cannon to take the damage, Musketeer to mow through the Lavahound. Zap the pups and hover a Mini Pekka for an expected miner. Another option is to ignore it and push the other lane. Giant deck arena 7
  5. Three Musketeers: Tough match-up. Use your Valkyrie on the side with 2 Musketeers and Mini Pekka on the side with 1. If they don’t split them up, it is much worse for you as Zap + Valkyrie (6) + Ice Spirit will leave Level 8 Three Muskets with a sliver of health.