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Hi guys Giant Balloon Deck Arena 7 Tariq here and today I am going to show you a full Giant Balloon Deck Arena 7 If used right, this Giant Balloon Deck It can counter heavy Golem Decks, Lava Hound Decks, Three Musketeers and Pekka Decks.This Giant Balloon Deck got me to Legendary Arena within Few Days So Come and take a look at this Giant Balloon Deck deck also Check Out this Clash Royale Top 17 November 2017 Meta Decks

Giant Balloon Deck Card Roles:

Giant – The giant is considered a heavy tank, it can suck up shots until the support clears the defense and/or starts hitting the tower. If you have it at the start of the match, and the opponent does not instantly deploy troops; you can place it at the back. Once it’s at the bridge, you can support it with either an Electro Wizard [if they have inferno tower or another defensive building] or a Balloon [if they defend with a ground-targeting troop] or a Log [if they defend with a Skarmy or any ground troop. Alongside with the fireball it can kill a musketeer, a wizard, an executioner, an ice wizard, etc.] or Goblins [if they defend with a musketeer for example]. This may take one or two attempts just to know the deck the opponent’s playing.


Balloon – One thing you should know: Never place it at the back, the opponent will then take steps on how to counter it, and when it reaches the bridge, he’s all ready. The balloon is always deployed at the bridge, normally at the very far corner depending on which side you attack. It should be deployed after [A counter-push to a Hog using the Electro Wizard and Skeletons/Goblins] or [A counterpush to a Balloon using Electro Wizard and Minions]. If you have it at the start of the match, you may attack with a 10 elixir push (high risk high reward) with a Giant Balloon combo. Or a Balloon-Minions combo [Place balloon first, then instantly place the minions behind it]. Or a Balloon-Electro combo [Place both at the very far corner of the side you’re aiming for].

Minions – The best defense for a Graveyard [If they have Poison/Arrows/Overlevelled Zap then you’ll have to deploy goblins/skeletons and/or use the Log afterwards] and a naked Giant/Golem/Balloon/P.E.K.K.A. They go well with the balloon as mentioned above.

Skeletons – Defend against: Barbarians [Pull and support] Knight [Pull and defend] Hog [if combined with goblins and/or Log] Graveyard [alongside with the Log] Giant Skeleton [Pull].

Goblins – They serve pretty much any purpose. Use to defend against Musketeer, Executioner [Surround] Wizard [Sorround] Ice Wizard, Knight, Guards, Barbarians, etc.

Fireball – Usually a supporting spell for the counter-pushes or the GiantLoon pushes. If they place any of the three wizards or a musketeer, an executioner, etc. near the tower, it’s a very good advantage to chip the tower AND the troop with a fireball. Yet basically it’s used as a game-ending spell. If in overtime, throw the fireball if it can take the tower. It’s a good defense against Lava Hound [when it pops] or Lava Hound [if supported with a mega minion/balloon/baby dragon – ALONGSIDE with Electro Wizard].

Electro Wizard – It’s normally for counter-pushes, defense, and support. He can be placed at the back to cycle through the deck. He can defend against Skarmy [if placed ontop] Musketeer [if placed ontop] and other range units. Also against Lava pups [if placed on top] and Balloon [if placed on top] Goblin Gang [if placed on top] Minion Horde [if placed on top]. It can serve as a support unit to the Giant [against Inferno Tower, Tesla, Bomb Tower, and Spawners] or the Balloon [against Inferno Dragon/Tower, Tesla, bomb Tower, and Spawners]. It can serve as a counterpush against the Miner and the goblin barrel.

The Log – It serves as a defensive spell or a supporting spell. [Prelog if they have skarmy, goblins, etc.] You can use it to support the Giant against Skarmy and goblins. Or the Electro Wizard so he can get a few hits off. Defend against Goblin Barrel with a counterpush of their own. Princess and Dart Goblin. Perfect against CHEAP CYCLE decks.

Now for the two legendary cards, they can be replaced with a wizard for the electro wizard, and a zap for the log. Please note that these alternatives cannot serve the exact same purpose of the original, yet they can cover.

Giant Balloon Deck Combos:

  1. Giant + Balloon
  2. Minions + Balloon
  3. Electro Wiz + Balloon
  4. Electro Wiz + Goblins Balloon 

AGAINST THE MIGHTY ELITE BARBARIANS: – Place the goblins/skeletons in the middle of the Arena. – Place the skeletons/goblins at the opposite side to pull them. – While doing so, place minions to chip them off. – Distract with a Giant if needed. – Use the Log if they’re supported with a gob barrel or skeletons.

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Thanks for reading this  Giant Balloon Deck guide,if you’re having issues with the Giant Balloon Deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments