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Hi, guys. It’s Md Aaqib Here and Today, I’m going to Show Giant Clone Spell deck but this one is a Giant Bowler deck with an amazing combination of Clone Spell.this deck is working well for me in tournaments and challenges.This deck focuses on chipping away at the tower, and then making a final push that will destroy it with the help of clone spell Deploy a tanker to offend.Build up your offensive team with the other troops.Cast the Clone Spell on the main damage dealers in your Team. Let’s Take a look on this Giant Clone Spell Deck Guide:

Giant Clone Spell Deck

Giant Clone Spell Deck Card Role:

Giant: This card is the main win condition in your push.First of all drop this card first in a push (archers at the very back are an acceptable start too). when he reach at bridge then drop musketeer/mega minion for backup and dont play clone spell at first because they can counter clone troops with zap/fireball/arrows if they have any one of them,First Checked Which Cards your opponent is using then according to cards use clone spell,

Archers: I use Arechers behind the Giant If Musketeer or mega minion is not in my rotation OR Archers at the very back in Starting game.It is your hard counter to a valk. Place them in the middle of the map and it will take a valk 4 swings to kill them thus netting you a +1 trade. They can also be use to surround a wizard and take him out but this can only really be done if the wizard is alone. Additionally, archers can be used to kill a baby dragon/Graveyard/musketeer/Minipekka. If placed correctly.


Clone Spell: The Clone Spell can duplicate all of your units anywhere on the map.It’s kind of like Mirror spell, except the cards will have 1 health. Always Colne Giant+Arechers+Mega Minion Will be deadly Combo But Keep in mind IF clone runs towards the tower first it will just die so on the left lane is better for units are clone to the right side of the bridge before casting clone spell You Should See This Guide For more Information

Musketeer – This is my main air unit Damage dealer+mega minion and Archers.The best thing about tourney standards is that fireball don’t take her out.It is not powerful because of its HP. It is not powerful because of its DPS. It is powerful because of its range. Its range means that it gets considerably more damage on its opponent on top of her already pretty high DPS before it gets intercepted during an offensive push. Its range also means that it can snipe from the other lane leading to a counterpush on the desired lane more easily. 

        *More Detail About  Musketeer Guide Here

Fireball – Super versatile card. Card can be used on barbrians, 3 musketeers, catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower etc.,a lot of players higher up play princess + minion horde. Usually I fireball the princess and their crown tower It can finish the game with direct damage, it can make POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADES (OJ hype) and it can be used in double elixir alongside Giant to dispatch any counters your opponent might have (archers, mega minion).

Mega Minion – This is my favourite card inside the game I still use this after recent nerfe.When dropped behind a Giant, the Mega Minion+ Cloned Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Giant. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot, so it is also useful for clearing Minion Horde from your Lava Hound.

Zap: We all know and love this card. It’s so versatile and can be used on offense/defense or anywhere. It’s good to have to get rid of squishy units to clear the path for a prince charge, clean up around a miner so he can get hits in, kill a musky surround so she can target the tower. I feel like everyone knows how to play zap well at this point and Zap will be used to deal with cheap units, as well as Stunt bigger units (like Barbbrians), to let a Giant get a shot in on the tower.

Inferno: Inferno is an amazing giant, golem, and lava hound killer. Royale Giants/Bowler are rare right now in legendary Arena,With the rise of hog log as a counter to tombstone and Inferno’s strength against lava hound, it is my go to defense despite its nerfs. The inferno does an exceptional job when paired with the any of my defensive troops and if played correctly it can stop any push. If your opponent has lightning then fear not, just space troops well and never place a mega minion with the inferno until your opponent Don’t use his/her lightning.

How to play this Giant Clone Spell Deck:

The deck has multiple win conditions. But the most efficient way I use it is to make a huge push on one side to overpower the enemy. This usually starts with my Giant at the back with Musketeer, zap, Mega Minion at the ready to counter anything they throw at me.

Giant Clone Spell Deck on Offense: The main damage factors in this deck are the Giant+Clone+Any Supporting Troops. Once I have established control and made some positive elixir trades, The best part about carrying the Fire Ball is that you only have to get the tower With 3 musketeers, catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower.This deck absolutely shines in 2x elixir, so you generally want to play conservative most of the game. When using your giant + Clone+Any Other Troops combo make sure your placement is correct. and opponent dosen’t have any Card to counter your cloned troops like zap,Arrow,ect ect Because cloned troops have only I Hit point Additionally, with this deck don’t be afraid to play for more than one crown.

Also when you are going for your last GG push send in absoluelty EVERYTHING. Especially during 2x elixir and its your last push just send in the arrows and fireballs early around the tower.

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Giant Clone Spell Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.