Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck

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Hello I’m Upsidedown here some of some of you may already know me from my Last Post  and Today I would like to teach you guys how to use my favorite Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck ! I used this deck to reach 4230 trophies  and Lots of players in Arena 10 are using heall spell and most decks from top players are utilizing this spell this deck also won me some grand challenges so come and take a look at this Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck guide

Bowler Heal Spell Deck

Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck Card Role:

  1. Giant : It is one of the most powerful card at the moment. Nice damage, nice HP. Giant is also excellent at soaking damage and grouping opponent’s defensive troops so the Bowler and Archers can easily kill them all in seconds+ if you use heal spell on both archers + Bowler that will be very usefull Since this deck doesn’t have any defensive building, sometimes you will need to use him on defense to take damage. Always place him in front of your troops in any push.
  2. Bowler: Your main splash damage card, the Bowler deals great damage while being tanky himself. With only 5 Elixir, you can easily stop almost any ground push. On defense, he can easily deal with Barbarians, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, Witch, Wizard… Just make sure you drop him in the right place so he can target multiple troops at the same time (usually right in front of the Tower). A single Bowler can easily take out a small Hog Rider push with ease. On offense, we can only make the most use of Bowler when he is coupled with Giant. Always place Bowler right behind the Giant so he can protect the Giant fully (due to his slow movement speed).
  3. Heal Spell: I believe heal is actually an amazing card; as I already said multiple times, it synergises very well with most of the cards in this Heal spell works very well with Miner. If your opponent decides to just take the miner damage you can drop your heal spell down and get a lot more value out of your miner Also Heal + Giant  + Bowler is a deadly combo that is hard to stop without taking lots of damage, especially in 2x elixir The Heal heals your units every 0.5 seconds, with the first pulse occurring as soon as you place the Heal. This makes for a total of seven pulses over the duration of the heal For more info take a Look at this Guide
  4. Inferno Tower: Best Defensive Building in the game right now With the rise of Hog+Heal Spell Combo  or Lava Hound + HEal Combo Inferno is the best choies to deal with them The inferno does an exceptional job when paired with the any of my defensive troops and if played correctly it can stop any push. If your opponent has lightning then fear not, just space troops well and never place a Archers or Bowler with the inferno until your opponent has already use his/her lightning.
  5. Archers: These are another key defensive tool that are extremely versatile (seeing a theme here?). Archers are also a great starting hand, they can be split at the back for a decent threat to both towers. They are a good anti air card, they output good dps, they are lightning counters so to speak, and they work beautifully on offense when left unchecked also good counter to graveyard
  6. Miner: Your distraction and mini tank. It can be used to pick off objectives or tank for your Giant to Inferno Tower It gives you the chance to land your Giant at the tower. Perfect for picking off a defensive Musketeer, Witch or Wizard that is distracted by the Giant. Giving you great positive elixir trades. Pick off Princesses before the get to the bridge. He is perfect for tanking damage on defense for a cheap cost.
  7. Goblin Gang:  Goblin Gang is a swarm card. It’s good at both offense and defense which is great for a 3 elixir card since it applies the simple rule of tanks and ranged troops. Due to Goblin’s fast moving speed, the enemy might not able to counter them with just a Zap.Goblin Gang can completely shut down the Goblin Barrel without being harmed at all. Also, again, Goblins don’t die to Zap so your opponent can’t use Zap to protect the Goblin Barrel completely.The Zap is not able to kill Goblins in the Goblin Gangalso you use use heal spell if your opponent counter your Goblin Gang from same lvl Zap
  8. Zap: If you have Log use it instead, but if you don’t, Zap will be just fine because of Heal Spell But Everyone knows Zap. Great at taking out small troops and resetting Inferno Tower, Prince, Sparky… Zap + Poison is a great combo to take out 3 Musketeers and weakened building. Lots of players think that Zap is not good anymore after the nerf but IMO it’s well balanced now.

General Gameplan:

The main goal of This Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck is to defend first and to capitalize on your surviving troops by using them in a counter push with Giant. Bowler, Archers

This Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck can also takecare of beatdown decks by quickly pushing the opposite lane With Miner + Goblin Gang after they have deployed their tank at the back Specially when they deployed Golem


For Me best start is Archer’s split in the back or a Giant in the back starting off a slow push 

Try to make sure you have some defensive cards in your hand if you drop a Giant in the back Just Like Goblin Gang or Inferno Towerin case of a sudden Hog or Elite Barbarian push on the other lane can Punish you

If your opponent starts building a push, drop your Bowler right behind your Tower, due to his slow movement speed, he can easily deal with any push coming quickly.

This Giant Bowler Heal Spell Dec is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops As I said above

This deck is good at countering Lavaloon combo just make sure use Inferno tower to pulls them both and Royal Giant Goblin Gang will be good if inferno in not in your hand

Hog Decks are very easy to counter with Bowler or Inferno tower


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This is my Giant Bowler Heal Spell Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this Bowler Heal Spell Deck