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Giant Bowler Deck For Arena 7 to Arena 9

Hi Guys dogey here and today i am going to show you Giant Bowler Deck so Have you already forgotten about the famous Bowler buff? I haven’t!He still is my man, and now with the Mega Minion to back him up for the lack of air damage he has, he becomes almost unstoppable!I have so far gotten 3×12 wins in Challenges the other one where I got 7 wins was with a lavahound deck so Bowler is new meta he has so much HP, and rolls almost everything back with his boulder let’s take a look on this Giant Bowler deck guide

Here are some screenshots of my battle log in Grand Challenges Click Here 🙂 

Giant Bowler deck

Giant Bowler Deck Card Role:

Giant: He is still very usable and I still use him as my main tank, he really now does his job as a tank, as he isn’t my main damage dealer anymore, however, a hit on the tower from him is always great! Giant Bowler deck


Bowler: This is my man, he has so much HP, and rolls almost everything back with his boulder, and if you place him well, you can knockback incoming Miners with his boulder aswell if there are any troops in his digging path.

Mega Minion: Now with the current Lightning meta you’d think this card would be used less, but keep in mind, that he does cost 3 elixir, so if your opponent uses Lightning on him then you get a +3 elixir advantage! He also protects the Bowler very well, Minions are not a problem at all, and Princes get cut in pieces before they can kill your Bowler. Giant Bowler deck

The Log: Our almighty overlord, The Log, will kill and crush anything in its path, including Skarmies, Goblin Barrels and even Princesses that hide infront of your opponents King Tower! This card will always gain you positive elixir trades, just be sure that you won’t waste it on a Giant because that won’t really help you a lot.

Tombstone: All hail the new meta card, DOOT DOOT! But seriously, Mini Pekkas are not a problem, and Giant get shred into pieces by these little doots, and its great to have this card in your starting hand, because it makes your opponent make the first move, letting your explore their deck so you can defend and counterpush.

Arrows: Sometimes you don’t have your Mega Minion yet, or is still on your side busy trying to defend, so Arrows will suffice too! Also with the current Skarmy buff you’ll see more arrow bait decks so you’re going to need this bad boy as there isn’t many spells in this Giant Bowler deck. 

Musketeer: This pink haired girl is still very powerful, it can kill Mega Minions hiding behind Lavahounds and Giants, and getting her to the tower behind a Giant is just the greatest feeling in the game… until your opponent places these flying party poopers on her.

Lightning: This card is also going to be one of the new meta cards, as it resets Inferno Towers, it kills Musketeers, Ice Wizards, Mega Minions, everything that poses a threat to your Giant will get noscoped by Lightning. Also, 3 Musketeers will get roasted before they can split if you time it right.

Giant Bowler Deck Strategy:

  1. Defend & Counterpush.
  2. Never waste all your elixir, make sure you atleast have 6 elixir because Lightning is your trap card in this deck, and you’re definitly gonna need it, it is also going to be the new poison, where it does like 50% of the damage on your opponents tower.
  3. Don’t be scared to use your Bowler on cards that cost less than him, such as Skarmy, for example, if you defend Skarmy with Bowler, you get a 2 elixir Bowler in return, and if your opponent then spends more than 2 elixir, you gain the elixir advantage, however make sure you don’t ignore your opponents counterpush if he/she does get one.
  4. If you have Lightning, make sure you hit atleast 2 troops, because using Lightning on a single musketeer isn’t really worth it.

That’s all, I’m not really that strategic, I just really want to share a Giant Bowler deck here that worked out really well for me.Hope it also works out for you guys If you hav any question feel free to ask!!!